Proceedings_Fall River Water Users August 11, 2020


Fall River Water Users District
Board of Directors Regular Meeting
Tuesday, August 11, 2020 at 1:00 p.m.
District Conference Room, Oral, SD 57766
Approved Minutes
Chairman Quivey called the meeting to order.
Directors Present: Cam Seger, Lesta Conger, Mick Jenniges, Dennis Quivey, Ron Trent, Josh Rickenbach and Jeff Davidson. Others Present: General Manager, Keith Neugebauer
All motions are considered unanimous unless otherwise stated.
Chairman Quivey called the meeting to order.
Motion by Rickenbach to approve the Agenda with additions. Seconded by Davidson.
Chairman Quivey called for Conflicts of Interest.  
Motion by Trent to approve the minutes of the Regular Meeting, July 14, 2020 with corrections. Seconded by Rickenbach.
Chairman Quivey called for Public Comments.
Motion by Jenniges to approve Treasurers Report and payment of bills in the amount of $91,647.58 from the Water Service Fund. Seconded by Seger.
Water Service Fund: Badger, $505.95, Dues/Supplies; Black Hills Electric Coop, $3,347.74, Electricity; Black Hills Energy, $3,726.82, Electricity; Bomgaars, $204.69, Supplies; Cheyenne Sanitation, $38.46, Garbage Service; City of Hot Springs, $24,283.93, Water Purchases; Core & Main, $8,655.79, Supplies; Culligan, $25.09, Office Supplies; Custer-Fall River Regional Waste, $68.71, Maint.; Davidson, Jeff, $88.00, Board Meeting Attendance Fees; Dearborn Group, $12.60, Dues; Debt Service Fund, $4,060.00, RDLoan-Swell Pymt.; Debt Service Fund, $3,438.00, RDLoan-North Expansion Pymt.; Debt Service Fund, $3,163.00, RDLoan-Nwell Pymt.; Debt Service Fund, $4,237.59, SRF Payment; Debt Service Fund, $2,904.00, RDLoan-System Impv-pymt; Debt Service Fund, $1,765.50, RDLoan Fairburn Well Payment; DGR Engineering, $948.00, Fairburn Well; Donna Denker & Associates, $247.50, Accounting; Fall River Auto, $21.39, Maint.; First Interstate Master Card, $597.60, Office Supplies; First Interstate Master Card, $1,931.52, Maint.; First Interstate Master Card, $171.38, Supplies; Golden West Telecom, $570.39, Telephone; Great Western Tire, $575.28, Maint.; Grainger, $123.83, Maint.; Hawkins, $484.10, Supplies; Hot Springs Ace Hardware, $111.09, Supplies; Jenniges Mick, $61.00, Board Meeting Attendance Fees; Mid Continent, $40.00, Testing; Nelson Oil and Gas, $848.69, Fuel/Propane; Northwest Pipe Fittings, $220.18, Maint.; Office Depot, $28.95, Office Supplies; Payroll, $19,036.65, Gross Employee Payroll; Quivey, Dennis, $90.00, Board Meeting Attendance Fees; Rancher Feed & Seed, $62.85, Maint.; Retirement Contribution Tax, $2,481.16, Contribation Tax; Rickenbach, Josh, $90.00, Board Meeting Attendance Fees; South Dakota One Call, $43.68, Maint.; USA Bluebook, $124.54, Tools; Trent, Ron, $71.00, Board Meeting Attendance Fees; Vehicle Replacement Fund, $2,000.00, Replacement fund; Verizon, $85.52, Phone Services; Xerox, $55.41, Dues; Total: $91,647.58
Manager Neugebauer reported to the Board on the following:
1) The South Well pump and motor started tripping out the VFD with a ground fault and the problem determined to be a bad motor.
a) Weston Engineering was consulted and we ordered a 50hp pump and motor with a flow rate design of 200 gpm.
b) While they were waiting for that motor and pump to arrive they installed the new pump and motor in the North Well. That pump and motor was also downsized to a 35 gpm pump and 20 hp motor. The line reactor had to be swapped out as well to match the motor size and new wire was installed at the north well.
c) The 6” pipe installed in the South Well was galling the threads and determined it needed to be replaced. New 4” pipe and new wire were also installed with the pump and motor.
2) I met with the City of Hot Springs public works and got a draft contract back from them for our review.
3) We had to replace Carl Sanders Meter B on Highline Road because of a leaking fitting in the bottom of the pit.
4) We started to work on installing a Fire Hydrant across from Pirates but after finding the pipeline is 10’ deep at that intersection we determined it wouldn’t be a good location.
5) Water Usage for the month.
6) Miles / Gallons for the month.
New Business:
1) Motion by Jenniges to approve transfer of service from Coldwell Banker to Jeffrey Norris at 13419 Pelican Road. Seconded by Rickenbach.
2) Motion by Rickenbach to approve application for service from Lake View Ridge, LLC at Wolf Trailer Court. Seconded by Trent.
3) Fairburn Well Connection/Cost Analysis. More information will be brought to the next meeting. No action as of now.
4) Chairman Quivey set up a Committee of Jeff Davidson, Mick Jenniges and Josh Rickenbach to work on City water contract.
5) Motion by Rickenbach to approve application of service for Shaynna Nelson. Seconded by Seger.
6) Motion by Seger to approve transfer from Eitemiller to Crazy Bear at 13303 N. Angostura Road. Seconded by Trent.
Motion to go into Executive session at 2:18 p.m. by Seger. Seconded by Trent.
Out of Executive session at 2:24 p.m.
Motion to adjourn by Jenniges and seconded by Davidson.
Lesta J. Conger, Board Secretary
Published once at the total approximate cost of $61.74
Published: Dec. 17, 2020

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