Proceedings_Hot Springs School District October 11, 2021


Hot Springs District No. 23-2
President Bob Preuss called the Regular Board Meeting of the Hot Springs School Board to order at 5:31 p.m. on Monday, October 11, 2021, with the following members present: Zac Bell, Nikki Shaw, Colby Williams, Katie Burchfield, Vice President Petra Wilson, and Ryan Walz. Members Absent: None. Others present: Superintendent Fischer, Principal Karn, Principal Lurz, Assistant Principal and Athletic Director Zachow, staff and community members and others logged in as guests.
All actions recorded in these minutes were by unanimous vote unless otherwise stated
22.055 Approval of Agenda - Motion by Member Walz, second by Member Shaw to approve the agenda. Motion carried 7/0.
22.056 Public Participation – Patty Schuh addressed the board regarding discussions of tearing down the Creative Playground aka the Wooden Playground structure. Mrs. Schuh stated the structure was built between 1993-1996 by community members and a grant from BNRR. She believes the playground structure needs some maintenance. Business Manager Bilbruck will call the district’s property and liability insurance company to schedule an inspection of the structure.
22.057 Conflicts Disclosure – None.
22.058 Presentations – High School student council members Ella Bossert, Will Kuhl and Megan Sanders presented on the following activities: car wash, Homecoming/Spirit week, sidewalk art, the float in the December parade, and the dance. Next will be the Veterans Day program on November 11th with speaker Ben Jones. Member and ASBSD delegate Shaw presented the Gold award from ASBSD to all members of the board.
22.059 BHSSC Report – Member Burchfield reported on behalf of the committee that BHSSC discussed mostly the financials at the last meeting.
22.060 Committee Reports – Activities: Member Bell reported on behalf of the committee that they have been working on school sponsorships and they are starting to come in, the school store almost ready, the digital record board “in play” and the Booster Club is running shirts. Superintendent Fischer stated he, President Preuss and Athletic Director Zachow met with EXOS on sports performance training. They are affiliated with Monument Health. Bldg/Grounds: President Preuss stated the committee met with RCS Construction and the architects again on the shop building drawings. Upon consulting the Shop and Ag Teachers, the committee reduced the square footage of the automotive area and dropped the addition of the greenhouse to move the project back under the current budget. Curriculum: President Preuss reported on behalf of the committee they talked about summative vs formative assessments and gearing instruction to meet the needs of the students with student engagement. Finance & Negotiations: None. Food Service: Member Walz reported the committee met to discuss disruptions with delivery of food and supply chain issues and rising food costs causing. Discussed offering reducing the number of options at the Elementary to one option and at the Secondary to two options, how to reduce waste. Superintendent Fischer mentioned the Beef to Schools program and the need to continue to promote. Legislative – None. Policy Review: President Preuss reported on behalf of the committee to review the policy DJD – Local Purchasing, DIC - Financial Reports and Statements and DIE – Audits. The committee continues to put together a plan and information on graduation requirements. Safety & Security: None. The committee will be meeting next to discuss ESSER III funds for equipment and security cameras. The City has drafted a contract for an SRO for the district which will be reviewed. Technology: Member Walz reported on behalf of the committee the copiers have been delayed and are scheduled to arrive between October and December, vape detectors are still on back order, Golden West has installed our new access points, CleverTouch TVs targeted to arrive on October 22nd. The district will be presenting a two hour training on using the new TV’s. The 835 old laptops that were surplus at the September board meeting have been sold to a vendor for approximately $20,000. Title MTSS (Student Support Committee): None.
22.061 Consent Agenda – Under Personnel Actions, Superintendent Fischer mentioned the hiring of a new CTE Teacher, Raul Solis. Motion by Member Shaw, second by Member Bell. Motion carried 7/0.
Approved minutes of the regular board meeting on September 13, 2021. Approved unaudited financial reports from September 2021:
General Fund
Beginning Balance: $2,537,552.49
Plus Receipts: $478,363.44
Less Disbursements: $506,925.67
Ending Balance: $2,508,990.26
Capital Outlay
Beginning Balance: $1,844,424.58
Plus Receipts: $60,780.15
Less Disbursements: $231,730.81
Ending Balance: $1,673,473.92
Special Education Fund
Beginning Balance: $494,522.19
Plus Receipts: $30,987.01
Less Disbursements: $86,885.56
Ending Balance: $438,623.64
Impact Aid Fund
Beginning Balance: $732,467.39
Plus Receipts: $0.00
Less Disbursements: $0.00
Ending Balance: $732,467.39
Bond Redemption Fund
Beginning Balance: $1,408,130.01
Plus Receipts: $0.00
Less Disbursements: $0.00
Ending Balance: $1,408,130.01
Approved the October 2021 claims for payment; approved the Personal Action Report for October 2021.
22.062 Executive Session – None.
22.063 Approval of Annual Report – Motion by Vice President Wilson, second by Member Williams to approve the administrations recommendation to accept the submission of the districts 2020-2021 Annual Report of Financial Data to the SD Department of Education. Motion carried 7/0.
22.064 Approval of Open Enrollment Applications – Motion by Member Walz, second by Member Shaw to approve the applications for the open enrollment applications. Motion carried 7/0.
22.065 Policies for First Reading – Motion by Member Bell, second by Member Shaw. The Administration and Policy Review committee recommend adoption of new policies JEAA – Student Alternative Instruction, JFCE – Student Bullying, JHCD – Admin of Medications to Students, JHCDE – Admin of Medical Cannabis to Qualifying Students, and JHCD-E(1) – Admin Consent Form and review of policies JFC – Student Conduct, JFCF – Hazing and JFCD – Cyber Bullying on 1st Reading. Motion carried 7/0.
22.066 Policies for Second Reading – Motion by Member Walz, second by Vice President Wilson. The Administration and Policy Committee recommend approval of language changes to Board Policy DBDA – General Fund Balances on 2nd Reading. Motion carried 7/0.
22.067 Administrator Remarks – Principal Karn presented several happenings at the Elementary such as preparing for the Family Friendly Walk-Thru and the Fall Parent Involvement Night. Other topics included the wooden playground structure and the number of accidents that occur daily on this structure. Currently talking with Student Council about possible replacement equipment for the next generation of students and a fundraiser in the Spring to raise money. Principal Karn also presented the year-long process for the 21-22 school year of Comprehensive Needs Assessment. Principal Lurz stated the PLC groups are moving forward and the Secondary building is ramping up for the assessment review. Superintendent Fischer reported the 2019-2020 audit has officially been completed, enrollment around 771 per our registrar which last year was in the 730’s and the district has not had to use Impact Aid funds in the last two years.
22.068 Governing Board Remarks – Students thanked him for the choir program and students are noticing our work, community support with booster club and Hall of Fame. The curriculum committee are talking about an Academic Hall of Fame in the future. Member Walz wished Koreen Hammel good luck at the Teacher of the Year banquet and the marching band and cheer/dance team are doing a nice job. Vice President Wilson offered another balloon launch.
22.069 Motion by Vice President Wilson, second by Member Shaw to adjourn meeting at 6:56 p.m. Motion carried 7/0.
Wendy Bilbruck, Business Manager
Robert Preuss, School Board President
Published once at the total approximate cost of $98.91
Published: Nov. 18, 2021

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