Proceedings_Fall River County June 16, 2020


Fall River County Approved Minutes of June 16, 2020
The Fall River Board of County Commissioners met in regular session on June 16, 2020. Present: Joe Allen, Joe Falkenburg, Heath Greenough, Paul Nabholz, Deb Russell and Sue Ganje, Auditor.
The Pledge of Allegiance was given, and the meeting called to order at 9:00 a.m. A prayer was offered for our nation.
The agenda was reviewed for conflicts. All motions recorded in these minutes were passed by unanimous vote, unless otherwise stated. The full context of the meeting can be found on the county website under Commissioners at, or under Fall River County Commission, SD at
Motion made by Allen, seconded by Russell, to approve the agenda as written.
Motion made by Nabholz, seconded by Greenough, to approve the May 19, 2020 minutes. The June 4, 2020 were not available.
Motion made by Nabholz, seconded by Russell, to table the April and May 2020 Auditor’s Account with the Treasurer. This will allow the change of the Treasurer position to complete and get the confirmed figure for the Charles Schwab account.
Motion made by Nabholz, seconded by Russell, to approve the 2020 – 2021 Malt Beverage and SD Wine License application for Zest, LLC and authorize the chairman to sign.
Motion made by Russell, seconded by Greenough to approve removing Fritchie Bayan’s returned check, in the amount of $957.52, dated August 24, 2018, as per SDCL 7-11-4.2.
No applications for county assistance or death expenses were presented to the board.
Teresa Pullen, Treasurer, met with the board, to present her 2021 budget.
Frank Maynard, met with the board to provide updates on weekly Covid-19 calls, critical fire dangers, NIMS updates and fires and incidents. Discussion was also held on possible improvement of Rocky Ford road (where the road crosses the river) for fire truck access, and other roads that are no or low maintenance roads, such as the Wilcox road. Maynard will discuss this with Highway Supt. Seiler in preparedness of the coming fire season. Maynard also noted concerns with fireworks
Erin McGlumphy, Extension and representing the 4-H Leaders, met with the board to present her 2021 Extension budget request, and to note the 4H Leaders will hold on to the 2020 budgeted monies and not request monies for the 2021 year. Discussion was held on options for kids to show and sell their animals.
Bob Evans, Sheriff, met with the board. Motion made by Greenough, seconded by Nabholz, to approve hiring Larry Berens for security/metal detector at $11.00 per hour, effective June 10, 2020 and for the 24/7 program at $13.00 per hour, effective June 7, 2020; and to reclassify Miranda Prado from the 24/7 program to dispatch at $14.00 per hour, effective June 12, 2020.
Evans reported that there are 2 females and 7 males in the Fall River County Jail, with no inmates in the Pennington County Jail. Discussion was held on Fall River County Road.
Randy Seiler, Highway Superintendent, met with the board. Motion made by Nabholz, seconded by Allen, to approve the auto gate request from Mark Tubbs.
Motion made by Russell, seconded by Greenough, to approve the May 2020 fuel used or work performed to reimburse the highway department as follows: Sheriff’s Department for $1,644.94; Weed and Pest Office for $222.51; Building for $36.31; Emergency Management for $37.24; and Election for $20.22.
Seiler updated the board on Shep’s Canyon Road traffic counts and mag water. Seiler will contact Game, Fish and Parks and have them meet with the commissioners. Discussion was also held on Simons having ground up asphalt for sale at $8 per ton and the possibility of using Base 1 on Oral Road. Seiler advised of the first FEMA check has been received in the amount of $10,561.20 and the board discussed culverts in various spots in the county, with a brief discussion on wages for the highway department.
The 2021 Highway Department budget was reviewed.
