Proceedings_Oelrichs School District November 9, 2020


Oelrichs School District 23-3
Regular Board Meeting
November 9, 2020
Call to Order: The Board of Education of the Oelrichs School District 23-3 met in regular session on November 9, 2020 in the school library. The meeting was called to order by John Cope, Board Vice-President, at 4:02 p.m.
Pledge of Allegiance
Roll Call: Members Present: Dave Osmotherly (arrive and preside at 4:07), Lance Tlustos, John Cope, and Jennifer Her Many Horses.
Members Absent: Vince Logue
Administration present: Dr. Mitchell Stone, Principal Peterson, Business Manager Sword, and school attorney, Michael Hickey.
Motion by Her Many Horses, second Tlustos, to approve October 13, 2020 meeting minutes. Motion carried.
Motion by Tlustos, second Her Many Horses, to approve the agenda as presented. Motion carried.
*All actions recorded in these minutes were by unanimous vote unless otherwise noted.
Construction Update: Kim, from Upper Deck Architects, and Darius, John and Jake from Scull Construction provided an overview of the construction project. Darius informed the board that all PPE must always be worn at the work site and COVID-19 precautions are in place. All visitors are required to report to Darius before walking the construction site. There was discussion about who would cover the cost of the gas line repair. Kim discussed the grading revisions and she would complete a RFP for the change and a credit should be applied. Progress towards completion is on schedule at this time. The board will need to decide on PR#002 to have lettering in the gym floor ($1,784.48) and PR #003 for installation of a HVAC air purifier ($32,457.33). No decision was made.
Public Participation: Joe Messinio spoke on behalf of the City of Oelrichs to request $2,500 for gravel to assist in building a road from 8th street to the highway.
Winter Sports: T’mara Twiss questioned what the board was doing for winter sports.
Executive Session: Motion by Her Many Horses, second Cope to amend the agenda and go into executive session to consult legal counsel, pursuant to SDCL 1-25-2.3. Motion carried. The board went into executive session at 4:36 p.m. and resumed open meeting status at 4:43 p.m.
Motion by Her Many Horses, second Tlustos for winter sports to follow the same guidelines that were established for fall sports. Motion carried.
Reports: Board Reports: Cope attended Black Hills Special Education Cooperative (BHSSC) meeting. BHSSC has canceled all Holiday plans due to COVID. TIE is offering training modules for para and special education. Virtual high school has increased enrollment seven times as many students as last year. Many schools are using the CARES funds to give bonuses to staff.
Administrators Reports: Dr. Stone informed the board that the school is at level 2. Schools are rated 1-5, with 5 being the worse. He is very proud of the work that has been done, under his administration, to move the school to level 2. COVID continues to be a concern and administration is watching the numbers. So far, the school has had no known positive cases. Currently Principal Peterson is covering classrooms during teacher absences, so no substitutes have been in the building. If there would be a need to move to online, kids and staff are prepared for distant learning. Due to the policy of no public in the school, we will not be having a Veterans Program. There was discussion about providing Thanksgiving Community Dinner, with the meals being delivered to local residence. Students can create cards to send out with the meals that will be delivered by volunteers. Principal Peterson lead professional development with the staff and had good feedback. Teachers have worked very hard under challenging circumstances. The struggle is real with distance learning. Report cards were emailed and mailed out to parents and participation in learning appeared to increase. The Distance Learning Mentor is finding kids despondent and parents want them back in school. Oglala Sioux Tribe elected a new council and is expected to reevaluate the shelter in place ordinance.
Financials: Sword presented claims and monthly financial reports. Motion by Tlustos, second Cope to accept the November claims. Motion carried. Motion by Cope, second Her Many Horses to accept the unaudited financial status reports. Motion carried.
