Proceedings_Edgemont School District July 11, 2022


Edgemont School District 23-1
July 11, 2022
The Edgemont School District 23-1 board of education met in regular session on Monday, July 11, 2022, at 7:00 p.m. in the Edgemont School Library. Vice Chairman Humiston called the meeting to order with members Connie Gerard, Shane Miller and Justin Printz present. Gary Darrow was absent.
Administration present: Amy Ferley, Superintendent and Diane Stevens, Business Manager were present.
The Board recited the Pledge of Allegiance.
Motion by Gerard seconded by miller to approve the agenda with the following change: VI G.Policies and VI.H. Set Lunch Prices is not needed.
The board conducted the hearing on the proposed 2022-2023 budget.
Motion by Miller, seconded by Printz to go into executive session pursuant to SDCL 1-25-2(1) to discuss personnel matters at 7:03 p.m.
The board came out of executive session at 7:22,  p.m.
The financial reports were reviewed.
Receipts And Cash Balance: June 2022
General Fund Receipts: Taxes $31,632.84; Tax Deed Revenue ($1,528.42); Penalty & Interest on Taxes $1,782.32; Interest $23.38; Other Pupil Income $350.00; Judgements-Restitution $63.55; Misc. Local Income $89.89; County Apportionment $1,061.89; State Aid $61,112.00; Mentor Instructor Reimb. $2,324.35; other State Revenue $1,643.55; FFVP Reimbursement $828.42.
Balance 06/01/22 - $1,012,286.65. Total Receipts $99,383.57; June Claims $361,831.26; GL Adjustment $172,321.76; Balance 06/30/21- $922,160.72.
Capital Outlay Receipts: Taxes $20,186.20; Penalty & Interest on Taxes $109.28.
Balance 06/01/22- $1,727,755.45. Total Receipts $20,295.48; June Claims $3,562.89; GL Adjustment $1,155.55; Balance 06/30/22 $1,745,643.59.
Special Education Receipts: Taxes $13,458.64; Penalty & interest on taxes $70.41.
Balance 06/01/22- $84,192.38. Total Receipts $13,529.05; June Claims $54,017.78; GL Adjustment $23,103.83; Balance 06/30/21 $66,807.48.
Food Service Receipts: Sales to Pupils ($5.76); Sales to Adults $656.50; A la Carte Sales $347.15; State Reimbursement ($7,419.31); Federal Reimbursement $15,016.68
Balance 06/01/22-($31.17). Total Receipts $8,595.26; June Claims $9,055.40; GL Adjustment $81.13; Balance 06/30/21 ($572.44).
Motion by Printz, seconded by Gerard, to approve payment of claims as presented.
July Claims: General Fund: Elementary, Payroll, 36,528.52; High School, Payroll, 20,821.33; Title 1, Payroll, 6,699.64; Guidance Office, Payroll, 4,286.26; Improve of Instruction, Payroll, 1,704.76; Technology, Payroll, 4,450.83; Board of Education, Payroll, 4,596.66; Superintendent, Payroll, 7,917.17; Principal, Payroll, 8,710.86; Business Office, Payroll, 7,147.25; Maintenance, Payroll, 7,901.23; Student Transportation, Payroll, 12.89; Boy’s Athletics, Payroll, 357.52; Girls Athletics, Payroll, 358.56; Co-Curricular, Payroll, 2,314.69; Albertson Engineering, Inc,, Engineering Purchased Service, 757.11; apptegy, Inc., High School & Elem Purchased Services, 4,900.00; ASBSD, Board of Education Dues & Fees, 884.76; Black Hills Energy, Electricity, 2,449.25; Bomgaars, Maintenance Supply, 47.27; Brain Pop, LLC, Elementary Purchased Services, 405.00; Century Business Products, Inc., HS & Elem Repair & Maintenance, 48.92; City of Edgemont, Building Uitlities, 287.10; CORE Educational Cooperative, HS Purchased Services, 260.00; Golden