Proceedings_Edgemont School District October 12, 2020


Edgemont School District 23-1
October 12, 2020
The Edgemont School District 23-1 board of education met in regular session on Monday, October 12, 2020, at 7:01 p.m. in the Edgemont School Library. Chairman Darrow called the meeting to order with members Connie Gerard, Susan Humiston and Shane Miller present. Justin Printz was absent.
Administration present: Amy Ferley, Superintendent, Brad Zachow, K-12 Principal and Diane Stevens, Business Manager.
The Board recited the Pledge of Allegiance.
Unless otherwise noted, all Board action was by unanimous decision.    
Motion by Humiston seconded by Miller to approve the agenda with the following change: VI. B. Abbot Binax Now Rapid Test and VI. C. Review of Edgemont School Pandemic Plan be moved to directly before II. Executive Session A. Personnel/Negotiations.
Motion by Gerard seconded by Miller to approve the minutes from the September 14, 2020 meeting.
Superintendent Ferley explained the Abbot Binax Now Rapid Tests that will be sent to the school.  Jim Woehl, CNP, was present to explain how the tests work and answer any questions the Board had pertaining to the tests.
The Board reviewed the Edgemont School Pandemic Plan.
Motion by Miller seconded by Gerard to enter into executive session to discuss personnel at 7:21 p.m.
The Board cane out of executive session at 7:29 p.m.
The financial reports were reviewed.
Receipts And Cash Balances - September 2020:
General Fund Receipts: Taxes $8,445.38; Interest $16.78; Admissions $1,140.50; Other Pupil Activity Income $75.00; Misc. Local Revenue $400.00; County Apportionment $1,131.86; State Aid $31,346.00; Other State Revenue $698.40
Balance 09/01/20 - $879,939.88. Total Receipts $43,253.92; September Claims $151,389.10; GL Adjustment $43,281.00; Balance 09/30/20- $815,085.70.
Capital Outlay Receipts: Taxes $4,737.08.        
Balance 09/01/20- $1,101,479.01. Total Receipts $4,737.08; September Claims $47,673.92; 09/30/20 $1,158,542.17.
Special Education Receipts: Taxes $2,977.63.        
Balance 09/01/20- $6,426.90. Total Receipts $2,977.63; September Claims $19,754.44; GL Adjustment $3,569.00; Balance 09/30/20 ($6,780.91).    
Food Service Receipts: Sales to Pupils $1,490.50; Sales to Adults $25.45; A la Carte Sales $1,364.54.
Balance 09/01/20-$938.86. Total Receipts $2,880.49; September Claims $3,163.14; Balance 09/30/20 $656.21.
Motion by Gerard, seconded by Humiston to approve payment of claims as presented.
General Fund: Elementary, Payroll, 35,905.65; High School, Payroll, 24,665.60; Title I, Payroll, 6,499.27; Guidance Office, Payroll, 3,381.22; Library, Payroll, 1,759.87; Board of Education, Payroll, 193.77; Technology, Payroll, 3,819.73; Superintendent Office, Payroll, 6,975.46; Principal Office, Payroll, 8,743.55; Business Office, Payroll, 6,306.13; Maintenance, Payroll, 7,198.68; Bus Driver, Payroll, 166.49; Fresh Fruit & Vegetables, Payroll, 178.79; Boy’s Athletics, Payroll, 173.24; Girl’s Athletics, Payroll, 172.73; Co-Curricular Transportation, Payroll, 572.64; Co-Curricular Activities, Payroll, 177.44; Amazon, Library, Athletics, Classroom, Maint.Supply, 951.16; ASBSD, School Law Webinars, 175.00; Bilbrey, Jana, Mileage paid to parents, 277.20; Black Hills Energy, September Electricity, 3,891.49; BW Gas & Convenience Retail LLC, Fuel for Cars & Buses, 428.75; Carolina Biological Supply Co, HS Science, 124.75; Century Business Products, Inc., Copier Maintenance, 327.72; City of Edgemont, Water/Sewer, 290.10; Clark Printing, 100 Athletic Award Certificates, 85.00; Climate Control, Install Ventilator inlet, 709.19; CORE Educational Cooperative, 8 Online Courses, 2,340.00; Culligan Soft Water Service of Hot Springs, Maintenance Supply, 19.00; Floral Depot and More, High School Supplies, 32.00; Golden West, September Telephone, 508.64; Hauge, Vickie, Mileage paid to parents, 520.80; Hillyard/Sioux Falls, Maintenance Supplies, 62.00; Jarman, Brett, Tree Trimming - School Front, 325.00; JW Pepper & Son, Inc., High School Music, 398.33; Koupal, Peggy, Mileage paid to parents, 222.18; Moby Max, Special Ed, Elementary, 590.00; Nyquist, Eva, Mileage paid to Parents, 470.40; Printz, Melody, Mileage paid to Parents, 228.48; Quill Corporation, Printer Toner, Math & Office Supplies, 1,910.84; Ranchers Feed & Supply, Inc., Maintenance Supplies, 286.06; Region IV Administrators, Region IV