Proceedings_Hot Springs School District October 10, 2022


Hot Springs District No. 23-2
1747 Lincoln Ave, Hot Springs, Sd 57747
President Ryan Walz called the Regular Board Meeting of the Hot Springs School Board to order at 5:30 p.m. on Monday, October 10, 2022, with the following members present: Nikki Shaw, Katie Burchfield, Brian Jarding, Petra Wilson, and Colby Williams. Members Absent: Robert J Preuss. Others present: Superintendent Fischer, Business Manager Bilbruck, Principal Karn, Principal Klinkhammer, Assistant Principal Trevillyan, Athletic Director Deming, staff and community members and others logged in as guests.
All actions recorded in these minutes were by unanimous vote unless otherwise stated.
23.062 Approval of Agenda - Motion by Member Jarding, second by Member Shaw to approve the agenda. Motion carried 6/0, one absent.
23.063 Public Participation – Staff member Koreen Hammel addressed the board on the athletic banner requirements or criteria. Brett Nachtigall followed up by addressing Mrs. Hammel that the banners are produced by the Bison Booster Club not the school district.
23.064 Conflicts Disclosure – None
23.065 Presentations – The 5th grade student council presented to the board upcoming activities: Red ribbon week October 24-31 with the theme of Living Drug Free, October is bullying prevention month so Be a Buddy Not a Bully posters will be hung up, and they students continue to learn about the six pilers of Character Counts. Three members of the high school student council presented on their activities: homecoming float decorating went well, the Juniors won the powderpuff and mock Olympics, and the Seniors won the spirit stick, November 10th at 9 a.m. is the Veterans Day program.
23.066 BHSSC Report – Member Burchfield reported on behalf of the committee the Family Engagement program and Developmental Disabilities week.
23.067 Committee Reports – Activities: None; Bldg/Grounds: Member Preuss reported the committee met to discuss purchases additional fleet vans or busses, the insurance quotes on the roofs and the bids on the demolition of the old shop building. The bid opening is October 27th; Curriculum – None; Finance & Negotiations – None; Food Service – None; ASBSD/Legislative – None; Policy Review – Member Shaw stated the committee reviewed six policies; Safety & Security – President Walz reported on behalf of the committee they discussed the SRO duties, the elementary playground safety, numbering the district windows, maps for each classroom and Alice training; Technology – None. Rescheduling the meeting; MTSS/Title I – None.
23.068 Consent Agenda – Motion by Member Jarding, second by Vice President Williams. Business Manager Bilbruck mentioned two changes to the personnel action report. Motion carried 6/0, one absent.
Approved minutes of the Regular board meeting on September 12, 2022. Approved unaudited financial reports from September 2022:
General Fund
Beginning Balance: $2,250,240.60
Plus Receipts: $370,198.60
Less Disbursements: $467,986.23
Ending Balance: $2,152,452.97
Capital Outlay
Beginning Balance: $3,090,568.00
Plus Receipts: $92,092.48
Less Disbursements: $282,550.56
Ending Balance: $2,900,109.92
Special Education Fund
Beginning Balance: $280,565.80
Plus Receipts: $21,312.65
Less Disbursements: $99,191.40
Ending Balance: $202,687.05
Impact Aid Fund
Beginning Balance: $836,088.39
Plus Receipts: $0.00
Less Disbursements: $0.00
Ending Balance: $836,088.39
Bond Redemption Fund
Beginning Balance: $1,497,664.96
Plus Receipts: $3,013.52
Less Disbursements:-$80,882.35
Ending Balance: $1,497,664.96
Bond Redemption Fund - Shop
Beginning Balance: $3,240,362.75
Plus Receipts: $5,081.48
Less Disbursements: $0.00
Ending Balance: $3,240,362.75
Approved the October 2022 claims for payment; approved the Personal Action Report for October 2022:
2080 Media Inc, License, 4,000.00; A & B Welding Supply Co, Supply, Rental, 180.70; Aberle, Jim, Activities, 650.00; Advanced Drug Testing, Services, 26.00; Alpine Impressions & Fast Break, Supplies, 1,838.19; Amazon, Various, 7,785.36; Apple.Com, Membership, 105.44; Associated School Boards Of Sd, Professional Services, 791.54; Belle Fourche School District, Fees, 75.00; Best Buy, Supplies, 224.68;  Black Hills Energy, Utilities, 10,974.72;  Black Hills Rapids Soccer Club, Travel, 2,547.83;  Black Horn, Gaylay, Activities, 345.28;  Bomgaars, Supplies, 214.99;  Borders, Tom, Services, 456.00; Brewer, Elizabeth, Fees, 33.00; Bsn Sports, Supplies, 17,667.00; Builders Firstsource, Supplies, 29.72; Bussler, Jerry, Activities, 