Notice of Forfeiture of Capital Credits_Golden West

Notice of Forfeiture of
Capital Credits

Golden West Telecommunications
You are hereby notified that you have failed to claim capital credits to which you are entitled to receive for checks issued in 2016. You are further notified that, pursuant to SDCL 47-16-54, said capital credits will be forfeited to the Cooperative unless claimed by you, with proper evidence of ownership, within six months of the publication of this notice, or no later than August 31, 2023.
Customer Name(S): Shannon County School, Paul or Phoebe Thunder Horse, Dale or Chris Molitor, Ed Iron Cloud, Wakanyeja Pawicaypi Inc, Porcupine Clinic, Lenart Brown Eyes, Lakota Communications Inc., Faye or Everett Lone Hill, Ost Tribal Historic Perseveration Office, Oglala Sioux Tribe Victim Services, Ost Health Administration, Ost Child Protection Services, Ost, Jennifer L Hunter, Darcy Cuny, Robert H or Frances Heckert, Justin or Dawn McGaa, Ernestine Bell, Joe Brown Eyes, Kathy Asetamy, Warfield David Richards, Ost, Darlene Mclaughlin, Bryan V or Carla Brewer, Ost – Land Office, OST, Lillian Bear Runner, Ted or Betty Garnette, Larry W Buckman, Pine Ridge Auto Parts, Arlene L Means, Stacy Cedar Face, Leon Adams, Ost, Theresa A Claymore, Willard or Francine Nelson, Rose Dixon, Casey Family Program, Pine Ridge Garbage Serv, Ost, Estella Rowland, Prairie Wind Casino, Eldon or Vina Steele, Fall River Water Users District, Johnson or Frances Bear Saves Life, Stephen B Starr, Howard or Roberta White, Robert or Maxine Vrbka, Jeff or Suzanne Davidson, Joel S or Ann Rickenbach, Theodore W or Elfrieda Twiss, Paul R Plume, Darrel Mesteth, Matt Rama, Twila Zephier, Carl Eagle Elk, Lyle or Lucy Bull Bear, Norma Ceron, Maldonado Ranch, Keith Andersen, Lloyd or Beverly Putnam, Tamara Lee, Janet Denny, Edward Sr Muhm, Roberta Asbridge, Kenneth or Annee Cassens, Custer/Fall River, Brian or Stacy Eckhoff, Teresa or Joe Anthony, Kelvin Barker, William Fitzner, Edwin or Jena Cutler, Iverson Towing, Marc Lamphere, Midtown Motors, Calvary Baptist Church, Philip Kaiser, Barbara Fetters Md, Dorothy Stock, Frank Haacke, Best Western Sundowner Inn, Super 8 Motel, Cecelia Morrison, Allen Ranch, Hills Inn, Danuta Cachro, Dr Leslie or Sally Sue Madison, Dennis Shreves, Wallie or Joseph Simmons, Julie or William Graham, Steven Webb, Inn At Battle Mountain, Sharon Schefcik, Bonnie S Rock, Geri Miller, Edward or Cleo Garneaux Iii, Kenneth Roth, Mary or Brent Peterson, Matthew Eppstein, National Park Service
For more information, call 1-855-888-7777.
Dated this February 16, 2023
By:/s/Jeff Nielsen, President
/s/Tanner Handcock
Published once at the total approximate cost of $37.96
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Published: Feb. 23, 2023

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