Proceedings_Planning/Zoning Committee and City of Edgemont June 15, 2021


Planning & Zoning Committee & City of Edgemont Joint Hearing
June 15, 2021
Call To Order: Mayor, Carla Schepler, called the public joint hearing of the Planning & Zoning Committee and the Edgemont Common Council to order at 6:30 P.M. on June 15, 2021, at Edgemont City Hall.  Present were Council members, Bill Bethel, Roger Horton, Cindy Millburn, Lorie Wieser and Robert Worden.  Jason Shook was absent. (Roger Horton) Barbara Hausman and Bob Shannon were present for the Planning & Zoning Committee.
Ordinance 2021-06-15 – A Temporary Ordinance Regarding The Issuance Of Local Cannabis Establishment Permits And/Or Licenses
Open Public Hearing: Mayor Schepler declared the open of the public hearing.
Public Comment: Bob Shannon stated that he was against the whole thing but it is here so we need to look at this.
Randy Millburn praised the State of South Dakota and the Municipal League for its guidance.
Gail Bethel said that we need to make the best of it and make some money for the town.
Barbara Hausman wanted to know if it was for medical marijuana only.
Lorie Wieser would like to check into the City owning the Dispensary.
Bob Worden stated that he feels that a City owned Dispensary would be too big of a liability.
Cad Waite disagrees with any government control.
Deputy McMillan stated the problems associated with this issue and that they will need to be watched for and protected against.
Cindy Millburn felt that they don’t need to jump on the bandwagon and it needs to be investigated.
City Attorney Lance Russell read the Ordinance and explained throughout the meaning of the document that they would need to pass if they wanted to have any control of the situation.
Close Of Public Hearing: After asking for any further comments Mayor Schepler closed the public hearing.
Planning & Zoning Approval Of Ordinance 2021-06-15 – First Reading: Bob Shannon made a motion to approve Ordinance 2021-06-15 as read.  Motion was seconded by Roger Horton.  Motion carried with unanimous roll call vote.
Adjournment: Bob Shannon made a motion to adjourn @ 7:10pm.  Motion was seconded by Barbara Hausman.  Motion carried with unanimous vote.
Minutes Unapproved
/s/Carla Schepler
Carla Schepler, Mayor
/s/Karen S Cain
Karen S Cain, Finance Officer
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Published: June 24, 2021

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