Proceedings_Custer-Fall River Regional Waste Management District July 9, 2020


Custer-Fall River Regional Waste Management District
July 9, 2020 - 7:00 p.m. - Mueller Center
The Custer-Fall River Regional Waste Management District Board meeting was called to order at 7:00 p.m. on Thursday, July 9, 2020, at the Mueller Center, Hot Springs, SD by Secretary/Treasurer Dee Anderson.
Members Present: Dee Andersen-Secretary/Treasurer, Pringle; Mike Linde, Custer County; Peg Ryan, Custer; Paul Nabholz, Fall River County; Joe Messinio, Oelrichs; Dean Weekley, Fairburn and Roger Horton, Edgemont.
Additional Attendees: Larry Pratt and John Gregory, Hot Springs representatives (non-voting representative until appointment by resolution Hot Springs City Council approved). Absent: Terry Kizer-Vice Chairman, Buffalo Gap.
All motions approved unanimously unless otherwise noted.
No conflicts of interests were noted.
Motion by Messinio, second by Nabholz to approve the July 9, 2020, agenda.
Motion by Nabholz, second by Linde to approve the May 14, 2020, meeting minutes.
The grant approved by SD DENR for the purchase of the compactor in 2019 requires “Opinion of counsel certifying the applicable information in Item #20 of the Assurances, Terms and Conditions.” of the payment provision checklist before reimbursement can be made. Motion by Nabholz to hire Lance Russell as legal counsel at a rate of $100 per hour, not to exceed three hours, to provide the required opinion and certification, second by Messinio.
Contact has been made with the financial institutions managing the financial assurance funds to determine if SD DENR is properly listed. Each institution is being forwarded copies of Resolution 2010-1: Financial Assurance for the CFR RWMD and follow-up will be completed by Deputy Secretary-Treasurer Russell, with verification provided to SD DENR, as applicable.
Motion by Messinio, second by Weekley to approve the Treasurer’s report with a correction to the date of the Bank Balances to reflect 6/30/2020.
Custer Fall River Regional Waste Management District
Expenses by Vendor Summary May 1 through June 30, 2020
Expenses Paid: Barker Concrete & Construction $43,000.00; Black Hills Energy $318.41; Butler Cat $4,538.94; City of Edgemont $165.60; Fall River County Herald $50.00; First Interstate Bank $38.04; FMG $15,945.27; Chadron Motor Company $1,755.81; Golden West telcom $70.00; Harland Checks $150.85; Hi-D-Way oil and gas $1,363.97; Office Depot $26.61; Rancher’s Feed and Supply $3,437.28; SD DENR $1,129.90; SD State Treasurer $1,951.77; Starla Russell $885.50; Starla Russell (Quickbooks Online) $343.46
Verizon $68.77; SUBTOTAL $75,240.18; Board Compensation & Mileage $599.81; TOTAL $75,839.99
Outstanding Expenses and Transfers: City of Edgemont $82.80; Black Hills Energy $74.42; Board compensation & Mileage (est) $620.00; Hi-D-Way oil and gas $656.42; Starla Russell $442.75; Barker’s Concrete and Construction $8,600.00; Verizon $68.77; Goldenwest $35.00; Total Bills $10,580.16
Landfill Expenses: June YTD 2020 expenses total $165,751.72 compared to June YTD 2019 expenses of $213,225.21. The landfill has 22.26% decrease in operating expenses YTD 2020 than YTD 2019.
Landfill Fees Collected/Deposits: June YTD 2020 fees/deposits total $203,722.81 compared to June YTD 2019 fees/deposits of $253,699.10. The landfill has 19.70% decrease in deposits YTD 2020 than YTD 2019..