West, Telephone, 391.34; Hendricks, Susan, High School Supply, 34.95; Infinite Campus, Purchased Services - Computer, 1,027.85; Instructure, Inc., High School & Elem Purchased Services, 5,598.75; Jaymar Business Forms, Inc., Business Office Supplies, 193.90; Joseph, Brady, Improvement of Instruction - Mentor, 28.00; OverDrive, Library Purchased Service, 250.00; Postmaster, Business Office Rental Fee, 226.00; Property/Liability Fund, 22-23 Property/Liability Insurance, 44,705.00; Ranchers Feed & Supply, Inc., Maintenance Supply, 430.80; Sander Sanitation Service, Garbage Removal, 282.70; Scherer Publishing, LLC, Board of Education Publishing, 108.24; School Administrators of South, Supt. & Business Mgr. Dues and Fees, 1,145.00; Software Unlimited Inc., Business Office Purchased Service, 3,800.00; South Dakota Teacher Placement, School Board Purchased Services, 435.00; Teacher Synergy, LLC, High School & Elem Purchased Services, 3,400.00; TIE, Elementary Purchased Services, 350.00; Time Management Systems, Inc, Business Office Purchased Services, 165.00; TruGreen and Action Pest Control, Maintenance Purchased Services, 400.00
 Trust & Agency Imprest Fund: Fuel for Vehicles, 233.19; Welding Shop, The, Maintenance Supply, 4.44; WEX BANK, Fuel for Vehicles, 222.87; Workers Compensation Fund, Workers Compensation Premium, 5,761.67; Wright, Judith, Improvement of Instruction Mentor Prog, 28.00; Wellmark, July Health Insurance, 16,241.20; General Fund Total: 209,311.48
Capital Outlay: Barker Concrete and Construction, Inc, Non-Capitalized Improvements, 835.57; Bomgaars, Maintenance Equipment, 319.98; First Book, Library Books - Capitalized, 81.13; Foreman Sales & Service, Capital Outlay - Vehicles, 56,500.00; Capital Outlay Fund Total: 57,736.68
Special Education: Special Education Teachers, Payroll, 9,805.52; Special Education Administration, Payroll, 4,540.93; Small Talk Speech Therapy, Inc., SPED Purchased Services, 405.00; Think Social Publishing, Inc., SPED Consumable Supplies, 241.98; Wellmark, July Health Insurance, 1,495.80; Workers Compensation Fund, Workers Compensation Premium, 1,099.00; Special Education Fund Total: 17,588.23
Food Service Fund: Infinite Campus, Purchased Services - Computer, 381.60; Workers Compensation Fund, Workers Compensation Premium, 139.33; Food Service Fund Total: 520.93
Total to Checking: 285,157.32
Mrs. Stevens and Mrs. Ferley gave their administrative reports.
Thank you to Keith & Marie Andersen and Mark & Suzanne Hollenbeck for each donating a beef to the school for the lunch program.
The transportation report was reviewed.
Mrs. Humiston gave the Black Hills Special Services report.
Connie Gerard and Shane Miller signed the oath of office and were installed on the board. The board reconvened the meeting.
Superintendent Amy Ferley presided as nominations were opened for Board Chairman. Motion by Humiston seconded by Gerard to nominate Darrow. Motion by Printz seconded by Humiston that nominations cease.
Darrow was unanimously elected chairman.
Nominations were opened for vice-chairman. Motion by Gerard seconded by Miller to nominate Humiston. Motion by Printz seconded by Miller to cease nominations.
Humiston was unanimously elected vice-chairman.
Vice Chairwoman Humiston presided over the meeting.
Motion by Humiston seconded by Printz to table appointing the committees for FY23.