Administrators Registration, 270.00; Reinhart Food Service, LLC, Fruit/Veggies for FFVP, 1,002.46; Rhodes, April, Mileage paid to parents, 285.60; Richard Pluimer, Prof. LLC., Legal Purchased Services, 100.00; Sam’s Club/Synchrony Bank, Annual Membership, 47.93; School Nurse Supply, Inc., k-12 Supplies, 129.50; School Specialty, Inc, HS Language Arts, 12.62; SD Library Association, Full Conference & Archives, 65.00; Simmons, Savanna, Mileage paid to parents, 184.80; South Dakota High School Coaches Assn, Girls Athletics Dues, 50.00; Teacher’s Discovery, HS Spanish, 135.00; Terri, Brown, Mileage paid to Parents, 285.60; Trugreen Processing Center, Lawn Service, 683.12;
Trust & Agency Imprest Fund: Pat Clifford, 09-08 Ref HSVB vs Lead-Deadwood, 211.60; Dale Pine Jr., 09-08 Ref HSVB vs Lead-Deadwood, 188.92; James Doyle, 09-04 Ref HSFV vs Kadoka – Forfeited, 125.00; Jeremy Henwood, 09-04 Ref HSFV vs Kadoka – Forfeited, 125.00; Alan Olson, 09-04 Ref HSFV vs Kadoka – Forfeited, 125.00; Randy D Schmidt, 09-04 Ref HSFV vs Kadoka – Forfeited, 125.00; Justo Tobar, 09-04 Ref HSFV vs Kadoka – Forfeited, 125.00; Dale Pine Jr., 09-15 REF HSVB vs Hemingford, 188.50; James Harvey, 09-15 REF HSVB vs Hemingford, 183.04; Marty Beasley, 09-18 Ref HSFB vs Bison – Forfeited, 125.00; Roger Morris, 09-18 Ref HSFB vs Bison – Forfeited, 125.00; Tim Rogers, 09-18 Ref HSFB vs Bison – Forfeited, 125.00; Corey Paluch, 09-18 Ref HSFB vs Bison – Forfeited, 125.00; Curt Voight, 09-18 Ref HSFB vs Bison – Forfeited, 125.00; Pat Clifford, 09-22 Ref HSVB vs Crawford, 211.60; Dale Pine Jr., 09-22 Ref HSVB vs Crawford, 188.92; Lead-Deadwood School District, Mile High Volleyball Tourney, 50.00;   First Interstate Bank, September Payroll Processing, 10.10; Universal Athletic Bozeman, Boy’s Athletice Supplies, 368.60; Walsworth Publishing Company, Yearbook Purchased Services, 2,532.25; Wellmark, October Health Insurance, 15,831.40; Wilson Electric, LLC, Weightroom & Parking Lot Lights, 1,846.20; Wyoming Camera Outfitters, Camera Cleaning, 25.00; General Fund Total: 148,402.11
Capital Outlay: Mitzi’s Books, 18 K-8 Library Books, 203.09; Nelson’s Oil & Gas, Inc., Water Heater In Lunchroom, 1,740.91; Capital Outlay Fund Total: 1,944.00
Special Education: Special Education Teachers. Payroll, 22,486.47; Special Education Admin. Payroll, 4,190.03; Change Healthcare. August Web MD, 42.54; Custer Regional Hospital. August OT, 347.95; Moby Max, Student Licenses – Math, 249.00; Small Talk Speech Therapy, Inc.. September Speech Therapy, 3,975.00; Wellmark, Ocotober Health Insurance, 1,760.60; Special Education Fund Total: 33,051.59
Food Service Fund: Food Service, Payroll, 5,573.07; Dean Foods, Food for lunchroom, 657.24; Millburn, Cindy, Refund Lunch Credit, 60.33; Reinhart Food Service, LLC, food & supply for lunchroom, 1,957.15; Food Service Fund Total: 8,247.79
Total to Checking: 191,645.49
Mrs. Stevens, Mrs. Ferley and Mr. Zachow gave their administrative reports.
The maintenance and transportation reports were reviewed.
Mrs. Humiston gave the Black Hills Special Services report.
Motion by Humiston seconded by Miller to increase Substitute pay to the following amounts, retroactive to August 1, 2020.):
Non Certified Substitutes, $80/day; Certified Substitutes $90/day
Non Certified ½ day Substitutes, $40; Certified ½ day Substitutes $45
Non Certified long term Substitutes, $100/day; Certified long-term Substitutes $110/day
Motion by Miller seconded by Gerard to move Dan Little to year 5 on the Support Staff Custodial wage scale which will increase the hourly rate to $10.71/hr. effective 10-01-20.
Motion by Miller seconded by Humiston to add Todd Olson to the substitute list pending the receipt of an acceptable background check.
Motion by Miller seconded by Darrow use the CRF monies the district will receive to give all current employees a $500 one-time bonus and an additional $500 for returning teachers and essential employees and the remainder used for technology updates.
Motion by Miller seconded by Gerard to sign open enrollment form OER 2020-21(05) and OER2020-21(06).
No Special Meeting date was set.
Motion by Miller seconded by Gerard to adjourn the meeting at 8:09 p.m.
Minutes Approved
Diane Stevens, Business Manager
Gary Darrow, Chairman
Published once at the total approximate cost of $100.17
Published: Oct. 29, 2020

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