General Fund:
Receipts: 85,038.05
Ending Balance: 133,376.83
Capital Outlay
Receipts 8,130.48
Disbursement: 215,956.99
Ending Balance: 116,234.53
Special Education
Receipts 8,728.09
Ending Balance: 56,724.63
Impact Aid
Receipts: 1,292.25
Ending Balance: 6,583,161.59
Food Service
Receipts 6,329.12
Disbursement: 10,122.48
Ending Balance: 37,239.28
Custodial Account
Ending Balance: 17,277.73
December board meeting invoices approved
General Fund: A&B Welding, Supplies, 390.29; Ace Hardware, Supplies, 95.72; Adobe Systems, Service, 15.66; Amazon, Supplies, 1,188.13; Avera, Service, 141.55; Bangs, Mccullen Law Firm, Service, 5,964.50; Black Bear, Emmanuel, Cultural Consultant, 720.00; Black Hills Electric Coop., Electricity, 1,548.51; Bomgaars, Supplies, 245.07; Cash-Wa Distributing, Food Supplies, 831.69; Cbh Cooperative, Propane, 468.00; Cheyenne Sanitation, Garbage, 373.46; Culligan Water Conditioning, Supplies, 280.50; Dept. Of Transportation, Diesel, 667.02; Edgenuity Inc, Service, 3,750.00; Fall River Auto Supply (Carquest), Supplies, 434.45; Fall River County Herald, Publishing, 100.80; Golden West Technologies, Technology Services, 3,621.50; Golden West Telecommunications, Phone Line, 353.59; Her Many Horses, Wyatt, Service, 15.93; Hillyard/Sioux Falls, Supplies, 2,107.00; Matheson Tri-Gas Inc, Supplies, 378.75; Mitchell Technical Institute, Continued Ed, 648.00; Patrons Coop, Diesel, 208.33; Red Stone Strategic Solutions, Service, 9,908.75; Safeway, Supplies, 85.99; Servall Towel & Linen, Supplies, 213.46; Time Management Systems, Service, 164.24; Town Of Oelrichs, Water, 304.50; Us Postal Service, Postage, 1.80; Venenga, Elizabeth, Professional Services, 2,800.00; Wal-Mart Community, Supplies, 212.68; General Fund Total: 38,239.87
Capital Outlay: Century Business Products, Inc., Copy Machine Rental, 416.34; Fmg Engineering, Services, 865.70; Riverside Technologies, Inc, Supplies, 33,400.00; Scull Construction Service Inc, Services, 218,812.12; Upper Deck Architects, Inc Services, 6,623.55; Capital Outlay Total: 260,117.71
Sped: Heinemann, Supplies, 3,291.88; Just For Kids Speech Therapy, Llc, Professional Service, 3,918.75; Selan, Brenda, Consultant, 869.85; Sped Total: 8,080.48
Food Service: Cash-Wa Distributing, Food Supplies, 3,694.80; East Side Jersey Dairy, Inc, Milk, 479.67; Sd Dept. Of Ed. - Child & Adult Nutrition, Service, 175.54; Servall Towel & Linen, Supplies, 24.11; Food Service Total: 4,374.12
2020-2021 aproved salaries: Bauder, Katie: 42,045.83; Dryden, Alisha: 42,045.83; Ebmeier, Charlee: 43,655.50; Fehr, Masha: 40,673.24; Fleming, Nancy: 46,943.67; Frieden, Katie: 41,596.62; Kelly, Theresa: 47,798.21; Kirkeby, Sheryl: 39,986.95; Kneebone, Brittany: 40,673.24; Peterson, Darla: 77,250.00; Schumacher, Jennifer: 40,673.24; Knickrehm, Ralph: 46,943.67; Ruhoff, Dale: 39,986.95; Schuhmacher, Tara: 43,418.41; Shore, Stephanie: 46,425.62; Sword, Valerie: 62,500.00; Tewahade, Befekadu: 51,678.88; Updike, Ken: 54,661.14; Naser, Rebecca: 17.18/per hour; Meade, Ray: 15.68/per hour; Cornay, Terri: 20.01/per hour
Executive Session (continued): Motion by Tlustos, second Cope to go into executive session to discuss contract negotiations pursuant to SDCL 1-25-2.4. Motion carried. The board went into executive session at 5:05 PM and resumed open meeting status at 5:19 p.m..
Motion by Cope, second Her Many Horses to accept two year negotiated agreement with 1.25% rate increase plus one step increase. Motion carried.
Adjournment: There being no further business, Osmotherly declared the meeting adjourned at 5:20 p.m..
Attested to by CEO/Superintendent Stone
Published once at the total approximate cost of $98.28
Published: Dec. 24, 2020

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