Proceedings_Hot Springs School District January 9, 2023


Unofficial Proceedings of the Board of Education
of the Hot Springs District No. 23-2
1747 Lincoln Ave, Hot Springs, SD 57747
President Ryan Walz called the Regular Board Meeting of the Hot Springs School Board to order at 5:00 p.m. on Monday, January 09, 2023, with the following members present: Nikki Shaw, Katie Burchfield, Brian Jarding, Petra Wilson, Colby Williams, and Robert J Preuss. Members Absent: None. Others present: Superintendent Fischer, Business Manager Bilbruck, Principal Karn, Principal Klinkhammer, Assistant Principal Trevillyan, Special Services Director Schniers, Athletic Director Deming, Maintenance Director Zimiga, staff and community members and others logged in as guests.
All actions recorded in these minutes were by unanimous vote unless otherwise stated
23.119 Approval of Agenda – Motion by Member Jarding, second by Member Preuss. Motion carried 7/0.
23.120 Executive Session – Motion by Member Jarding, second by Member Shaw to enter Executive Session at 5:01 p.m.
23.121 Out of Executive Session at 6:17 p.m.
23.122 Presentations – Five members from the Hot Springs FFA Chapter presented a recap of their recent events which included the National Convention trip and District competition. Twenty-one students qualified for State. High School Student Council member, Ella Bossert, updated the board on Winter Spirit week, Winter formal on the 28th, and some school improvements they are working on.
23.123 Public Participation – Community members, Patti Praeuner, Angie Knepel, and Kortney Hall each spoke on the Character Counts lesson taught in December to the elementary students.
23.124 Conflicts Disclosure – None.
23.125 BHSSC Report – Member Burchfield reported on behalf of the committee they discussed the financials at a meeting right before Christmas. Nothing further to discuss.
23.126 Committee Reports – Activities: None; Bldg/Grounds: None; Curriculum – None; Finance & Negotiations – None; Food Service – Member Wilson reported that the committee met and discuss the Bison Cambro Bar has been ordered for the Farm to School grant, a grant application was submitted for a new dishwasher for the Middle School and High School kitchen and Muffins for Moms will be on January 11th; ASBSD/Legislative – None; Policy Review – Member Preuss reported that the committee review four policies: JAD, JADA, JCK and GCI; Safety & Security – None; Technology – Member Jarding discussed on behalf of the committee that the districts servers have been ordered, the K-5 Chromebooks funded by the ECF grant has been approved, the outdated laptops and chargers will be surplus, and the Homeland Security grant for door security and cameras will be submitted next month; MTSS/Title I – None.
23.127 Consent Agenda – Motion by Member Jarding, second by Member Shaw. Motion carried 7/0.
Approved minutes of the regular board meeting on December 12, 2022. Approved unaudited financial reports from December 2022:
General Fund
Beginning Balance: $1,603,069.04
Plus Receipts: $393,848.65
Less Disbursements: $575,308.68
Ending Balance: $1,421,609.01
Capital Outlay
Beginning Balance: $3,465,500.13
Plus Receipts: $192,613.92
Less Disbursements: $205,083.91
Ending Balance: $3,453,030.14
Special Education Fund
Beginning Balance: $606,566.55
Plus Receipts: $45,433.99
Less Disbursements: $98,439.23
Ending Balance: $553,561.31
Impact Aid Fund
Beginning Balance: $620,901.95
Plus Receipts: $0.00
Less Disbursements: $0.00
Ending Balance: $620,901.95
Bond Redemption Fund
Beginning Balance: $1,930,858.76
Plus Receipts: $6,127.11
Less Disbursements: $0.00
Ending Balance: $1,936,985.87
Bond Redemption Fund - Shop
Beginning Balance: $3,255,826.66
Plus Receipts: $10,331.54
Less Disbursements: $0.00
Ending Balance: $3,266,158.20
Food Service Fund
Beginning Balance: $116,641.07
Plus Receipts: $25,795.44
Less Disbursements: $23,739.33
Ending Balance: $118,697.18
Approved the January 2023 claims for payment. Approved the Personal Action Report for January 2023:
