Proceedings_City of Hot Springs November 1, 2021


Unofficial Minutes of the Regular Meeting of the
City Council of the City of Hot Springs
November 1, 2021
A regular meeting of the City Council of the City of Hot Springs, South Dakota, was convened on November 1, 2021 at 7:00 p.m. at the Mueller Civic Center with Mayor Bob Nelson presiding
Members Present: David Burris, JR Huddleston, Debra Johnston, Bill Lukens, Larry Pratt, Caitlin Turner, Craig Romey and Linda Varvel
Staff Present: Finance Officer Misty Summers-Walton and MCC Staff Karl Bochert
All actions recorded in these minutes were unanimous unless otherwise stated
Agenda: Mayor Nelson requested to change the current claims amount to $130,872.95 removing the $17.74 claim from Staples on pg. 3. Councilman Huddleston asked to also have the claim to ServPro of Rapid City of $4,382.51 on pg. 9 also removed awaiting for additional information, Mayor Nelson indicated he had additional information to share during the vote on the claims. Moved by Johnston, seconded by Lukens, to approve the amended agenda. Huddleston opposed
Minutes: Moved by Huddleston, seconded by Turner, to approve the minutes from the 10/18/21 regular council meeting
Claims: Moved by Lukens, seconded by Pratt, to approve the bills in between of $170,581.93.
Bills In Between: Nov 1, 2021: City of Hot Springs, $24,819.30, General Payroll; City of Hot Springs, $10,342.45, Golf Payroll; City of Hot Springs, $10,516.10, Water Payroll; City of Hot Springs, $5,460.21, Sewer Payroll; City of Hot Springs, $11,236.09, Evans Plunge Payroll; City of Hot Springs, $17,371.50, 941 Payroll Tax Deductions; City of Hot Springs, $7,155.57, Employee Leave Payout; City of Hot Springs, $4,338.35, 941 Payroll Tax Deductions Employee Leave Payout; City of Hot Springs, $2,752.55, Council Payroll; City of Hot Springs, $799.90, Council 941 Payroll Tax Deduction; AFLAC, $1,191.86, Premium; Avesis, $250.42, Premium; Delta Dental, $1,218.42, Premium; Hot Springs Fire Department, $7,500.00, Allotment; Credit Collection Bureau, $374.42, Garnishment; Office of Child Support Enforcement, $1,298.00, Garnishment; Black Hills Energy, $6,334.35, Utilities; Battle Mountain Humane Society, $650.00, Monthly Contract/Animal Boarding ACO; US Bank, $47,726.62, Drinking Water/Clean Water SRF Loan Payment; SD Dept of Revenue, $0.52, Sales Tax Reporting (Recreation); FRC Herald Star - Library, $78.17, Publications Proceedings, Cleaning RFP; Hillyard - Library, $554.83, Janitorial Supplies; Marco - Library, $150.01, Printer Contract Oct & Nov; Demco - Library, $194.64, Lables, Tape; Ingram - Libray, $2,289.54, 146 Books; Ace Hardware - Library, $34.59, Glue, Tape, 9 keys; Jenna Enomoto, $100.00, Water Deposit Refund; John Stanley, $200.00, Water Deposit Refund; Gene Nachtigall, $200.00, 2 Water Deposit Refund; Cindy Wedekind, $100.00, Water Deposit Refund; Scott or Kim Crawford, $100.00, Water Deposit Refund; Theresa Maas, $605.20, Police Dept/City Hall Janitorial; Jessica Luther, $1,085.00, Water Meter Reading; Wells Fargo Financial Leasing, $3,553.32, Golf Cart Lease Payments; Total:  $170,581.93
Moved by Burris, seconded by Turner, to approve the amended current claims of $130,872.95, Councilmen Burris, Romey and Huddleston and Councilwoman Johnston participated in a discussion regarding the ServPro claim, which the Public Works Committee recommends payment by the City even though the insurance adjuster for SDPAA denied the claim. Huddleston opposed
