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Notice of Public Hearing

City Of Edgemont, Sd
NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that a petition to vacate the following real estate located within T9S, R2E, BHM, in the City of Edgemont, Fall River County, South Dakota, has been filed with the Edgemont City Council.  A public hearing will be held on August 3, 2021 @ 7:15 pm during the regular meeting of the City of Edgemont City Council at City Hall, 412 2nd Ave, Edgemont South Dakota:
Said petitioners seek to have vacated, pursuant to the provisions of SDCL 9-45-7, the following described property:
The South Half of Stewart Street adjacent to the northern boundary of said Lot Eighteen (18).  Said Street is not built, used or traveled as a street as it was replaced by the State Highway #471, which said Amended Plat of First Addition to Edgemont was recorded on the 4th day of December, 1897, in Book II of Plats, page 47, in the Office of the Register of Dees for Fall River County, South Dakota.
The Petitioner is the legal owner of the following real property:  Lots One (1) Two (2) Three (3) Four (4) Five (5) Six (6) Seven (7) and Eight (8)  in Block One Hundred Thirty-two (132) of the First Addition to the Town, now City, of Edgemont, Fall River County, South Dakota.
Any and all persons wishing to be heard in support of or in objection to the approval of the aforementioned petition may appear at the above stated time and place.  The full petition can be seen at City Hall, 412 2nd Ave, Edgemont, SD.   Anyone unable to attend may submit written comments prior to the hearing to Karen Cain, City Finance Officer, City of Edgemont, PO Box A, Edgemont, SD  57735
Karen Cain, Finance Officer
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Published: July 22, 29, 2021

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