A & B Welding, Supply, 5.70, A&J Screening, Supply, 490.00, Adobe, Fees, 2,460.00, Al Cornella Refrigeration, Lease, 115.00, All Seasons Screen Printing, Supply, 1,164.00, Amazon, Equipment, 309.07, Amazon, Supply, 3,756.29, America’s Best Value Inn, Travel, 159.98, American Fort Pierre, Travel, 815.92,, Architectural Specialties, Repair, 353.06, Arneson, Pamela, Services, 125.00, Arrowwood Resort, Travel, 98.12, Ascd Resources, Supply, 119.00, Auto-Jet Muffler, Repairs, 501.61, Baertsch, Emily, Services, 171.20, Beehler, Joseph, Services, 195.20, Belle Fourche School District, Fees, 40.00, Berger, Matt, Services, 104.80, Besler, Brock, Services, 363.00, Black Hills Energy, Utility, 21,105.27, Bomgaars, Supply, 1,107.84, Books-A-Million, Supply, 85.62, Booth, Brad, Services, 106.60, Borders, Tom, Service, 38.00, Bridges Restaurant, Meals, 18.06, Bsn Sports, Supply, 1,179.34, Cannon, Supply, 93.72, Cash-Wa Distributing, Food, 8,118.75, Century Business Products, Supply, 1,728.14, Century Business Products, Lease, $981.34, Chadron Community Recreation, Fees, 840.00, Cheyenne Sanitation, Utilities, 1,641.00, City Of Hot Springs, Utility, 4,905.69, City Of Hot Springs, Services, 23,056.02, City Of Rapid City, Supplies, 22.20, Colliers Securities, Services, 500.00, Cowboy #6, Travel, 97.70, Coyle, Ginger, Services, 145.00, Culligan Water, Utilities, 43.50, Dci – Dept Of Criminal Investigation, Services, 129.75, Delta Dental, Benefits, 3,728.40, Demco Media, Supply, 38.85, Deming, Steve, Services, 498.20, Denny Menholt Rapid Chevrolet, Equipment, 28,185.00, Discountfilters.Com, Supply, 619.37, East Side Jersey Dairy, Food, 1,407.99, Everson, Doyle, Services, 348.72, Fall River Auto Supply, Repair, 66.04, Fall River Auto Supply, Supply, 123.97, Fall River County, Fees, 26.70, Fall River Health Services, Services, 1,482.00, Ferguson, Nicholas, Services, 320.52, Fidelity Security Life Ins, Benefits, 528.97, Flinn Scientific, Supply, 275.00, Golden West Technologies, Service, 908.50, Golden West Tele, Service, 1,799.90, Gottlob, Nick, Services, 171.52, Harding County School, Fees, 100.00, Holiday Stations, Travel, 78.91, Horace Mann Life Ins, Benefits, 250.00, Hot Springs Ace Hardware, Supply, 747.50, Hot Springs School District, 5.00, Hot Springs Trust & Agency, Reimbursement, 59,334.38, Hudl, Fees, 900.00, Id Ville, Equipment, 2,682.06, J & D Service, Repair, 256.20, Jw Pepper & Son, Supply, 240.95, Jenner Equipment, Supply, 5,371.15, Karsky, Jared, Services, 136.24, Ladson, Travis, Services, 147.16, Lakatosh, Olivia, Services, 599.99, Lamont, Cheryl, Service, 1,785.00,Latham, John, Services, 405.00, Lodge At Deadwood, Travel, 1,788.00, Lyman Wrestling Club, Fees, 200.00, Lynn’s Dakotamart, Supply, 72.82, Mackaben, Bradley, Services, 363.00, Mammoth Cleaners, Service, 1,884.24, Marsh & Mclennan Agency, Insurnace, 478.00, Mcpherson, Duane, Services, 171.20, Menards, Supply, 1,328.28, Mid-American Research Chemical, Supply, 179.92, Miller, Saylor, Services, 60.00, Minervas Restaurant, Meals, 18.05, Minnekahta Coffee, Supply, 84.32, Monument Health, Services, 141.00, Moser, Mikah, Services, 316.94, Mueller Center, Rental, 850.00, Nafis, Dues, 350.00, Nasco, Supply, 170.00, National Restaurant Assoc, Supply, 848.43, Nelson’s Oil & Gas, Utilities, 14,486.98, Noyes, Kathryn, Services, 163.64, Paulson, Darren, Services, 431.10, Pearson Education, Supply, 110.00, Pepsi-Cola Of The Black Hills, Supply, 129.90, Pitney Bowes, Postage, 207.12, Pizza Hut, Meals, 659.86, Popplers, Credit, -.94, Prairie Hills Transit, Service, 58.00, Pump N Pak, Travel, 99.04, Rapid City Area Schools, Fees, 150.00, Rapid Fire Protection, Services, 740.00, Rasmussen Mechanical, Repairs, 516.40, Remington, Breanna, Fees, 49.75, Riverside Technologies, Service, 2,699.00, Riverside Technologies, Repairs, 2,151.12, Rogers, David, Services, 122.80, Rushmore Communications, Service, 75.00, Sam’s Club, Supply, 332.24, Sasd, Dues, 1,225.00, Savvas Learning, Supply, 7,965.85, Schmaltz, Allan, Services, 105.52, School Specialty, Supply, 