Current Claims: Nov. 1, 2021: Credit Collections Bureau, Collection Fees Client #25022 Sept 2021, $14.59; Capfirst Equipment Finance, 2017 Pelican Street Sweeper Lease Paymt Contract #40000972, $34,068.00; Klj Engineering Llc, Prof Svc Thru 10/2/21 Contract Admin Multi Unit T-Hangar Construction Aip 3-46-0020-015-2021, $4,533.08; I & S Group Inc, Survey-Progress Billing Prof Svc Thru 9/30/21 Suspended Riverfront Walkway Proj#18-22567, $3,860.50; Innovative Office Solutions, 1 Bx Hanging File Folder, $18.13; Staples, 1Cs Copy Paper, $36.92, Staples, 5 Cs Copy Paper, $184.60; Staples, 1 Cs Copy Paper, $36.92; Ace Hardware, Batteries, 6Pk Led Bulbs, $15.25, Ace Hardware, Liquid Nails, $3.23,  Bomgaars, Bolts, Rubber Washers, $2.46; Sturdevants Auto Parts, 4 Brakes,Pads,Rotors,Calipers (2005 Dodge), $587.32; Builders Firstsource, 10 1/2”X20’ Rebar, 6 2X4-20’ Lumber,50 Wood Stakes, $225.44; Simon Materials, 1” Roadstone 5.96Tn, 1” Roadstone 12.58Tn, $143.68; Lawrence & Schiller, Sept Digital Media (Paid Search, Facebook,Instagram), $487.47; Miranda Lane, Refund Fee-Overcharged, $15.98; Riana Schmidt, Overcharge, $15.98, Allison Allen, Overcharge, $15.98; Fall River Water Users Dist, Sept Water Usage, $173.50; Bomgaars, Mower Wheel,Bolts, $31.65; Menards, 3 Photcell Sensors, Cable Ties,Butt Splice,Wireguard,Tape,Bullet Set,Ring Studs, $67.67; Ace Hardware, Led Bulbs,Blank Cover,Pigtail Lampholder, $18.15; Innovative Office Solutions, Pens,Weekly Planner, $30.72; Chamber Of Commerce, Sd Magazine Sept/Oct Ed., $746.00; Ace Hardware, Fasteners,Lubricant,Vinyl Tubing, Bulbs, Wd-40 + Sprayer,Tape,Muriatic Acid,Rust Remover, 9 Air Filters, Storage Hanger,Mold Cleaner,Sprayer,2 Gal Bleach, $167.88; Ecolab Pest Elim, Oct Pest Control, $75.84; Ace Hardware, 20Pk Batteries, Tarp,Shackle Pins,Chain, Power Strip, Usb Cable,Phone Cord, Highlighter,Thermometer, 3 Tape Measure,P-Towel,Cleaning Towels, $205.55; Mike Parmley, Boot Reimbursement, $197.01; Grimms Pump Service, Inc., Lube Oil, Impeller,Shaft Sleeve,Mech Seal, Lift Station Diagnosis Svc/Shaft Bearing Unrepairable, $1,055.35;  Wynia Construction Inc, Share Of Martin St - Water & Sewer Pipe, Supplies,Man Holes,Mobilization, Share Of Martin St - Water & Sewer Pipe, Supplies,Man Holes,Mobilization, $58,596.41; Bierschbach Equipment & Supply, Chop Saw 7 Air Filters,6 Fuel Filters,6 Spark Plugs, $286.26; Fall River Auto, 2 Silicone,Prime Guard, $47.48; Sturdevants Auto Parts, Oil Filter,Air Cleaner Element (W5), Battery (W5), Oil Filter (W5), $177.79; Core & Main (Hd Supply), 12 Meter Setters, $2,709.00; Marc, Bacterial Booster, 5 Defoamer, Double Strength Super-Zyme, $2,888.84; Black Hills Septic & Pumping, Pumping Of Lift Station Pit For Repairs, $100.00, Bomgaars, Overall,3 Pr Jeans, 4 T-Shirts,Bomber Jacket,Jean, $303.90; South Dakota 811, Sept Message Fees, $58.24; Simon Materials, 3 Manhole Riser Rings, Base Course, $369.58, Grainger, Float Bracket, $58.14; Radwell, Solid State Burner Safety Control, $753.46; Sturdevants Auto Parts, Wiper Blades (2019 Charger), Air Filter, Battery Assmby, $161.44; Bomgaars, Cat Food, $4.99; Ace Hardware, Bulbs,Batteries, 2 Air Filters, Decon, 4 Keys, $43.65; Fisher Beverage, 10 Cs,2 12Pk Cn, $234.70; Quality Brands Of The Black Hiils, 7 24Pk Cn,1 6Pk Btl, $176.00; Servall, Mats, $76.94; Sonnys, Gatorade,Butter Spray, Dist Water,Vinegar, $33.09; Pepsi, Soda Bib, $89.60; Servall, Towels 10/15/21, Towels 10/22/21, $165.97, Cwd,  Candy,Chips,Corn