Proceedings_Hot Springs School District June 14, 2021


Hot Springs District No. 23-2
President Bob Preuss called the Regular Board Meeting of the Hot Springs School Board to order at 5:30 p.m. on Monday, June 14, 2021 with the following members present: Zac Bell, Nikki Shaw, Petra Wilson, Ryan Walz, Frances Stokes and Mark Walton. Members Absent: None. Others present: Superintendent Fischer, Special Services Director Schniers, Principal Karn, Principal Lurz, staff and community members and others logged in as guests.
All actions recorded in these minutes were by unanimous vote unless otherwise stated.
21.219 Approval of Agenda - Motion by Member Bell, second by Member Wilson to approve the agenda. Motion carried 7/0.
21.220 Public Participation – None
21.221 Conflicts Disclosure – None
21.222 Student Presentations – None
21.223 Staff Presentations – President Preuss presented the Golden Apple Award to Frances Stokes for her school board service from 2017to 201 and to Mark Walton for his school board service from 2015 to 2021.
21.224 BHSSC Report – President Preuss reported on behalf of the committee that approximately 80 percent of the residents and staff have been vaccinated and a graduation was held for the Education Workforce Development.
21.225 Committee Reports – Activities: None. Bldg/Grounds: Superintendent Fischer stated he and Business Manager Bilbruck and Maintenance Supervisor Arri Zimiga met with Upper Deck Architect and CMAR RSC Construction on final plan adjustments. The new shop building project is ready to begin as soon as possible. Also, reviewed some timelines and plans to schedule another meeting soon. Curriculum: None. Finance & Negotiations: Member Bell stated that staff negotiations have started and there is another meeting tomorrow. Food Service: None. Legislative – None. Policy Review: Member Wilson met with the committee to review four policies which will be presented after further review at a later time. Safety & Security: None. Technology: Superintendent Fischer commented that a meeting will be scheduled soon as new items arrive at the district.
21.226 Consent Agenda - Motion by Member Stokes, second by Vice President Shaw. Motion carried 7/0.
Approved minutes of the regular board meeting on May 10, 2021 and the special board meeting on May 24, 2021 . Approved unaudited financial reports from June 2021:
General Fund
Beginning Balance: $2,242,407.48
Plus Receipts: $579,503.33
Less Disbursements: $602,641.94
Ending Balance: $2,219,268.87
Capital Outlay
Beginning Balance: $1,891,622.91
Plus Receipts: $240,558.31
Less Disbursements: $123,796.07
Ending Balance: $2,008,385.15
Special Education Fund
Beginning Balance: $551,043.90
Plus Receipts: $36,123.42
Less Disbursements: $96,625.33
Ending Balance: $490,541.99
Impact Aid Fund
Beginning Balance: $732,467.39
Plus Receipts: $0.00
Less Disbursements: $0.00
Ending Balance: $732,467.39
Bond Redemption Fund
Beginning Balance: $1,408,116.33
Plus Receipts: $13.68
Less Disbursements: $0.00
Ending Balance: $1,408,130.01
Approved the July 2021 claims for payment; approved the Personal Action Report for July 2021.
21.227 Executive Session – President Preuss recommended the board move into executive session at 5:46 p.m. Motion by Member Walz, second by Member Bell. Motion carried 7/0.
21.228 Executive Session – Out of executive session at 6:44 p.m.
21.229 New Business – Motion by Member Walton, second by Member Bell to approve the surplus of capital items which include outdated choir uniforms. Motion carried 7/0.
21.230 Canvas Election – Motion by Member Walz, second by Vice President Shaw to canvass the poll books from the election on Tuesday, June 8, 2021. Motion carried 7/0.
21.231 Budget Supplements – Motion by Member Stokes, second by Vice President Shaw to approve the contingency transfers for fiscal year 2021. Superintendent Fischer stated the contingencies in the approved budget will be moved to other areas in the budget. Motion carried 7/0.
21.232 SDHSAA Election Ballot – Motion by Member Walton, second by Vice President Shaw to restate the support for Kelly Messmer and Eric Denning. Motion carried 7/0.
21.233 Policies for First Reading – Motion by Member Wilson, second by Vice President Shaw to approve the language changes to Board Policy JECB – Admission of Non-Resident Students on 1st Reading. Motion carried 7/0.
21.234 Policies for Second Reading – Motion by Member Bell, second by Member Wilson. The Administration and Policy Review committee recommend approval of language changes to Board Policy CH – Policy Implementation, DA – Fiscal Management Goals, DB – Annual Budget and DBB – Fiscal Year on 2nd Reading. Motion carried 7/0.
21.235 Administrator Remarks – Principal Karn reported on new hires Sydney Ederhoff and Jalee Johnson. Also, the hiring of Aaron Carr who will be the districts new SPDG Grant coach. Summer school had 32 students attend. Elementary staff received two books to read over the summer. Currently continuing to plan for next school year and looking at replacing the wooden playground structure. Plans are to repurpose the wood and get the student council involved in the future plans for this project. Special Services Director Schniers reported on the three weeks of ESY: Extended School Year which included 13 students, Speech needs of students as well as other needs. Reported on the hiring of a new SPED teacher, Michelle Carr and Tracy Barrett, Speech Therapist, under Black Hills Special Services. Also, hired Jeannette Fisher, Medicaid Billing Clerk, to submit claims. Superintendent Fischer reminded the board of the ASBSD school board conference in Sioux Falls, Summer lunch program ending on June 24, 2021. The summer projects going on will be beginning the building of the new shop building and custodians will start their deep cleaning, need volunteers for upgrading the press box and new website will be coming soon. Business Manager Bilbruck reported the district received approximately $4,000 in credit card points, the school audit is still ongoing and the fiscal year 2022 school budget will be presented at the next meeting.
21.236 Governing Board Remarks – President Preuss thanked the Administration and staff for opening up the Summer School programs, congratulations to the boys and girls track that went to State and the girls golf that finished 6th at State. Member Walz thanked the teaching staff for completing a tough year with Covid, the kitchen staff on the summer lunch program, the grounds and custodial staff for keeping the district open this past year and congratulations to the two newly elected board members.
21.237 Motion by Member Wilson, second by Member Walton to adjourn meeting at 7:27 p.m. Motion carried 7/0.
Wendy Bilbruck, Business Manager
Robert Preuss, School Board President
Published once at the total approximate cost of $86.31
Published: July 22, 2021

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