Proceedings_Town of Oelrichs September 8, 2020


Unapproved Minutes
Town Of Oelrichs
Regular Meeting
September 8, 2020 - 7:00 p.m.
The regular meeting of the Town of Oelrichs was called to order by President J. Messinio at 7:03 p.m.
Allegiance to the flag was pledged.
Board Present: Anita Cope and Mike Carson
Board Absent: Joe Messinio
Staff Present: Valarie Graf, Susan Hamilton, and Roy Merdanian III.
Guests: Lance Tlustos, Randy Pence, Ellen White, and John Cope
Note: State and CDC meeting and social distancing guidelines were followed.
Public Comment – R. Pence asked that, with the proposed passing of 2% Sales Tax, accountability of the funds be shared with taxpayers. He also stated that vehicles speeding is still a concern in town.
Approval of Agenda – M. Carson made a motion to approve the agenda with the addition to Old Business of vacation of Maple Street and alleyway; it was seconded by A. Cope; motion carried.
Approval of Minutes – A motion was made by M. Carson to approve the August 11, 2020, minutes with the following corrections: Treasurer’s Report – Maintenance Savings Ending Balance should read $12,818.31 and debit listed under Water Deposit is incorrect, Ending Balance should read $5,060.60; seconded by A. Cope. Motion carried.
New Business:
Blake Burchfield, Peace Initiative – Just wanted to let the community know that while he and his family are missionaries on the Pine Ridge Reservation and he is available to assist with projects in Town; his expertise is in conservation and he has proficient knowledge of tree trimming/take out. Please contact him at 817-709-3339; Peace Initiative is a 501C3 and donations are accepted.
Application for Maple Street Easement – A certified copy of the 1978 Town of Oelrichs Board minutes is needed to accompany application. J. Cope, R. Merdanian III, and A. Cope will meet with Val Sword, Oelrichs School Business Manager, to get the process started.
Pay Claims – General: Anita Cope, $32.22, Reimbursement - Lynn McLaughlin Project; Fall River County Herald Star, $169.26, Pub Mtg/Notice/Bids; Mike Schommer, $350.00, City Mowing; Nelson’s Oil & Gas, $312.75, Propane CC; Sue Hunt, $52.50, CC Cleaning; Black Hills Electric Coop, $532.41,Town Electric. WATER: Core & Main, $314.53, Supplies; Fall River Water Users District, $1,302.68, City Water Usage; Golden West Telecommunications, $41.06, Water Building Telephone; MidContinent, $77.48, Water Sample Tests; Quinn Construction, $20,586.50, Water Project-Payment Adjustment; Roy Merdanian III, $349.04, Wages Water Superintendent; Town of Oelrichs, $ , CC Water Bill; Black Hills Electric Coop, $40.09, Water Electric.
Motion was made by A. Cope to pay all claims, M. Carson seconded; motion carried.
Water Report – Water samples remain good. There were two water leaks reported but both were on the customers’ side.
A. Cope moved to accept the Water Report, M. Carson seconded; motion carried.
Public Works Report – Culverts remain on the “To Do” list. Roads are starting to washboard but will not be graded until we receive some moisture and hopefully, we get some before the first hard freeze. The new air conditioner was damaged when delivered so a new one has been ordered; repairman will be in Oelrichs tomorrow to repair heater that is also not working properly. Even though the streetlights were recently, serviced, it has been reported that a couple continue to be on constantly. Residents are encouraged to report any issues they see with streetlights to R. Merdanian.
Motion was made by M. Carson, seconded by A. Cope, to approve the Public Works Report; motion carried.
Treasurer’s Report – No report – statements were not received before the meeting.
Town Clerk’s Report – Town mail and correspondence was shared.
A motion was made by M. Carson, seconded by A. Cope, to approve the Town Clerk’s Report; motion carried.
Old Business:
2% Final – Vacate Railroad Street ROW – A. Cope made a motion, since no objections or concerns were expressed regarding the vacation of the Railroad Street ROW, to complete paperwork and get filed with Register of Deeds, M. Carson seconded; motion carried.
Sales Tax – 2nd Reading – A. Cope moved to accept the 2nd reading of the 2% Sales Tax ordinance, M. Carson seconded; motion carried.
New Air Conditioner for Community Center – See Public Works Report above.
Culverts – See Public Works report.
DENR Grant/Loan Update – Discussion was held regarding the surplus funds of the recent water improvement project. Ideas were shared where this money could possibly be utilized within the Town; the money can not be used on maintenance. There are a couple residences that need a meter moved or a new pit. DENR will be contacted on the possibility of using the funds to cover the old well and pump house by the railroad tracks that was abandoned due to high nitrates. The pipes for the school and meter lids were delivered. Seeding on the ground around the new water building it to be accomplished by next regular Town Meeting.
Tabled Items – Service Lines and Definition of plus Hazard Ordinances were tabled until special meetings can be set up to review and discuss Town Ordinances.
Executive Session – Not at this time.
Adjournment: A. Cope made a motion to adjourn at 8:43 p.m., M. Carson seconded; motion carried.
The next Regular Meeting of the Oelrichs Town Board will be October 13, 2020, at 7:00 p.m. at the Oelrichs Community Center.
/s/Valarie J. Graf
Valarie J. Graf, Town Clerk
Published once at the total approximate cost of $68.67
Published: Oct. 1, 2020

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