Dogs,Pizza,Buns,Pretzels, $523.05; Fall River Auto, Fuel Cap (P7), Oil, Oil Filters, Wiper Blades (Sc1), $62.81; Sturdevants Auto Parts, 2 Tool Organizers, Circuit Tester, Bearing,Axel,Tapers (S28), 2 Shock,Bearins(S28), Switch,Transmission Filter&Fluid, $525.57; Bomgaars, Pvc,Led Bulb, Pr Boots, Bolts, Screws,Bolts, Insert,Nipple,Grass Seed, Cap,Dungaree,4 Duck Pant, $486.88; John Deere Financial, Water Pump Pulley, Water Pump (Air Compressor), $721.51;  Ditch Witch Undercon, Ignition Switch, $34.12; Northwest Pipe Fittings Inc, Adapter, $45.22; Simon Materials, Base Course, Chip, Chip, $2,705.60; Pete Lien & Sons, Inc, 25.41 Tn Sand, 24.88 Tn Sand, $930.37; Sign Solutions, 6 Square To Round Insert For Detinetors (Jennings Bridge), $125.86; North Central International, Steering Link&Rod (S28), Tie Rods (S28), $550.35; Ace Hardware, Ball Valve,Adapters,Tee, Gloves,Tape Measure,Hooks, 2 Window Cleaner, 2 Window Cleaner, Pallet Of 49 Bg 50# Each Ice Melt, 6 Bulbs, P-Towels,Spray Paint, Elbow,Adapter,Relief Valve, $1,010.31; Builders Firstsource, 15/32”4X8 Plywood, $34.95; Hillyard/Sioux Falls, 3 Cs Can Liners, $107.18; Ace Hardware, 3 Hooks, 2 Wasp Spray, Goo Gone,Sticky Notes,Sprayer, 10 3Ft Post, Leaf Blower Fuel, Drop Cloth, $141.27; Servpro Of Rapid City, Paying Norm Pudwill Invoice For Sewer Backup Clean Up.  Sdpaa Claim# Gc2021107401 Denied/Public Works  Requesting City Pay Claim, $4,382.51; S. D. Dept Of Transportation, City Share,Progress Billing,Minnekahta & River, Proj Ob 8024() 21-1 08C5, $861.93; Verizonwireless, Monthly Charges, $467.46;  Dakota Pump Inc, Submersible Pump & Grinder, $2,590.78; Northwest Pipe Fittings Inc, 10 Inserts, $114.27; Ace Hardware, Connector,Coaxil Cable,Thread Rod, Ball Valve, $33.62; Phillip Shively, Fuel Reimbursement, Shively At Pd Academy, $47.00,
10100 Wells Fargo
101 General Fund: $43,403.81
212 Additional Sales Tax Fund: $5,395.01
213 Business Improvement Dist Fund: $487.47
501 Hs Capital Improvements: $3,860.50
602 Water Fund: $33,229.07
604 Waste Water Fund: $41,806.75
620 Golf Course: $900.41
621 Evans Plunge: $1,789.93
Total: $130,872.95
Moved by Turner, seconded by Huddleston, to approve the Wells Fargo credit card claims of $7,901.63
Wells Fargo Credit Card Claims: Nov. 1, 2021: SwimOutlet- 96 pr goggles,6 pr earplugs, $518.36; USPS - Postage mail item to guest/reimbursed, $2.95; USPS - Postage return item to guest/reimbursed, $5.89; WristbandResources-  5000 admission bands, $264.57; Amazon - 3 shower curtains,2pk hooks, $76.95; Vista Print - pk 100 business cards/Morrow, $23.99; 2 & 92 Truck Parts Inc - Wheel, hub (S28), $230.00; Zoom - Standard Pro monthly, $14.99; Oriental Motor - Motor,gear (beacon light), $183.42; - Sept fees City Admin job posting, $375.48; Mitzi’s Books - book, $18.00; Target - 12 dvd’s, 2 books, $200.58; Amazon - 4 planners, $80.96; Amazon - 20 books, $353.52; Renewal website information page, $40.00; - pkg 200 certified mail labels, $127.95; - postage purch, $450.00; - Svc chg 9/18-10/18/21, $24.99; Amazon -USB drive (sewer camera), $26.55; Galco - 5 thermal overloads, $232.25; Galco- 2 Iec o/l rly,panel mount kit, insulated receptacle, $264.13; Calif State Office of Water Programs - WW treatment operator certification exam 2 manuals/Correl, $165.00; Online - 2 electromechanical contactor thermal overload relay, $174.97; Amazon -120 pcs electrical connect screws, $15.50; Amazon - Digital scale (sludge tests), $105.00; CleanFlow - 2 float