Proceedings_Hot Springs School District November 14, 2022


Unofficial Minutes
Hot Springs District No. 23-2
1747 Lincoln Ave, Hot Springs, Sd 57747
President Ryan Walz called the Regular Board Meeting of the Hot Springs School Board to order at 5:30 p.m. on Monday, November 14, 2022, with the following members present: Nikki Shaw, Katie Burchfield, Brian Jarding, Petra Wilson, Robert J Preuss, and Colby Williams. Members Absent: None. Others present: Superintendent Fischer, Business Manager Bilbruck, Principal Karn, Principal Klinkhammer, Assistant Principal Trevillyan, Special Services Director Schniers, staff and community members and others logged in as guests.
All actions recorded in these minutes were by unanimous vote unless otherwise stated.
23.084 Approval of Agenda – Motion by Member Jarding, second by Member Shaw. Motion carried 7/0.
23.085 Public Participation – None.
23.086 Conflicts Disclosure – None.
23.087 Presentations – Lillian Broyles presented for High School Student Council on the Veteran’s Day program. They had a hospitality room for about 25 people and the presentation slide show went very well. Next project is Winter Spirit week, Pennies for Patients. Brittney Pieke, Counselor, presented a slide show on the importance of suicide prevention.
23.088 BHSSC Report – Member Burchfield reported on behalf of the committee the TIE conference will be April 24th and 25th in Rapid City and administration opens November 1st.
23.089 Committee Reports – Activities: Member Preuss reported that the banners are starting to get hung in the Case. Vice President Williams also reported on behalf of the committee that eligibility for student athletes is currently being defined. Next meeting will be in a few days; Bldg/Grounds: Member Preuss stated on behalf of the committee they met with Weathercraft on the schedule to start the roofs and the site plan for each building. The Middle School building will probably be done during Christmas break for the least interruptions. Principals will provide calendar blackout dates for classrooms, so the workers have minimal interruptions to learning. The board had a Special board meeting on November 2, 2022, to approve the CTE building. Curriculum – Next meeting will be this Wednesday, November 16th at 2:30 p.m.; Finance & Negotiations – Superintendent Fischer stated there will be a meeting to discuss items after the Thanksgiving break. Some items include a change in the hiring schedule for the Lead Custodian position in the negotiated agreement and will start to look at health insurance claims experiences for FY23.; Food Service – Member Wilson reported that the committee met with Food Service Director Kelli Rhoe to discuss utilizing the POS system to text parents when their student has a low balance and the Farm to School grant; ASBSD/Legislative – None; Policy Review – President Walz reported that the committee submitted a few policies to approve tonight; Safety & Security – None. Need to schedule a meeting. Superintendent Fischer reported that a security report on the district is to be discussed; Technology – Member Jarding reported that a meeting had been scheduled but will need to reschedule; MTSS/Title I – None.
23.090 Consent Agenda – Motion by Member Preuss, second by Vice President Williams. Superintendent Fischer thanked all those who donated for the Thanksgiving dinners for needy families. The district will be passing out dinners to 52 families. Motion carried 7/0.
Approved minutes of the regular board meeting on October 10, 2022, and the special board meeting on November 2, 2022. Approved unaudited financial reports from October 2022:
General Fund
Beginning Balance: $2,152,452.97
Plus Receipts: $345,080.06
Less Disbursements: $551,342.91
Ending Balance: $1,946,190.12
Capital Outlay
Beginning Balance: $2,900,109.92
Plus Receipts: $63,596.96
Less Disbursements: $125,216.91
Ending Balance: $2,838,489.97
Special Education Fund
Beginning Balance: $202,687.05
Plus Receipts: $199,721.42
Less Disbursements: $99,945.02
Ending Balance: $302,463.45
Impact Aid Fund
Beginning Balance: $836,088.39
Plus Receipts: $0.00
Less Disbursements: $0.00
Ending Balance: $836,088.39
Bond Redemption Fund
Beginning Balance: $1,679,056.49
Plus Receipts: $4,085.67
Less Disbursements:-$80,882.35
Ending Balance: $1,764,024.51
Bond Redemption Fund - Shop
Beginning Balance: $3,240,362.75
Plus Receipts: $6,889.26
Less Disbursements: $0.00
Ending Balance: $3,247,252.01
Approved the November 2022 claims for payment; approved the Personal Action Report for November 2022:
