Proceedings_Fall River County Weed & Pest Board May 5, 2020


Fall River County Weed & Pest Board Meeting
May 5, 2020
The Fall River County Weed and Pest Board meeting was called to order by President Jerry Wyatt at 2:10 p.m. May 5, 2020 at the Fall River County South Annex parking lot. Attending members were Bob Novotny, John Sides, Wayne Hageman, and Nina Steinmetz. All motions unanimous unless otherwise stated. Motion to approve the agenda and minutes of the last meeting were made by Wayne Hageman and seconded by John Sides.
Old Business: The following are grant that will be available through the Fall River Weed and Pest: SD Resource Conservation and Forestry - $5,000 - Herbicide reimbursement and the SD W/P commission non-competitive - $4,500. We will ask the Fall River Commissioners to use this funding for prairie dog control reimbursements.
The following agreements have been made: Hell Canyon –BH Forest Service - $2000 and Buffalo Gap National Grasslands - $3,500
All the “normal” meetings and trainings for April were canceled. Still waiting to see what events for May will be held.
The Notice of Responsibility to Control has been printed as of the 1st of April for 2 weeks.
New Business: John Sides motioned to keep the Fall River County contract spraying and application rates the same as in 2019. Bob Novotny seconded the motion. Rates will be posted at the Weed and Pest Office.
The Board has applied for the SD Department of Health West Nile Virus Prevention Funding 2020. Funds will be used for employment of a surveillance person, travel to do collections in Hermosa, Buffalo Gap, Oelrichs, Hot Springs, and Angostura, also the purchase of larvicide and adulticide for mosquito control.
Tentative date of the mailing of the Weed and Pest newsletter is the end of May.
The next meeting will be June 2, 2020 at 2:00 p.m. at the Fall River County Weed and Pest Office/South Annex. Meeting was adjourned.
Unapproved Minutes
Nina Steinmetz, Secretary
Published once at the total approximate cost of $25.20
Published: May 21, 2020

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