switch, $181.96; Superbreakers - 2/  3 pole circuit breakers, $367.90; Superbreakers - motor starter, 1 pole circuit breaker, $330.97; Hoover Instrument -thermal overload, $152.55; Hogentogler & Co- benchtop muffle furnace 120v,grav conv oven 2.0 cu ft, wire shelf, $2,382.71; ExxonMobile - fuel, Shively at PD Academy, $39.70; Coffee Cup Vivian - Fuel, Shively at PD Academy, $50.34; Holiday Store - fuel, Shively at PD Academy, $67.73; Wall Auto Livery - fuel, Shively at PD Academy, $68.29; Conoco - fuel, Shively at PD Academy, $59.09; Amazon - pr boots,2 citation holders,2 memo clip boards, $224.39; Total: $7,901.63
10100  Wells Fargo
101 General Fund: $2,633.42
604 Waste Water Fund: $4,399.49
621 Evans Plunge: $868.72
Council Update: SHEDCO Executive Director, Andrea Powers shared her updates with the council. She has applied to have Hot Springs host the Energize conference scheduled for the 1st Thursday and Friday in May 2022 and put on by SDSU Extension. Applied for 2 grants related to her walking action plan to increase walkability and recreation activities for people with disabilities, the grants are to install two charging stations with signage and to purchase an additional ADA compliant picnic table. The Change makers committee is meeting Nov. 10 to complete job descriptions for the semester online internships which will be part of the Senior Experience. Attended Fuel the Growth conference and the EDPA conference, as a result the housing committee will be taking some recommendations to the legislature. Submitted a workforce recruitment grant in Oct. and was awarded $98K which will be used for bonuses and relocation costs for FRHS to recruit 26 RN’s and LPN’s. Shared data from EMSI labor market data power point to show the potential impact that kind of job growth could have on the community.
Communications from the Public: Gerald Collogan mentioned he heard the sewer back up that damaged a residents home had something to do with the Arts & Crafts Festival and asked for additional information, he was directed to the Public Works Engineer for additional information.
Michael Halverson asked for zoning information for Bob Lee’s fix-it shop stating that someone is living in the back. He was asked to come to City Hall and fill out a nuisance report so the City can look into it.
Valerie Henry questioned the City’s stance on fireworks, she indicated that no part of the City is in the Black Hills Fire Protection District. She stated it is a bad idea to take away that one night. She also indicated she dislikes the current location of the City display. Mayor Nelson said the current ordinance proposed for the second reading tonight will need to be changed and will come back for another first reading once the Public Safety committee has had the time to hear public suggestions and make recommendations to the full council. Interested parties should plan on attending the next public safety committee meeting.
Mike Sommer spoke about the rates charged by the MCC for the SHCRI gymnastics program. He indicated they are not looking for free use. He understood a non-profit rate was being discussed and shared that would affect others in the community. He also indicated 4 coaches all received raises this year and although it is considered a fundraiser for our group, there is cash flow.
Laura Smith also spoke regarding the SHCRI contract. She has 3 children in the program and they love it and want to continue, but it needs to be affordable.
