Proceedings_Town of Oelrichs June 2, 2020


Unapproved Minutes
Town Of Oelrichs
Regular Meeting
June 9, 2020 - 7:00 p.m.
The regular meeting of the Town of Oelrichs was called to order by President J. Messinio at 7:00 p.m.
Allegiance to the flag was pledged.
Board Present: Joe Messinio, Anita Cope and Mike Carson
Staff Present: Valarie Graf, Susan Hamilton, and Roy Merdanian III
Guests: Katie Merdanian, Pat Logue, Lynn McLaughlin, Marty Schommer, Lance Tlustos, and Shannon Freidel. NOTE: State and CDC meeting and social distancing guidelines were followed.
Public Comment – The MOB (Make Oelrichs Beautiful) Committee will be responsible for repairs and upkeep (weed eating, trash collection, etc.) of and around the items that were purchased by L. McLaughlin to make the park more appealing (benches, gazebo, etc.); inquiry to the SDPAA regarding Town’s liability. Annual Butte Festival was also discussed.
Complaint was made regarding the condition of the yard at a vacated home. Text message was sent to owner with no response; a certified letter will be drafted and sent to forwarding address. If the Town is forced to mow/clean up, charges will be added to property taxes.
Approval of Agenda – A. Cope made a motion to approve the agenda as written, M. Carson seconded; motion carried.
Approval of Minutes – A motion was made by A. Cope to approve the May 12, 2020, meeting minutes, seconded by M. Carson; motion carried.
Pay Claims – General: Anita Cope, $21.40, Postage; Anita Cope, $369.00,    First half Wages; Black Hills Electric Coop., $399.51, Town Electric; Fall River County Herald Star, $126.98, Publishing Proceedings/Bids; Joe Messinio, $405.90, First half Wages; Mike Carson, $350.55, First half Wages; Mike Schommer, $805.00, Town Mowing; Roy Merdanian III, $119.94, Road Wages; Sue Hunt, $52.50, CC Cleaning; Valarie Graf, $1476.00, First half Wages. Water: Black Hills Electric Coop, $89.45, Water Electric; DENR, $110.00, Wastewater Fee/Drinking Water Fee, Environmental Fee; Fall River Water Users District, $883.44, City Water Usage; Golden West Telecommunications, $40.37, Water Building Telephone; Roy Merdanian III, $389.17, Wages Water Superintendent; Susan Hamilton, $1439.10, First half Wages; Melvin Luff, $75.00, Water Deposit Refund; Town of Oelrichs, $22.00, C.C Water Bill.
Motion was made by A. Cope to pay all claims, M. Carson seconded; motion carried.
Water Report –  SPN will visit next week to complete some odds and ends on the Water Tower Project. Water sample report came back satisfactory. Time again for testing for copper and/or lead in the water supply, this test is conducted every three (3) years of samples from five (5) different addresses in Town. Discussion was held regarding Maguire Iron contract and inspection.
A. Cope moved to accept the Water Report, M. Carson seconded; motion carried.
Public Works Report – There are speed limit signs on every town street. Damaged street signs were repaired after the last storm. V. Graf and R. Merdanian will be attending SDML Budget Training via computer on July 9. Culverts will be examined, with assistance from the Oelrichs Fire Department, or need to repair/replace; see Old Business for motion regarding excavator rental. Thanks to Gene Linehan for the new USA flag for the Community Center.
Motion was made by A. Cope, seconded by M. Carson, to approve the Public Works Report; motion carried.
Treasurer’s Report – General checking beginning balance $1,975.10; credits $6,185.51; debits $100.00; ending balance $8,060.61.
Water fund checking beginning balance $21,954.83; credits $0.00; debits $350.00; ending balance $21,604.83.
Maintenance checking beginning balance $12,518.00, credits $100.10; debits $0.00; ending balance $12,618.10.
Money Market savings beginning balance $27,782.64; credits $0.20; debits -$6,185.51; ending balance $21,597.33.
Water Deposit beginning balance $5,060.47; credits $.04; debits $0.00; ending balance $5,060.51.
Water Fund savings beginning balance $14,683.22; credits $350.13; debits $0.00; ending balance $15,033.35.
Water Reserve beginning balance $8,668.68; credits $.07; debits $0.00; ending balance $8,668.75
A. Cope moved to approve the Treasurer’s Report, M. Carson seconded; motion carried.
Town Clerk’s Report – Town mail and correspondence was shared.
A motion was made by M. Carson, seconded by A. Cope, to approve the Town Clerk’s Report; motion carried.
Old Business:
DENR Grant/Loan Update – Project is not yet totally completed.
School and Gravel Compensation – Compensation has been received.
2% Sales Tax – A. Cope will begin the process to
Hazard Ordinances – Review - Tabled. Members are to review their copies of the ordinances and pencil in suggested changes for examination at a special meeting.
Delinquent Water Bills – V. Graf will be researching how other communities are handling delinquent water/utility bills during the pandemic. TABLED.
Culverts – R. Merdanian will be renting an excavator next week for work on his personal property. Motion was made by J. Messinio for the Town to share the cost of excavator rental with R. Merdanian so that work can be completed on Towns culverts. Motion carried.
Service Lines and Definition of – This item will be addressed when all ordinances are discusses, reviewed, and/or updated.
New Business:
June 2, 2020 Election – The oath of office was administered to A. Cope as Councilperson for the next three (3) years.
FMG Engineering – Jerry Foster, PE, brought the plans for the new Oelrichs High School and discussed the proposed changes that this building will require.
Marty Schommer – M. Schommer has been asked to prepare a written description of the road/access he is proposing and bring it to the Board for their endorsement.
Lynn McLaughlin, MOB – Motion was made by A. Cope to allow MOB to put a structure in the park with approved plans. M. Carson seconded; motion carried.
Open Meeting Complaint – J. Messinio explained details of the letter from the States Attorney regarding a violation of the Open Meeting law and the Town’s response.
Executive Session – Not at this time
Adjournment: A. Cope made a motion to adjourn at 9:05 p.m., M. Carson seconded; motion carried.
The next Regular Meeting of the Oelrichs Town Board will be July 14, 2020, at 7:00 p.m. at the Oelrichs Community Center.
/s/Valarie J. Graf
Valarie J. Graf, Town Clerk
Published once at the total approximate cost of $80.01
Published: July 2, 2020

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