Proceedings_Oelrichs School District November 15, 2021


Oelrichs School District 23-3
Regular Board Meeting
November 15, 2021
Call to Order: The Board of Education of the Oelrichs School District 23-3 met in regular session on November 15, 2021 in the school library. The meeting was called to order by Dave Osmotherly, Board President, at 4:08 pm.
Pledge of Allegiance
Roll Call: Members Present: John Cope, Jennifer Her Many Horses, Vince Logue, Dave Osmotherly, and Lance Tlustos.
Administration present: Dr. Mitchell Stone, Principal Peterson, and Business Manager Sword. Guest: Brittany Kneebone observing for administrative degree.
Motion by Tlustos, second Her Many Horses, to approve October 12, 2021 meeting minutes. Motion carried.
Motion by Cope, second Her Many Horses, to approve the amended agenda adding 5.3 Welding Equipment Trade In. Motion carried.
*All actions recorded in these minutes were by unanimous vote unless otherwise noted.
Construction Update:
The board discussed the progress of the construction and cleanup for the high school. Kitchen training is scheduled for next week. The gym and kitchen is planned to take possession by the end of the week.
The board would like to have a snow fence set up across the football field. This will help reduce drifting into the parking lot and also keep the moisture on the field. The board will provide the labor free of charge and requested (4) 50’ rolls of snow fence. The high school will request bids for installation of fencing to prevent public access to mechanical units with exposed shut-off switches.
Public Participation: No public participation
Reports: Board Reports: Tlustos requested the consideration of having a Christmas Party for the staff and recommended the State Line as a possible venue. Principal Peterson will make the arrangements.
Her Many Horses attended the BHSSC meeting; state college admission will waive the application fee if students apply before December 1.
Administration Reports: Principal Peterson requested help to distribute Thanksgiving Dinner to residents on Friday at 11am. Cope will provide assistance and Tlustos offered if additional help is needed. Dr. Stone gave recognition to Lauren Stephens for leading the students in the Veterans Day Program. They did an excellent job as did Jennifer Her Many Horses who sang and Principal Peterson for acknowledging student’s family members who served. The Indian Education grant has been closed out for FY 21. ESSER II budget has been approved. ESSER III and school reopening plan has been approved just waiting for the budget component to be approved.
Dr. Stone informed the board about working with Dakota Gold and the possibility of creating a partnership with them for project-based programming with the CTE programs. The goal will be to create community partnerships with School of Mines, Department of Energy, and Department of Defense.
Principal Peterson informed the board that the Christmas program is scheduled for December 8 at 2pm.
She has been working on evaluating teachers. Moving into the new high school has created a new working environment and the teachers have been working well together to adjust to the challenges of the layout.
The board would like to see that a quarterly newsletter be published and distributed to the community similar to what was done prior to covid shutdown. Members think it’s important to keep the community informed about the progress of the new facilities. They would also like to work on setting up an open house for the new building once it looks like it is ready.
Financials: Sword presented claims and monthly financial reports. Motion by Cope, second Her Many Horses, to accept the unaudited financial reports and claims as presented.
General Fund
Beginning Balance: 228,177.79
Plus Receipts: 86,878.55
Less Disbursements: 191,965.81
Ending Balance: 123,090.53
Capital Outlay
Beginning Balance: 19,910.25
Plus Receipts: 7,124.65
Receivables/Transfers: 325,000
Less Disbursements: 312,795.3
Ending Balance: 39,239.55
Special Education
Beginning Balance: 129,865.13
Plus Receipts: 7,224.37
Less Disbursements: 19,230.15
Ending Balance: 117,859.35
Impact Aid
Beginning Balance: 4,285,253.73
Plus Receipts: 319.12
Receivables/Transfers: (325,000)
Ending Balance: 3,960,572.85
Food Service
Beginning Balance: 23,807.85
Plus Receipts: 10,718.59
Less Disbursements: 12,341.41
Ending Balance: 22,185.03    
Custodial Account
Beginning Balance: 16,918.83
Plus Receipts: 358.39
Ending Balance: 17,277.22
Welding Equipment Trade-In: Dale Ruhoff requested that the board consider trading in two feed roller welders, that are currently not being used in class, for a trade-in value of $1,500 per roller. Ruhoff would like to take the $3,000 credit and apply it towards the purchase of a saw. Motion by Cope, second by Tlustos to approve the trade-in and purchase of equipment for the welding class. Motion carried.
ESSER III Update: Dr. Stone presented the work that has been submitted to the ESSER III grant application as part of the school reopening plan. The budget has been amended and resubmitted for approval. The budget includes instructional salary; additional custodial staff; contracts with Golden West to improve and support technology; upgrade the elementary school with flooring and roof improvements.  There is money remaining an additional funds could possibly be used for playground equipment, library, CTE programs, and the music program.  
Policy: JHCDE-E: Second Reading: Medical Cannabis Administration
Bids – Snow Removal: The school placed the request for bids for snow removal in the Fall River Herald for two weeks. The only bid submitted was provided by Dave Osmotherly. Dave abstained from the vote. Motion by Tlustos, second Logue to approve the bid from Dave Osmotherly for $100 per hour to remove snow from the school parking and grounds as needed, but not to exceed $3,000. Motion carried.
Rental of School Facilities: Les Cope requested to rent the school facilities to use the gym and kitchen for November 27, 2021 with the request to have alcohol on the premises. Cope abstained. Motion by Tlustos, second Logue to approve the application for rental of school facilities by Les Cope. Motion carried.
Contracts: The following new contracts were presented:
James Knutson, Head Boys Basketball, step 6
Ivan Starr, Assistant Boys Basketball, step 1
Jada Rouillard, Assistant Girls Basketball, step 1
Motion Logue, second Her Many Horses to approve the coaching contracts as presented. Motion carried.
Full time custodial position to Elizabeth Lockhart for $15.68 per hour. Motion Her Many Horses, second Cope. Motion carried.
Personnel: No action taken
Open Enrollment: Principal Peterson presented the open enrollment applications to the board.
Motion by Tlustos, second Logue to approve the following students: 41; 42; 45; 48-50; 52-54; 56; and 57. Motion carried.
Adjournment: There being no further business, Osmotherly declared the meeting adjourned at 5:39 pm.
Attested to by CEO/Superintendent Stone
Published once at the total approximate cost of $93.87
Published: Dec. 23, 2021

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