 Personnel: Moved by Huddleston, seconded by Johnston, to approve personnel item a-f; Mike Close, FT Police Chief, longevity increase $29.62/hr. effective 11/6/21, Jen Winscot, FT Police Captain, step increase $25.40/hr. effective 11/3/21, Joe Hayashi, FT Police Officer, step increase $21.50/hr. effective 11/26/21, Misty Summers-Walton, FT Finance Officer, longevity increase $26.23/hr. effective 11/3/21, Bart Sieg, FT Class III Maintenance Operator, longevity increase $20.02/hr. effective 11/15/21, Pete Miles, FT Water/Wastewater Maintenance Operator, longevity increase $17.43/hr. effective 11/2/21
Ordinances: Moved by Burris, seconded by Romey, to table the second reading of Ordinance 1237: An Ordinance revising Title IX General Regulations, Chapter 95 Fire Prevention and Protection §93.06 Fireworks and send it back to the public safety committee for additional revisions. Comments were heard from Councilman Lukens who shared the need for public comments on revisions. The next Public Safety Committee meeting will be on 11/15 beginning at 10am at the MCC, they have dedicated 11:30am on to fireworks discussion. Councilman Pratt invited all the veterans to come and talk at the meeting. A roll call vote was taken with all members voting in favor.
Robert Paul, applauded Council efforts to look at redrafting ordinance so what happened this past year wouldn’t happen again. He also questioned how individuals can shoot off fireworks similar to those that the City, who has to have licensed and trained individuals, shoot? Councilman Lukens stated there are two types, consumer and display fireworks, but understands it is sometimes hard to tell the difference. He discussed enforcement issues and Councilman Lukens and Huddleston responded.
Old Business: Mayor Nelson said the contract is back on the agenda because at the last meeting he misinterpreted the vote. Moved by Huddleston, seconded by Varvel, to approve contract 2021-10 Use Agreement for Southern Hills Community Recreation Initiative (SHCRI) to use the Mueller Civic Center, at a discounted rate, for youth gymnastics from November 2021-February 2022 coinciding with the Hot Springs High School use of the facility for gymnastics-Comments were heard from Councilwoman Johnston. A roll call vote was taken with Huddleston, Johnston, Pratt and Varvel voting in favor and Burris, Lukens, Romey and Turner opposed, resulting in a tie vote. Mayor Nelson had comments regarding the issue and broke the tie vote with a no vote, motion failed
New Business: Moved by Lukens, seconded by Huddleston, to approve a plat of Tract MG-1 and Tract MG-2 of Catholicon Hot Springs Addition to the City of Hot Springs, Fall River County, South Dakota. Containing lots 1, 2 and 3 of Tract A of Outlot 8 AND Tract B of Outlot 8 AND Lots 1 and 2 of Tract A of Outlot 13 Less Lots H1 and H2 AND a portion of Outlot 12 Lying Southwest of Lot AB2 AND Tract A of Outlot 14 Less Lots H1 and H2 AND Outlot 13 Less Lots H-1 and H-2 AND Tract JW AND Lot AB2 of Outlot 12 AND Lot AB3 of Outlot 13
Moved by Johnston, seconded by Turner, to approve a plat of Lot S-28R & Tract 5R Rev. of Boulder Falls Business Park, City of Hot Springs, Fall River County, South Dakota. Formerly Lot S-28 & Tract 5R of Boulder Falls Business Park
Moved by Turner, seconded by Johnston, to approve the following liquor and retail wine license renewal applications; American Legion Post #71, Big Time Pizza, Buffalo Dreamer Restaurant LLC, BW Gas & Convenience Retail LLC DBA Yesway #1177, CS Inc. DBA Winner’s Circle, Consoer Corp DBA Bourbon County, Dakotamart Inc. DBA Lynn’s Dakotamart, Dolgen Midwest LLC DBA Dollar General Store #18181, Family Dollar Stores of SD LLC #7126, Frankie’s Place LLC, Good Karma Couture DBA Mornin’ Sunshine, Hanging J LLC DBA Red Rock River Resort, HSPLOFT Properties LLC, Sonny’s Super Foods, Southern Hills Golf Course, Springs Hotel LLC DBA Springs Coffee Kiosk, Springs Restaurant and Woolly’s Western Grill
Moved by Varvel, seconded by Pratt, to accept the resignation of Wally Cachro from the Business Improvement District Board
Moved by Lukens, seconded by Burris, to approve the travel/training request from Pete Miles, Tadd Harder, and Tyler Morrow to attend the SDARWS Water Distribution Operator Certification Training and Exam in Spearfish, SD 11/16/21 to 11/18/21