Motion by Printz seconded by Gerard to approve the following consent calendar items with item #11 and #17 pulled off for further discussion:
Designation of official depository as First Interstate Bank in Edgemont
Designation of district’s official newspaper to the Fall River County Herald Star
Designate Sam Kerr of Lynn Jackson Attorneys as the school attorney
Authorization of continuation of existing funds
Approval of Business Manager (Diane Stevens) and Administrative Secretary, (Deanne Brown) in the absence of the Business Manager as custodian of all accounts and authorization to open new Trust and Agency accounts as needed.
Appointment of the business manager as authorized administrator of Food Service and Retirement Programs and appoint the superintendent and business manager as authorized representatives of federal programs
Authorization of Business Manager to Invest School Funds
Authorization of Superintendent Amy Ferley as the Local Education Agency (LEA) Representative.
Wages for 2022-2023 are as follows: Katie. Brotherton - $45,000.00; Terri Brown - $49,925.00; Mycalynn Cortney - $42,775.00; Blake Esker - $40,300.00; Amy Ferley - $74,900.00; Connie Gorsuch $54,850.00; Rebecca Harding $41,193.00; Susan Hendricks - $56,275.00; Suzanne Hollenbeck - $55,915.00; Michele Joint $45,405.00; Brady Joseph $40,400.00; Pam Koller - $49,775.00; Pam Lauritsen - $52,845.00; Jason Long $40,000.00; Susan Ostenson - $50,415.00; Eric Reynolds $50,350.00; April Rhodes - $49,780.00; Barry Scott $59,500.00; Diane Stevens - $50,522.50; Michelle VanEaton $49,625.00; Judith G Wright - $49,800.00; Deanne Brown - Administrative Secretary - $20.00/hr.; Derrick William Brickert $15.25/hr.; Don Haskvitz – Aide - $15.50/hr.,; Tammy Hollenbeck – Aide - $15.50; Samantha Miller – Library Aide $15.50/hr.; Owen Murphy – Activity Bus Driver/Layover - $16.00/hr.; Lane Ostenson- Activity Bus Driver/Layover $17.65/hr.; Miranda Nelsen – Aide $15.50/hr.; M Nelsen – Morning Bus Driver - $Cheryl Shook – Aide - $17.25/hr.; Chelsie Simons – Aide - $16.25/hr.; Julia Wood – Aide -$15.50; Brian Peters – Head Custodian - $19.50/hr.; Richard(Dan)Little – Pt Time Custodian - $15.25; Alex Warembourg – Custodian $15.25/hr.;.Linda Moran – Cook Asst. $14.75/hr.; Barry Scott – Athletic Director/Transportation Mgr. - $6,000.00 ; Quiz Bowl - L Tidball – No Pay; Three Act Play – S Hollenbeck - $1,197.00; Three Act Play – B Harding $1,197.00; Instrumental Solo & Ensemble – S Hollenbeck – $1,655.28; Vocal Solo & Ensemble – S Hollenbeck - $1,655.28; Sr. Class Sponsor - C Simons - $691.60; S Hollenbeck Sr. Class Sponsor $829.92; Junior Class Sponsor – S Miller $691.60; Junior Class Sponsors – S Simmons $691.60; Sophomore Class Sponsor – B Harding - $691.60; Freshman Class Sponsor – B Joseph $691.60; High School Cheer/Dance – K Trotter $676.40; MS Cheer/Dance – K Trotter $649.80; National Honor Society – S Hendricks – $414.96; Student Council - Vacant; FFA Sponsor – B Joseph $2,568.80; Head Varsity Football Coach – K Kaiser - $4,073.60; Asst. Varsity Football Coach – Vacant; Head Middle School Football Coach – N. Cortney - $2,311.82; Asst. Middle School Football Coash – M Still - $1,060.20; Head Varsity Volleyball Coach – S Ostenson - $4,888.32; Asst. Varsity Volleyball Coach – D. Haskvitz - $2,568.80; Head Middle School Volleyball Coach – B Haskvitz $1,926.60; Asst. Middle School Volleyball Coach – Vacant; Head Varsity Boys Basketball Coach – G Darrow - $4,073.60; Asst. Varsity Boys Basketball Coach – Vacant; Head Middle School Boys Basketball Coach – M VanEaton - $2,311.92; Assistant Middle School Boys Basketball Coach – Vacant; Head Varsity Girls Basketball Coach – L. Ostenson - $4,888.32; Asst. Varsity Girls Basketball Coach – L Stevens - $2,568.80; Head Middle School Girls Basketball Coach – M Joint - $2,311.92; Asst. Middle School Girls Basketball Coach – A Jarding - $1,060.20; Head High School Track Coach – Vacant; Head Middle School Track Coach – A Rhodes - $1,926.60; Asst. Middle School Track Coach – K Klein – $1,060.20; Middle School Technology Club – Vacant; High School Technology Club – K Tonkin - $744.04; MS Wrestling Head Coach – J Darrow - $2,311.92; Half Day- Substitutes - Non Certified $40.00/day; Half Day- Substitutes – Certified - $45/day; Full Day Substitutes-Non Certified $80.00/day, Substitutes - Certified $90/day; Non Certified Long Term Substitutes $100.00/day; Certified Long Term Substitutes $110.00/day.
Establish regular meeting time as the second Monday of each month at 7:00 p.m.
Authorization for Trust and Agency account for administrative secretary as business manager in absence of business manager. Administrative secretary being Deanne Brown and Business Manager being Diane Stevens.
Set travel reimbursement rates to follow the state per diem rates.
Set the date for School Board Election to be the same as the City of Edgemont which will be Tuesday, April 11, 2023.
Accept the FY22 audit proposal from Independent Audit Services for $5,700.00.
Appoint Student Advisor Becky Harding as the Edgemont School District Truancy Officer.
It was noted to leave the current authorized signatories, Gary Darrow, Susan Humiston, Shane Miller, Justin Printz, Connie Gerard, and Diane Stevens on the General Checking Account and the Preferred Public Funds Account for the 2022-2023 fiscal year.
Approve the Business Manager (Diane Stevens), Superintendent (Amy Ferley) and the Administrative Secretary (Deanne Brown) in the absence of the business manager, as ICORP Authorized Users.
This is the end of the Consent Calendar items.
Motion by Humiston seconded by Miller to leave the Board Compensation at $70.00 per meeting.
Motion by Miller seconded by Printz to eliminate the Family Pass from the Admission Charge options and leave the remaining rates as follows:
Varsity Games, Adults: 3.00
Students (out of town): 2.00
Senior Citizens: 2.00
Double Header – Adults 5.00
Students (out of town): 3.00
JV/JH Games, Adults: 2.00
Students (out of town): 1.00
Senior Citizens: 1.00
Adult Activity Pass: 45.00
Motion by Miller seconded by Printz to appoint Connie Gerard to represent Edgemont at the Delegate Assembly with Susan Humiston being the alternate.
The changes to the Elementary, Middle School, High School Certified Staff Handbooks were discussed. There will be a second reading.
Motion by Humiston seconded by Printz to accept the resignation of Nicole Anderson as the Middle School Assistant Volleyball Coach effective immediately.,
Motion by Printz seconded by Gerard to accept the resignation of Anjie Renwick as the Head Cook effective immediately.
Motion by Miller seconded by Printz to approve Penelope Warembourg as an assistant cook beginning the 2022-2023 school year at $14.00 per hour pending the receipt of an acceptable background check.
Motion by Printz seconded by Humiston to add Jennifer Russell to the substitute list pending the receipt of an acceptable background check.
Motion by Gerard seconded by Printz to adjourn the meeting at 8:17 p.m.
Minutes Approved
Diane Stevens, Business Manager
Gary Darrow, Chairman
Published once at the total approximate cost of $172.92
and can be viewed free of charge at
Published: July 28, 2022

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