Proceedings_Oelrichs School District October 12, 2021


Oelrichs School District 23-3
Regular Board Meeting
October 12, 2021
Call to Order: The Board of Education of the Oelrichs School District 23-3 met in regular session on October 12, 2021 in the school library. The meeting was called to order by Dave Osmotherly, Board President, at 2:00 p.m.
Pledge of Allegiance
Roll Call: Members Present: John Cope, Dave Osmotherly, and Lance Tlustos.
Members Absent: Jennifer Her Many Horses, Vince Logue
Administration present: Dr. Mitchell Stone, Principal Peterson, and Business Manager Sword. Guest: Brittany Kneebone observing for administrative degree.
Motion by Tlustos, second Cope, to approve September 13, 2021 meeting minutes. Motion carried.
Motion by Cope, second Tlustos, to approve the agenda as presented. Motion carried.
*All actions recorded in these minutes were by unanimous vote unless otherwise noted.
Construction Update: 2:06 - moved to new school to walk through with Upper Deck and Scull Construction.
3:48 - returned to library to continue construction update with Tim from Upper Deck Architects; Darius and Jake from Scull Construction, they provided an overview of the construction project. The building will be ready for the school to take possession on Friday October 15, 2021.
Motion by Cope, second Tlustos to approve the Certificate of Substantial Completion #001 the entire school facility and site with exception of Gym, Scullery, Kitchen, and Dry Storage, on October 15, 2021. Motion carried.
Motion by Cope, second Tlustos to approve change order #004 to include: #003 HVAC $41,693.15; #012 Furnace Condensate Pumps $2,878.06; #013 Electrical Changes $1,286.13; #014 Dedicate FA phone Line $4,706.11 for the total added amount of $50,563.45. Motion carried.
Jake needs to verify the color blue needed for the gym floor lettering. He will take a picture and attempt to match. The kitchen and gym with have a training with staff at a later date. The Science room countertops will be fixed over the break in December. The warranty for operating units begins on October 15, 2021 to cover one year. Scull will guarantee their work for longer than one year.
Public Participation: No public
Town of Oelrichs: No action taken
Reports: Board Reports: Tlustos attended the NAFIS conference in DC.
Administration Reports: Dr Stone informed the board that enrollment was 145 students, he has been working on the PRF, due to the state on October 15. It appears that the ESSER II funds will cover the cost of security camera and installation.
Financials: Sword presented claims and monthly financial reports. Motion by Tlustos, second Cope, to accept the unaudited financial reports and claims as presented.
General Fund
Beginning Balance: 350,049.24
Plus Receipts: 75,082.09
Less Disbursements: 197,750.18
Ending Balance: 227,381.15
Capital Outlay
Beginning Balance: (272,420.29)
Plus Receipts: 756.21
Receivables/Transfers: 700,000
Less Disbursements: 408,434.67
Ending Balance: 19,910.25
Special Education
Beginning Balance: 136,455.22
Plus Receipts: 2,897.93
Less Disbursements: 9,488.02
Ending Balance: 129,865.13
Impact Aid
Beginning Balance: 4,984,819.77
Plus Receipts: 433,96
Receivables/Transfers: (700,000)
Ending Balance: 4,285,253.73
Food Service
Beginning Balance: 28,590.91
Plus Receipts: 3,900.78
Less Disbursements: 7,887.20
Ending Balance: 24,604.49
Custodial Account
Beginning Balance: 16,918.83
Ending Balance: 16,918.83
ESSER III Update: Dr. Stone presented the updated reopening plan that was submitted with the ESSER III application. He is working with the state on the language to include the replacement of the roof on the elementary school. He will also include supplies and instruments for the music program.   
Policy: JHCDE-E: First Reading: Medical Cannabis Administration
Surplus: Motion by Cope, second Tlustos to surplus the supplies to include computers as listed and phones that have all been replaced with a new system. Motion carried.
Contracts: Motion by Tlustos, second Cope to approve the extra duty contract of student counsel sponsor to Sheryl Kirkeby for $758. Motion carried.
Personnel: No action taken
Open Enrollment: Tabled to next month
Executive Session: Motion by Cope, second Tlustos to go into executive session to discuss student expulsion, discipline SDCL 1-25-2.2 Discussing the expulsion, suspension, discipline, assignment of or the educational program of a student or the eligibility of a student to participate in interscholastic activities provided by the South Dakota High School Activities Association. The board went into executive session at 4:33 p.m. and resumed open meeting status at 4:37 p.m.
Student Discipline: Motion by Cope, second Tlustos to expel student ‘A’ for reasons discussed in executive session. Motion carried.
Adjournment: There being no further business, Osmotherly declared the meeting adjourned at 4:38 p.m.
Attested to by CEO/Superintendent Stone
Published once at the total approximate cost of $71.82
Published: Nov. 25, 2021

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