3X Gear, Supplies, 792.00, A & B Welding Supply, Supplies, 530.86, Action Mechanical, Repair, 36,590.81, Advanced Drug Testing Services, 52.00, Al Cornella Refrigeration, Lease, 115.00, Amazon, Supplies, 6,301.69, Amick Sound, Repair, 1,453.73, Applied Educational Systems, Curriculum, 799.00, Asbsd, Registration, 25.00, Asbsd Workman Comp Fund, Dues/Fees, 5,469.00, Bandmaters Of South Dakota, Registration, 35.00, Best Western Ramkota Hotel, Travel, 1,780.16, Bison Boosters Club, Supplies, 121.50, Bj’s Country Store, Fuel, 75.12, Black Hills Carpet & Upholstery, Service, 175.00, Black Hills Energy, Utilities, 19,043.36, Black Hills Special Services, Services, 4,964.85, Bomgaars, Supplies, 1,545.27, Borders, Tom, Services, 361.00, Bsn Sports, Supplies, 5,003.18, Builders Firstsource, Supplies, 8.99, Carolina Biological Supply, Supplies, 103.40, Casey’s General, Fuel, 161.27, Cash-Wa Distributing, Purchases, 22,514.95, Cenex Zip Trip, Fuel, 80.64, Century Business Products, Printing, 5,872.95, Chadron State College, Meals, 149.75, Changing Seasons Floral & Gifts, Supplies, 220.00, Cheyenne Sanitation, Utilities, 1,566.00, Clubhouse Hotel & Suites – Pierre, Travel, 401.90, Collins, Stacie, Services, 339.80, Comfort Inn & Suites – Mitchell, Travel, 563.13, Cook, Casey, Reimbursement, 250.00, Council Of Admin. Of Special Ed, Reimbursement, (495.00), Cowboy Country, Fuel, 31.74, Culligan Water, Rental, 119.50, Dennis Terry Hanken, Services, 3,547.90, Dept Of Criminal Investigation, Services, 216.25, Dolan, Steve, Services, 40.00, Douglas School Dist, Fees, 50.00, East Side Jersey Dairy, Purchase, 2,030.97, Educational Testing Service, Assessment, 55.00, Fall River County, Fees, 26.70, Fall River County Herald, Communication, 538.62, Fall River Health Services, Services, 1,482.00, Family Dollar, Supplies, 87.17, Farrell, Joyce, Services, 544.76, First Interstate Bank, Fee, 10.00, Flinn Scientific, Supplies, 38.68, Floyd’s Truck Center, Repairs, 2,303.41, Foreman Sales & Service, Repairs, 238.50, Godfrey Brake Service, Repairs, 1,576.35, Gold Medal Squared, Fees, 750.00, Golden West Technologies, Services, 375.00, Golden West, Utilities, 1,850.62, Graham’s, Fuel, 158.79, Harbor Freight, Supplies, 876.85, Highland Travel Plaza, Travel, 58.97, Hill City School Dist, Fees, 99.98, Hilton, Steve, Services, 150.20, Holiday Inn Express – Aberdeen, Travel, 181.99, Holiday Inn Express - Ft Pierre, Travel, 221.98, Holiday Inn Express & Suites – Watertown, Travel, 1,617.50, Holiday Stations , Fuel, 58.74, Horizon Financial Bank, Lease, 29,980.21, Hot Springs Ace Hardware, Repair, 233.35, Hot Springs Pta, Reimbursement, 205.83, Hot Springs School District, Food Service, 969.00, Hot Springs, City Of, Utilities, 2,229.22, Intelliprep, Subscription, 768.00, Iowa Lakes Community College, Services, 4,093.25, Irizarry, Victor, Reimbursement, 24.55, Junior Library Guild, Membership, 1,384.88, Kiwanis International, Fees, 222.00, Kiwanis International Foundation, Dues, 215.00, Kleinsasser, Dustin, Services, 130.00, Kramer, Andrea, Services, 509.55, Kunz, Matthew, Reimbursement, 105.00, Lamont, Cheryl, Services, 7,805.00, Learning A-Z, Software, 622.00, Loves Travel Stop, Fuel, 175.00, Lowe’s, Supplies, 154.19, Lynn’s Dakotamart, Supplies, 168.32, Maverick Tire And Auto, Repair, 701.00, McLeod’s Printing, Supplies, 156.79, McNabb, Gregg, Services, 184.16, Menard’s, Repair, 1,253.70, Mhs, Inc, Supplies, 271.82, Minnekahta Coffee, Fundraiser, 6,878.15, Mulcahy, Nancy, Fees, 35.00, Music Is Elementary, Supplies, 38.93, Music Theatre International, Fees, 1,266.00, National Association For Music, Registration, 122.00, National Ffa Organization, Supplies, 157.00, Ncaa Hall Of Champions, Fees, 39.00, Ncs Pearson Clinical Assessment, Supplies, 154.90, Nelson’s Oil & Gas, Repair, Fuel, 22,600.66, One Stop, The, Fuel, 87.04, Pacific Steel, Supplies, 1,715.00, Palmer, Todd, Services, 149.73, Pepsi-Cola, Concessions, 316.30, Perkins-Brookings, Travel, 13.81, Pilot Store #599, Fuel, 86.16, Pitney Bowes, Postage, 201.00, Pizza Hut, Meals, 95.94, Pizza Ranch #6825, Meals, 189.72, Prairie Hills Transit, Services, 220.00, Quality Real Estate, Services, 2,550.00, R.C.S Construction, Services, 33,707.03, Rasmussen Mechanical, Repair, 16,331.91, Redetzke, Randy, Fees, 70.00, Riverside Technologies, Services, 4,800.00, Rushmore Communications, Services, 75.00, Russell, Starla, Supplies, 130.00, School Specialty, Supplies, 72.15, Schuh, Patricia, Services, 60.00, Sd Dept Of Ed - Child & Adult, Fees, 1,381.50, Sd Dept Of Human Service, Services, 144.16, Sd Ffa Association, Registration, 560.00, Sdacda, Membership, 285.00, Selan, Brenda, Services, 6,350.00, Servall Uniform & Linen Supply, Services, 794.97, Simon