Proceedings_Hot Springs School District October 12, 2020


Hot Springs District No. 23-2
President Bob Preuss called the Regular Board Meeting of the Hot Springs School Board to order at 5:30 p.m. on Monday, October 12, 2020 with the following members present: Zac Bell, Nikki Shaw, Petra Wilson, Ryan Walz, Mark Walton, Frances Stokes. Members Absent: None. Others present: Superintendent Fischer, Business Manager Bilbruck, Principal Lurz, Assistant Principal & A/D Hruby, Special Education Director Schniers, staff and community members and others logged in as guests.
All actions recorded in these minutes were by unanimous vote unless otherwise stated.
21.056 Approval of Agenda - Motion by Walz, second by Bell to approve the agenda. Motion carried 7/0.
21.057 Public Participation – None
21.058 Conflicts Disclosure – None
21.059 Student Presentations – None
21.060 BHSSC Report – Member Preuss attended meeting via phone. The meeting reported there were discussions on teaching a course on knowledge on family engagements and how to register for the course.
21.061 Committee Reports – Activities: Members met to discuss the activities handbook, updating school records, hanging banners and the possibility of school store. Bldg/Grounds: Roof on the Case building need to be replaced, two buses need to be replaced, discussions on leasing or buying to replace the buses. Superintendent Fischer discussed repairs needed to be made on the Shop building. Curriculum: Met with Administration on a viable curriculum with 5-8 key standards. Next meeting on November 4th. Finance & Negotiations: Met with Lisa Ali on the 20-21 Classified Negotiations. She stated she needs to go back to the union classified members to get an update on where they are at currently. Superintendent Fischer discussed the CRF (Coronavirus Relief Funds) funding received. As of today, we have received approximately 90% of the funds. We will be using the funds to purchase additional supplies, equipment, curriculum, and other areas related needs to the Covid-19 virus. Policy Review: Had an introduction review on google drive to be able to review each policy. The first policy reviewed and revised was the board meeting policy. Going forward policies will be reviewed, revised if needed and then submitted to Administration for language review. Safety & Security: No meeting scheduled. Technology: No meeting scheduled.
21.062 Consent Agenda - Motion by Walton, second by Wilson. Motion carried on roll call vote 7/0.
Approved minutes of the special October 8, 2020 meeting and the regular October 12, 2020 meeting. Approved unaudited financial reports from October 2020:
General Fund
Beginning Balance: $942,425.36
Plus Receipts: $549,905.68
Less Disbursements: $445,124.44
Ending Balance: $1,047,206.60
Capital Outlay
Beginning Balance: $1,142,971.31
Plus Receipts: $63,727.28
Less Disbursements: $159,511.52
Ending Balance: $1,047,187.07
Special Education Fund
Beginning Balance: $128,524.21
Plus Receipts: $56,974.00
Less Disbursements: $103,426.73
Ending Balance: $82,071.48
Impact Aid Fund
Beginning Balance: $639,569.39
Plus Receipts: $0.00
Less Disbursements: $0.00
Ending Balance: $639,569.39
Bond Redemption Fund
Beginning Balance: $1,428,648.86
Plus Receipts: $0.00
Less Disbursements: $0.00
Ending Balance: $1,428,648.86
Approved the October 2020 claims for payment; approved the Personal Action Report for October 2020.
21.063 New Business – District Annual Report: Motion by Bell, second by Shaw to approve the annual report. Motion carried on roll call vote 7/0. Realtor Listing: Motion by Walz, second by Wilson to approve listing agreement with Jim Bultsma and Heartland Realty for the sale of the districts old Administration building at 1609 University Avenue. Superintendent Fischer discussed commercial property sales low in the area and possible alternate plans to use the building during this time. Motion carried on roll call vote 7/0.
21.064 Administrator Remarks - Principal Karn discussed the Elementary having parent/teacher conferences this week and report cards going out next Tuesday. They also started their first WIN cycle in the Elementary. Principal Lurz stated good things are happening in our district and we have positive momentum going on in the buildings. Assistant Principal & Athletic Director Hruby discussed having parent/teacher conferences via phone tomorrow, addressing parent and student needs during remote learning days. On the activities side, he stated we are moving forward with the current schedules this week with some changes to the high school
games. Discussed the sound system needs and vendors to support this need. Special Services Director Schniers discussed the Special Olympics Unified Sports event that is now on hold as school districts are cancelling. She will let us know by Monday if it needs to be cancelled. In accordance with SD codified law, there is a mandatory training on child abuse or neglected child that needs to be completed by November 1st. Superintendent Fischer thanked all the volunteers, parents and the Lions Club helping with the sports activities. Currently, we are discussing how we can broadcast the Veterans Day Program due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Superintendent Fischer asked to send thoughts and ideas via email.
21.065 Governing Board Remarks – President Preuss thanked the custodians, teachers, staff, Administration, and the board.
21.066 Executive Session - None
21.067 Motion by Walton, second by Shaw to adjourn meeting at 6:46 p.m.
Wendy Bilbruck, Business Manager
Robert Preuss, School Board President
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Published: Nov. 19, 2020

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