Notice of Responsibility to Control Noxious Weeds/Pests

Notice of Responsibility
to Control Noxious Weeds And Declared Pests

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN THIS 1st Day of April, 2023 pursuant to SDCL 38-22 as amended to all owners, occupants, agents and public officials in charge of lands in Fall River County, South Dakota, that they are responsible for the suppression, control, and eradication of noxious weeds and declared pest infestations that may exist on such lands.
Chemical, biological, and/or cultural control methods used for the suppression, control and eradication of noxious weed and declared pest infestations shall be those approved for such purposes by the Fall River County Weed and Pest Supervisor or the South Dakota State University Experiment Station.
Upon failure to observe this notice, the county weed and pest board is required to proceed pursuant to the law and have the noxious weeds or declared pests destroyed by such methods as they may find necessary, the expense of which shall constitute a lien and be entered as a tax against the land, and be collected as other real estate taxes are collected, or by other means as provided by law.
Plants and animals designated as being noxious weeds and declared pests in the state of South Dakota are Leafy spurge, Salt cedar, Perennial Sow thistle, Absinth wormwood, Hoary cress, Canada thistle, Purple loosestrife, Prairie dogs and Gypsy moth.
In addition, Dalmation toadflax, Scotch thistle, Houndstongue, Musk and Plumeless thistle, Bull thistle and Common mullein, have been approved by the South Dakota Weed and Pest Control Commission as locally noxious weeds and are subject to the same suppression, control, and eradication requirements as the before mentioned plants and animals.
NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that upon establishing probable cause to believe a noxious weed or declared pest infestation exists upon any property in Fall River County, a representative of the Fall River County Weed and Pest Board will enter upon said property for the purpose of inspecting and confirming that such infestation actually exists.
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Published: March 23, 30, 2022

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