150.00; Carolina Biological Supply, Supplies, 73.57; Casey’s General Store, Travel, 31.23; Cash-Wa Distributing, Purchases, 12,811.87; Century Business Products, Supplies, 3,167.19; Cev Multimedia, Curriculum, 1,250.00;  Cheersounds, Supplies, 244.00; Cheyenne Sanitation, Utilities, 1,656.00; Clark, Dave, Activities, 91.96; Clifford, Patrick, Activities, 461.20; Convergint, Equipment, 6,608.69; Coughlin, Jillian, Reimbursement, 116.05; Country Inn & Suites, Travel, 158.44; Customink, Shirts, 516.09; Dahl, David, Activities, 145.88; Dakota Shell, Fuel, 85.70; Daktronics, Repairs, 742.50; Dept. Of Criminal Investigation, Services, 43.25; Dement-Osborn, Genevieve, Activities, 135.62; Dennis Terry Hanken, Professional Services, 2,740.60; Diamond Vogel, Supplies, 411.00; Dj Snacks, Services, 532.50; Duncan, Michael, Activities, 91.96; East Side Jersey Dairy, Purchases, 1,591.77; Econo Lodge, Travel, 375.00; Eisenbraun, Monty, Activities, 136.63; Ekeren, Justiny, Activities, 288.16; Estr-Publications, Supplies, 132.20; Ewell Educational, Subscription, 175.00, Fall River County Herald, Communication, 260.71; First Interstate Bank, Fees, 55.51; Flinn Scientific, Curriculum, 336.77, Foreman Sales & Service, Repair, 235.79; Frog Publications, Supplies, 653.40; Fuel Station, Fuel, 60.00; G2 Lawn Care, Services, 21.30; Gabriel, Jennifer, Services, 321.56; Glass Pro Plus, Repairs, 1,980.92; Golden West Technologies, Services, 24.00; Golden West,Utilities, 1,900.17; Gopher, Supplies, 2,446.08; Haggerty’s Musicworks, Supplies, 84.99; Harbor Freight, Supplies, 59.90; Harkless, Kelly, Reimbursement, 27.65; Harlow’s School Bus Service, Repairs, 155.74; Harvey, Jim, Activities, 171.20; Hatfield, John, Course, 70.00; Hillyard/Sioux Falls, Supplies, 9,665.11; Hot Springs Ace Hardware, Supplies, 156.92; Hot Springs Ambulance Service, Services, 660.00; Hot Springs School District, Sponsors, 4,000.00; Hot Springs, City Of, Utilities, 2,150.74; Hustead Law Office, Pc, Professional Services, 360.53; Illuminate Education, Subscription, 5,075.00; Imagine Learning, Software, 12,750.00; Impact Schools Of South Dakota, Fees, 1,311.84; Industry Visuals, Supplies, 59.54; Ixl Learning, License, 6,423.00; J.W. Pepper & Son Inc, Software, 684.00; Jenner Equipment Co, Equipment, 39,912.96; Karsky, Jared, Activities, 146.96; Keil, Laura, Reimbursement, 48.10; Kiwanis Club Of Black Hills, Fees, 100.00; Kleinsasser, Dustin, Activities, 40.00; Lakota Nation Invitational, Fees, 300.00; Lamont, Cheryl, Services, 6,265.00; Lead/Deadwood School District, Fees, 75.00; Lee, George, Activities, 206.24; Livestockjudging.Com, License, 200.00; Lowe’s, Supplies, 4,259.56; Lowe, Eric , Activities, 281.04; Lucky’s Bar & Grill, Travel, 21.20; Lynn’s Dakotamart, Purchases, 1,478.78; Mammoth Cleaners, Services, 1,863.40; Marzano Research Lab, Services, 689.00; Math Learning Center, Supplies, 85.00; Maverick Tire & Auto, Repairs, 20.40; McGas, Utilities, 13,908.95; Menard’s, Supplies, 5,311.91; Midwest Funding Dba Leading Edge, Supplies, 815.09; Moccasin Creek Golf Shop, Fees, 225.00; Muth Electric, Repairs, 13,799.63; Nachtigall, Dana, Registration, 77.25; Nasco Supplies, 107.68; Nelson’s Oil & Gas, Fuel, 5,731.37; Oster Consulting, Professional Services, 7,000.00; Pearson Education, Subscription, 405.00; Pepsi-Cola Of The Black Hills, Supplies, 1,530.50; Philip Pit Stop, Fuel, 50.23; Pitney Bowesy, Lease, 207.12; Pitney Bowes, Supplies, 91.29; Prairie Hills Transit, Travel, 34.00; Purdue Extension, Subscription, 400.00; Rapid City Area Schools, Fees, 75.00; Rasmussen Mechanical, Repairs, 10,387.60; Redrossa Italian Grille, Travel, 15.00; Region Iv Administrators, Fees, 270.00; Regional Waste Management, Utilities, 149.10; Riverside Technologies, Supplies, 2,031.40; Rushmore Communications, Services, 75.00; Sander, Eric, Activities, 71.40; Schoodles Sfma, Membership, 170.00; School Specialty, Supplies, 19,393.99; Sd Ffa Association, Fees, 809.00; Sdhsaa, Fees, 175.00; Sdhsca , Fees, 60.00; Selan, Brenda, Professional Services, 5,293.75; Servall Uniform & Linen Supply, Supplies, 529.98; Shell, Travel, 31.10; Simon Materials, Supplies, 25.05; Smith, Curtis, Activities, 40.00; Sonny’s Super Food, Supplies, 229.86; Sd Basketball Coaches Assoc, Fees, 25.00; Stagecoach West Bus, Travel, 6,450.00; Staples, Supplies, 1.88; Stone, Greg, Activities, 91.96; Strategic Educational Advisor, Services, 4,000.00; Study.Com, Subscription, 62.68; Sturdevant’s Auto Parts, Supplies, 243.11; Subway, Meals, 197.75; Target, Supplies, 63.88; Telkamp, Brenda, Activities, 155.00; Theatrefolk, Supplies, 353.85; Tie, Subscription, 7,475.00; Travelocity, Travel, (565.26); United Airlines, Travel, 1,310.06; Universal Pediatrics, Services, 935.00; Univ Of South Dakota, Registration, 240.00; Upper Deck Architects, Services, 11,194.47; Varsity Spirit Fashion, Uniforms, 3,746.05; Voyager Sopris Learning, Software, 331.20; Walmart, Supplies, 92.64; Watson, Evan, Activities, 91.96; Watson, Mike, Activities, 159.72; Wendell’s Garage, Repairs, 289.11; Western Dakota Tech, Fees, 90.00, Westinghouse, Stephanie, Services, 9,360.00; Wynia, Tina, Reimbursement, 47.93.