Bank Balances (as of June 30, 2020)
Operating Funds: First Interstate Bank: Checking (0perating Account, $103,838.79; Money Market (1.11% APY), $351,694.57; Total: $455,533.36; Black Hills Federal Credit Union: Money Market, $105,725.13; Savings, $60.50; Total $105,785.63; Dacotah Bank: CD #1 (1.00% APY; matures 1/17/2025),  $104,167.44; CD #2 (1.40% APY; matures 1/20/2021), $104,058.92; CD #3 (1.65% APY; matures 1/20/2022), $104,733.08; Total: $312,959.44
Total District Funds Available: $874,278.43
Financial Assurance Funds held by Resolution
or Set Aside for Closure and Post Closure
First Interstate Bank: CD #1 (1.00% APY; matures 2/18/2022 (36-mo); DENR), $113,471.86; CD #2 (1.25% APY; matures 3/10/2022 (5-yr); DENR), $114,180.64; Total: $227,652.50; Black Hills Federal Credit Union: CD (2.52% APY; matures 1/25/2025 (8-yr); DENR), $176,870.24; Dacotah Bank: Gold Money Market (.55% APY), $70,042.53; Total Funds DENR: $470,796.93
2020 Projected Liability
Total Projected Accrued Liability, $492,670.00; Increased Amt approved 3/12/2020 Due to SD DENR Annual Fill Progression Report, $28,500.00; Total 2020 Projected Accrued Liability, $521,170.00
Information other than Financials: June YTD 2020 tonnage totals 3532.89 tons, compared to June YTD 2019 tonnage of 3653.51 tons. The landfill has accepted 102.62 tons less YTD 2020 than YTD 2019.
June YTD 2020 rubble totals 742.41 tons, compared to June YTD 2019 rubble of 792.31 tons. The landfill has accepted 49.90 tons less in rubble YTD 2020 than YTD 2019.
Submitted on July 9, 2020.
/s/Starla Russell,
Deputy Secretary/Treasurer
Contract Manager Kerry Barker reported work on the Phase II Cell Closure continues. Additional signage directing customers to the Landfill site has been completed. The side-by-side loader has been repaired and is now in use. Discussion regarding the recent flood in Custer revealed an increase in tire waste, which the Landfill does not accept on a regular basis. The Landfill’s tire grant concluded in 2019, and a new grant application will likely not be pursued for a couple of years. Information regarding the status of the Board’s recently-approved credit card machine was provided. Discussion of the convenience fee approved at the last meeting to offset the service costs was held. Motion by Nahbolz to set the convenience fee at $1.00 for card transactions up to $100.00, and two percent for over $100.00, second by Weekley.
Jason Hinds of FMG reported he continues to work with the Contract Manager on the Phase II Cell Closure. Drainage in the southwest corner of the rubble site may need to be addressed, and currently continues to be monitored. There may be additional grant opportunities for funding special projects, and FMG may look at putting a proposal together for the Board’s consideration in early 2021.The results of the Annual Water Testing Report has not yet been received by SD DENR.
Motion by Nabholz, second by Messinio to nominate Mike Linde as the Chairman.
Motion by Nabholz, second by Linde, to nominate the current Vice Chairman-Terry Kizer and Secretary/Treasurer-Dee Anderson, for the same positions.
Motion by Linde, second by Weekley to appoint Starla Russell as the as the Deputy Secretary/Treasurer.
Motion by Nabholz, second by Ryan to set the Deputy Secretary/Treasurer’s monthly compensation at $550.
Motion by Messinio, second by Nabholz to set the Board compensation at $50/meeting; chairman $75/meeting and mileage at $.50/mile.
Motion by Linde, second by Messinio to designate the Fall River County Herald as the official newspaper for the Custer-Fall River RWMD.
Motion by Nabholz, second by Weekley to designate First Interstate Bank, Black Hills Federal Credit Union, and Dacotah Bank as the financial institutions for the Custer-Fall River RWMD
Motion by Messinio, second by Linde to designate a single signature on checks issued for under $50,000.
Motion by Ryan, second by Messinio to provide fund investment and management by authorizing the option for a monthly transfer of up to $14,000, from the operating account to the Money Market account at First Interstate Bank, as long the operating account has a minimum balance of $125,000 before the transfer.
Motion by Messinio, second by Nabholz to approve Independent Audit Services, PC to conduct the bi-annual audit for the years of 2018 and 2019 at a cost of $4,600.
No Public Comment. The next meeting is the scheduled for September 10, 2020, at 7:00 p.m. in the Mueller Center, Hot Springs, SD. Motion by Messinio, second by Horton to adjourn. Meeting adjourned at 7:58 p.m.
Submitted by
Starla Russell, Deputy Secretary/Treasurer
Published once at the total approximate cost of $95.13
Published: July 23, 2020

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