The following people met with the board to present their 2021 budget requests:
Susie Ryks, 2-1-1 Helpline (via phone)
Greg Foust, Hot Springs Elderly Meals
Kim McNemar, Behavior Management System
Melissa Niles, Conservation District
Motion made by Greenough, seconded by Russell, to approve the bills as follows:
General Fund: Cura Hospitality, Inmate Meals, $7,240.57; Black Hills Chemical, Supply, $565.75; Cascade Fire Department, Primary Election, $25.00; Century Business Leasing, Copier Lease & Meter, $147.86; Colbath, Angela M, Caaf, $6,241.80; En-Tech Llc, Fumigation, $110.00; Fall River Auto Supply, Supply, $35.51; Fall River County Sheriff, Reimbursement, $40.00; Farrell, Farrell & Ginsbach, Caaf, $4,442.97; Fall River County Herald, Subscription, $169.55; Hillyard/Sioux Falls, Supply, $171.62; Hot Springs Ace Hardware, Supply, $58.94; Lamb Motor Company, New Vehicle For Sheriff, $33,060.00; Lamphere, Marc, Primary Election, $120.00; Linehan, Leota, Primary Election, $166.00; Lynns Dakotamart, Supply, $17.07; O’Neill, Justin, Caaf, $836.53; Penn Co Sts Attny Office, Mi, $430.00; Pennington County Jail, Inmate Housing/Transport Pennington, $3,007.00; Phoenix Investigations, Court Ordered Investigation, $701.86; Quill Corporation, Supplies Investion, $217.95; Sd Department Of Health, Blood Draws, $420.00; Servall, Rugs And Mats Service, $451.09; Sperlich, Peggy, Primary Election, $145.00; Software Services Inc, Software Maintenance, $1,070.00; Helpline Center, Inc., 2020 Budget Allotment, $1,500.00; Wendell’s Garage, Service, $347.78; Devries, Sheila, Primary Election, $44.42; Beard, Irene, Primary Election, $78.44; Aaberg, Wanda M, Primary Election, $145.00; Coates, Virginia, Primary Election, $145.00; Bastian, Tracy, Pilot, $100.00; Rhoe, Kelli, Primary Election, $181.50; Coates, Ed, Primary Election, $145.00; Benson, Connie, Primary Election, $145.00; Birkholt, Frances M, Primary Election, $145.00; Devries, Donald J, Primary Election, $42.08; Pulscher, Carmen, Primary Election, $103.11; Bowker, Roberta, Primary Election, $46.75; Becker, Janet, Primary Election, $44.41; Stokes, Amy, Primary Election, $130.00; Kunsman, Pauline, Primary Election, $145.00; Burrows, Mary, Primary Election, $74.81; Haden, Denise, Primary Election, $60.78; Thies, Judith, Primary Election, $166.00; Shook, Cheryl, Primary Election, $145.00; Stearns, Flora, Primary Election, $145.00; Burris, David, Primary Election, $140.00; Carlson, Virginia, Primary Election, $145.00; Twiss, Tmara, Primary Election, $145.00; Theilmann, Laurie, Primary Election, $58.44; Andersen, Donald, Primary Election, $208.00; Anderson, Pam J., Primary Election, $145.00; Batchelor, Laura Ann, Primary Election, $145.00; Hansen, Judy, Primary Election, $145.00; Mowry, Lana, Primary Election, $145.00; Reed, Cynthia, Primary Election, $150.88; Taylor, Yvonne, Primary Election, $145.00; Martin, Miriam, Primary Election, $145.00; Strauser, Garry, Primary Election, $145.00; Corbett, Scott, Primary Election, $28.05; Allen, Kimberly, Primary Election, $15.00; Mcdaniel, Priscilla, Primary Election, $70.13; Nachtigall, Jean, Primary Election, $145.00; Wittmeier, David, Primary Election, $145.00; Fitzgerald, Velva, Primary Election, $130.00; Hernandez, Shelia, Primary Election, $46.75; Becker, Randall, Primary Election, $44.41; Bolander-Ramacher, Krista, Primary Election, $103.11; Bradley-Thompson, Bo, Primary Election, $145.00; Moren, Melissa, Primary Election, $145.00; Symstad, Jeff, Primary Election, $145.00; Conger, Lesta, Primary Election, $155.08; Hamaker, Kristofer, Primary Election, $145.00; Bossert, Julie K, Primary Election, $145.00; Total For General Fund: $67,442.00
911 Surcharge Reimbursment: Quill Corporation, Supplies, $14.49; Century Link, 911 Dispatch Lines, $496.03; Total For 911 Surcharge Reimbursment: $510.52
L.E.P.C. Grant: Pudwill, Norman, Surveyor, $60.00; Total For L.E.P.C. Grant: $60.00
Courthouse Building Fund: Flint Electric,Electrical Service,$187.36; Total For Courthouse Building Fund: $187.36
 Total Paid Between 6/5/20 And 6/16/20: $68,199.90
Break was taken at 10:08 a.m. and meeting resumed at 10:15 a.m.
Public comment was heard from Heath Greenough about a possible packing plant in Fall River County, with a meeting in July; Joe Falkenburg voiced disappointment about the loss of the county fair, SDSU guidelines and that the kids are really missing out.
Stacey Martin, GIS, met with the board to present her 2021 budget requests for GIS and 911 Replacement Signs.
Andrea Powers, SHEDCO, met with the board to present her 2021 budget request.
The Covid-19 resolution was reviewed. Motion made by Nabholz to dispense with taking temperatures and open the courthouse and other county buildings fully. Motion failed for a lack of a second.
Motion made by Russell, seconded by Allen, to continue to leave the courthouse as is. With Nabholz voting no, all others voting yes, by roll call vote, motion carries.
Motion made by Nabholz, seconded by Russell, to enter executive session as per SDCL 1-25-2 (1) and SDCL 1-25-2 (3) for personnel and legal purposes, at 10:42 a.m.
Meeting reconvened at 11:04 a.m.
Motion made by Nabholz, seconded by Russell, to adjourn at 11:05 a.m.
/s/Joe Falkenburg
Joe Falkenburg, Chairman
Board of Fall River County Commissioners
/s/ Sue Ganje
Sue Ganje, Fall River County Auditor
Published once at the total approximate cost of $107.10
Published: July 2, 2020

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