23.069 Executive Session – None.
23.070 Approval of Annual Report Submission to DOE – Motion by Member Shaw, second by Vice President Williams to approve the administration’s recommendation to accept the submission of the districts 2021-22 Annual Report of financial Data to the SD Department of Education pursuant to SDCL 13-8-47. Motion carried 6/0, one absent.
23.071 Approval to Surplus Fixed Asset Items – Motion by Member Wilson, second by Member Burchfield to approve the administrations recommended items listed to surplus. Motion carried 6/0, one absent.
23.072 Approval of Audit Contract with Wohlenberg Ritzman & Co. – Motion by Vice President Williams, second by Member Jarding to approve the engagement contract with Wohlenberg Ritzman & Co. to provide financial audit services for the district.
The recommendation would be for Option 2 which would contract with WRC for the next three years at the stated rate in the contract. Motion carried 6/0, one absent.
23.073 Approval of Policies on 1st Reading – Motion by Vice President Williams, second by Member Shaw. Per board policy BFGA, September is designated for review of Policy Book Section D – General School Administration. No language changes are recommended at this time in that section. Language changes are recommended for Policy BDDF – Voting Method and BDDD – Quorum, BDDE – Rules of Order, BDDG – Minutes, BFCA – Board Review of Regulations, and JFCA – Dress Code on 1st Reading. Motion carried 6/0, one absent.
23.074 Approval of Policies on 2nd Reading – Motion by Member Burchfield, second by Member Shaw. Language changes are recommended for Policy BCE – Board Committees and approval of a review of policy BCF – Advisory Committees to the Board on 2nd Reading. Motion carried 6/0, one absent.
23.075 Administrator Remarks – Food Service Director Rhoe updated the board on the department. The district received 249 free and reduced applications, October 6th Breakfast with the Bison was a big hit, meeting about the Farm to Table grant coming soon. Also, coming soon is Muffins with Moms and Donuts with Dads and watch for new menu items. Athletic Director Deming reminded the board of the upcoming events with football, volleyball, cross country, and State Golf. Assistant Principal Trevillyan stated the staff has fire exit routes in their rooms, conferences were scheduled this time and a representative from Homeland Security coming to the district soon. Principal Klinkhammer discussed the parent-teacher conferences and sending a survey out to get feedback on how it went, working on the teaching instruction, students centered with teachers and receiving positive feedback from teachers. Principal Karn updated the board on the following: continuing to work on matching assessments to standards, Family Fun Night is November 17th, continued work with the REM grant, Halloween STEM and Trunk or Treat coming soon. Playground maintenance is being addressed. G2 Lawn Service donated labor for maintenance on the pre-school area. The wooden playground will be blocked off in preparation for removal. Business Manager Bilbruck updated that the 2021-22 audit is scheduled to begin October 27th, the 2020-21 audit is completed, a second round of Supply Chain Assistance scheduled for November and the auction with Bradeen Auction is scheduled for October 28th thru November 1st. Administrative Assistant Angela Martin has moved into a new role as Accounting Assistant. Superintendent Fischer reported the State report cards will be coming out, ADM about the same as last year, and finishing State accreditation.
23.076 Governing Board Remarks – President Walz thanked the donators and congratulated the board on receiving the Gold Level plaque from SASB.
23.077 Motion by Member Jarding, second by Vice President Williams to adjourn the meeting at 6:54 p.m. Motion carried 6/0, one absent.
Wendy Bilbruck, Business Manager
Ryan Walz, School Board President
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