Materials, Supplies, 58.50, Smith, Curtis, Services, 100.00, Sonny’s, Purchase, 138.69, Specialty Installation Services, 1,943.37, Staples, Supplies, 1,779.60, Stevens High School, Registration, 150.16, Stone, Greg, Fees, 250.00, Strategic Educational Advisor, Services, 2,000.00, Study.Com, Subscription, 62.68, Sturdevant’s Auto Parts, Supplies, 341.77, Summit Fire Protection, Supplies, 349.50, Tempids.Com, Supplies, 321.75, Tie, Services, 2,012.50, Tucker, Bradley, Services, 146.60, Tucker, Tanner, Services, 152.36, United Airlines, Reimbursement, (533.70), Universal Pediatrics, Services, 2,461.25, Upper Deck Architects, Services, 10,200.00, Us Post Office, Postage, 8.09, Vanway Trophys, Supplies, 119.02, Varsity Spirit Fashion, Supplies, 2,198.00, Walmart, Supplies, 128.34, Wellmark Flexible Benefits, Fees, 228.00, Wendell’s Garage, Repair, 488.96, West Forty, The, Fuel, 59.28, Westinghouse, Stephanie, Services, 10,845.00, Westside Carwash, Fuel, 25.36, Whiskey Creek, Meals, 168.81, Wohlenberg Ritzman, Services, 19,568.16, Yesway-Kadoka, Fuel, 86.51, Zazzle, Supplies, 614.92
23.091 Executive Session – None.
23.092 Approval of Open Enrollment Forms – Motion by Member Jarding, second by Member Shaw to approve open enrollment forms. Motion carried 7/0.
23.093 Approval of Resolution to Issue and Sell Capital Outlay Certificates – Motion by Member Preuss, second by Member Shaw to approve the administrations recommendation of the Resolution to Issue and Sell $2.54 million in Capital Outlay Certificates to finance the construction of the High School CTE building. Motion carried 7/0
23.094 Approval of Policies on 1st Reading – Motion by Member Wilson, second by Member Jarding. Language changes are recommended for Policy IB – Academic Freedom and KLD – Public Complaints About School Personnel and approval of a
review of policies IIAC – Library Materials Selection and Adoption, INB – Teaching About Controversial Issues, JFB – Education of Homeless Children, KLB – Public Complaints About the Curriculum or Instructional Materials on 1st Reading. Motion carried 7/0.
23.095 Approval of Policies on 2nd Reading – Motion by Member Preuss, second by Member Wilson. Language changes are recommended for policy BDDF – Voting Method and BDDH (KD) Public Participation at board meetings on 2nd Reading. Motion carried 7/0.
23.096 Administrator Remarks – Special Services Director Schniers welcomed new Special Education teacher Michaela Lemke and new paraprofessional Dawn Johnson. The department is currently working on training with the Sped Advantage program and the staff is scheduled to attend the Sped training in Deadwood in March 2023. Elementary Principal Karn discussed the purchase of new playground equipment from American Playground, Thursday is Fall Family Night, and the Bison Interest Day is on November 22nd which is a project based voice and choice program. Students shared a hobby or activity they would like to learn about with the top 3 being baking, deer and elk antlers, and fishing. Staff will be teaching students on these topics. Secondary Principal Kain stated several staff are worked on project based learning last week. They will be partnering with the Elementary to design a graduation profile in the future. Secondary Assistant Principal Trevillyan also added that they took some teachers to customized learning and looking to partner with TIE on a possible book study. The Family Engagement Center will be coming to talk to staff and students to make a better partnership with the community. Superintendent Fischer spoke on behalf of Athletic Director Deming (absent) on the football banner being updated and banners are starting to be hung in the Case Auditorium.
Business Manager Bilbruck discussed the auction with Bradeen Auction was successful. The money will be used to purchase additional equipment needed in the CTE program. A Builders Rick policy has been obtained for the new CTE Shop building and currently working on a Building Permit. The 2021-22 audit has been started and will continue for several weeks; Superintendent Fischer mentioned the play going on this weekend, Thursday, Friday and Saturday at 7 p.m. Resources on PBL works foundation are available.
23.097 Governing Board Remarks – Member Preuss thanked all the staff for everything. President Walz also thanked everyone.
23.098 Motion by Member Jarding, second by Vice President Williams to adjourn the meeting at 6:37 p.m. Motion carried 7/0.
Wendy Bilbruck, Business Manager
Ryan Walz, School Board President
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Published: Nov. 24, 2022

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