7,524.69, Sd Dept Of Ed - Child & Adult Nutrition, Fees, 1,477.44, Sd Dept Of Human Service, Service, 6,180.71, Sd Dept Of Public Safety, Services, 28.00, Selan, Brenda, Service, 3,400.00, Servall Uniform & Linen Supply, Service, 529.98, Simon Materials, Supply, 23.60, Smartsign, Supply, 967.90, Sonny’s Super Food, Supply, 45.86, Speedway Chamberlain, Travel, 57.25, Standard Insurance, Benefits, 571.94, Stanton, Randy, Services, 104.80, Study.Com, Subscription, 31.94, Sturdevant’s Auto Parts, Supply, 470.62, Taylor Music, Supply, 125.00, Tie, Online Learning, 1,662.50, Time Equipment Rental, Rental, 409.18, Toolstoday.Com, Supply, 123.92, Tribal College Journal Of American Indian Higher Education, Supply, 27.00, Universal Pediatrics, Service, 1,553.75, Upper Deck Architects, Service, 8,033.97, Us Post Office, Postage, 31.70, Us Bank - St. Paul, Fees, 1,200.00, Usd Center For Disabilities, Services, 395.00, Vanway Trophy & Award, Supply, 992.48, Voegele, Timothy, Services, 100.48, Wall Auto Livery, Travel, 60.88, Webstaurant Store, Supply, 4,312.34, Wellmark Bcbs, Benefits, 44,528.80, Wendells Garage, Repairs, 199.00, Westinghouse, Stephanie, Services, 5,310.00, White, Tanna, Travel 60.15, Wohlenberg Ritzman & Co, Services, 569.54
23.128 Approval of Open Enrollment Requests – Motion by Member Shaw, second by Vice President Williams to approve the open enrollment requests from non-district students. Motion carried 7/0.
23.129 Set School Board Election Date – Motion by Member Preuss, second by Member Shaw to set the election date as Tuesday, June 6th, 2023, and to combine with the City of Hot Springs. Motion carried 7/0.
23.130 Approval to Surplus Fixed Assets – Motion by Member Jarding, second by Member Shaw to approve the administrations recommendation to surplus the listed items. Motion carried 7/0.
23.131 Authorization to Purchase New School Bus – Motion by Member Shaw, second by Member Wilson. The administration recommends the authorization to seek bids for a new school bus. Due to the lead build time, this expenditure will be budgeted for the 2023-24 school year. Motion carried, 7/0.
23.132 Approval of Policies on 1st Reading – Motion by Member Jarding, second by Member Preuss. Per Board Policy BFGA, January is designated for review of Review Policy Book Section G – Personnel. No language changes are recommended at this time in that section. The Policy Committee recommends approval of the adoption of Policy DIDA – Fixed Asset Capitalization on 1st Reading. Motion carried 7/0.
23.133 Administrator Remarks – Principal Karn stated the Holiday program was a full house and reviewing the Fastbridge testing for the Winter. Special Services Director Schniers discussed the child count data for the State and non-violent crisis prevention training will be the end of the month. Assistant Principal Trevillyan reported the second semester is running smoother, reviewing data on students failing classes and scholar of the week will be coming out soon. Business Manager Bilbruck stated the second round of capital outlay certificates sold will be closing on the 18th, the Homeland Security grant should be completed soon and the Impact Aid grant will be submitted this month. Superintendent Fischer reminded the board and administration of the SHEDCO banquet and the social studies standards the State is reviewing. Activities Director Deming stated the district escaped the winter cancellations due to weather compared to other schools.
23.134 Governing Board Remarks – President Walz thanked everyone for the donations. Member Preuss reminded the board of the opening with ASBSD Region board. Member Shaw thanked the Food Service Department for their extra care with food allergy students.
23.135 Motion by Member Jarding, second by Member Shaw to adjourn the meeting at 7:46 p.m. Motion carried 7/0.
Wendy Bilbruck, Business Manager
Ryan Walz, School Board President
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Published: Feb. 16, 2023

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