Committee Reports: Committee reports were heard by; Administrative and Finance: JR Huddleston-reviewed potential changes to personnel policy related to medical cannabis, reviewed how city will license medical marijuana dispensary establishments-creation of draft applications ongoing, reviewed draft SRO agreement to be voted on at next council meeting, reviewed garbage service RFP, discussed additional funding potentially needed by MCC for ongoing HVAC repairs. Next mtg. 12/6, 1 p.m. at MCC. Airport Advisory Committee: Bill Lukens-Next mtg. 11/4, 8 a.m. at Airport. Custer/Fall River Regional Waste Management District: Larry Pratt-Next mtg. 11/18, 7 p.m. at MCC. Historic Preservation Commission: Debra Johnston-Next mtg. 11/3, 7 p.m. at MCC. Evans Plunge Advisory Committee: Linda Varvel-Next mtg. 11/18, Noon at EPMS. Parks, Recreation, Beautification & Cultural Development: Larry Pratt-Next mtg. 11/3, 1 p.m. at MCC. Planning & Zoning Commission: Debra Johnston- property owner in Country Club Estates looking to access property from Sandpiper Dr., he was directed to work w/the Boulder Falls Homeowners Association and request to be annexed. Heard a request for a set-back variance in Country Club Estates, Boulder Balls road next to it to access his property. Nathan Simpson side yard setback variance agreed to work with bldg. inspector-Next mtg. 10/17, 7 p.m. at MCC. Public Safety: Bill Lukens-Next mtg. 11/15, 10 a.m. at MCC will be discussing fireworks ordinance around 11:30. Public Works: Dave Burris-Battle Mtn. Road millings to be done 6/2022, bump outs at Big Bats & Lynns Dakotamart discussed, KHSB Great American clean up to be scheduled before city cleanup next year. Next mtg. 11/9, 1 p.m. at MCC. Southern Hills Golf Course Advisory Committee: Bob Nelson-10/31 clubhouse closed, Andersen Engineering designing Clubhouse foundation repair, Don Gannon memorial golf tournament raised funds to be utilized for hole 15 cart path repairs. Clubhouse Manager retiring and a replacement is needed. Next mtg. TBD. The public is welcome to attend committee meetings
Finance Office Report: Reviewed monthly financial reports thru 10/27, reported on annual unclaimed property reporting, working on supplemental appropriation ordinance and final contingency transfer and resolutions designating banking institutions, official newspaper and the wage scale. Drafting changes to the COHS personnel policy to be reviewed by Council and potentially adopted by the first December meeting. 21 applicants have been approved to participate in the now repealed residential tax rebate program, all new builds, estimating $12.9K for 2020 & 2021 eligible rebate payments, each eligible property has up to five years of rebates so we are anticipating this figure to grow each year for the next 4-5 years and then tapering off until completed. Working on forms and processes required for recently effective medical cannabis dispensary licensing.
Mayor Report: First, I’d like to thank Council members Varvel and Pratt, City staff Kerry, Misty and
Tracy for participating in the annual Halloween Merchants Trick or Treat on October 30 from 3pm to 6pm. They donated their time to make sure our kids had a safe and enjoyable evening. This is another example of the dedication to Hot Springs our Council and City employees demonstrate daily. Thank you again. The pre-bid meeting scheduled by SDDOT on Thursday, October 21 for the Highway 385 reconstruction project was well attended by prospective bidders. Tracy did a great job of explaining the City’s portion of the road reconstruction project. The bids for the project are scheduled to be opened this Wednesday, November 3. The interviews for the City Administrator position are complete. I’ll talk with the Council tonight during executive session about those interviews. My intent is to then make an offer to fill the position and have that individual on the November 15 Council agenda for your consideration. And finally as a notice to Hot Springs residents whose garbage collection day falls on the Thanksgiving holiday Thursday, November 25th, your collection day will be changed to Wednesday, November 24th. This notice is also on the City’s official website, the City’s Facebook page, your water bill and will be in the Fall River County Herald Star.
Executive Session: Moved by Lukens, seconded by Pratt, to go into executive session under SDCL §1-25-2 (1) Personnel at 9:15 p.m., with no action taken after the executive session. Mayor Nelson and Councilmembers; Burris, Huddleston, Johnston, Lukens, Pratt, Turner, Romey and Varvel attended. At 10:19 p.m. all present exited the executive session and the meeting resumed
Adjournment: Being no further business to come before the Council, moved by Romey, seconded by Pratt, to adjourn at 10:20 p.m.,
Bob Nelson, Mayor
Misty Summers-Walton, Finance Officer
Published once at the total approximate cost of $246.33
Published: Nov. 11, 2021

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