Proceedings_Hot Springs School District March 9, 2020


Board of Education of the Hot Springs District No. 23-2
President Bob Preuss called the Regular Board Meeting of the Hot Springs School Board to order at 5:30 p.m. on Monday, March 9, 2020 at the Administrative Conference Room with the following members present: Zac Bell, Niki Shaw, Petra Wilson, Frances Stokes, Ryan Walz, and Mark Walton. Members Absent: None. Others present: Superintendent Coles, Business Manager Fischer, Principal/SPED Director Bilbrey, Principal Baker, Payroll/Personnel Bilbruck, staff and community members.
All actions recorded in these minutes were by unanimous vote unless otherwise stated.
20.149 Approval of Agenda - Motion by Walz, seconded by Wilson to approve the agenda. Motion carried 7/0.
20.150 Public Participation – The board was approached by a student to consider adding JROTC as an activity for Hot Springs students. The board will take it under advisement and discuss further at future meetings and get a presentation on the activity.
20.151 Conflicts Disclosure – None.
20.152 Student Presentations – Student Council members were on hand to update the board of their activities during the year. These activities include a Bake Sale and Flower Sale fundraisers and Spirit Week. They also discussed the election of new officers and attendance at the State Student Council Convention happening later in March.
4th/5th Grade teacher Koreen Hammel presented a summary of the student’s Starbase activity. Starbase is a free STEM inquiry-based project in which 360 students across South Dakota partook. Ms. Hammel showed a video of the student’s activities as well.
Building principal recognized their Teachers of the Year which are Carmen Pulscher for Elem, Susan O’Boyle for MS, and Marilyn Rowley for HS.
20.153 BHSSC Report –None.
20.154 Committee Reports – Legislative: Vice-President Shaw updated the board on legislative bills affecting education including identifying dyslexia as a Special Education disability area. Members Shaw, Walz, and Stokes attended the local Crackerbarrel event in Hot Springs. Building & Grounds: Member Walton apprised the board that the new 18,000 gallon propane tank was completed and now operational. Safety: President Preuss mentioned several items that the district was working on including behavioral management, ALICE drills and training.
20.155 Consent Agenda - Motion by Shaw to approve consent agenda, second by Stokes. Motion passed 7/0.
Approved minutes of the regular February 10, 2019 special meeting. Approved unaudited financial reports from March 2020:
General Fund: Beginning Balance: 899,089.63; Plus Receipts: 139,099.18; Less Disbursements: 437,186.69; Ending Balance: 601,002.12
Capital Outlay: Beginning Balance: 1,569,276.53, Plus Receipts: 67,317.55, Less Disbursements: 17,199.19, Ending Balance: 1,619,394.89
Special Education Fund: Beginning Balance: 155,972.32; Plus Receipts: 40,085.44; Less Disbursements: 96,527.55; Ending Balance: 99,530.21
Impact Aid Fund: Beginning Balance: 639,569.39; Plus Receipts: 0.00; Less Disbursements: 0.00; Ending Balance: 639,569.39
Bond Redemption Fund: Beginning Balance: 1,424,183.93; Plus Receipts: 1,115.86; Less Disbursements: 0.00; Ending Balance: 1,425,299.79
Approved the March 2020 claims for payment; approved the Personal Action Report for March 2020.
20.156 Walton made motion, Bell seconded to approve the request from HSEA to negotiate. Motion carried 7/0.
20.157 Wilson made motion, Bell seconded to approve the school calendar for SY21. Motion carried 7/0.
20.158 Walton made motion, Shaw seconded to approve surplus of the 1999 Dodge Van and 2004 Chevrolet Impala. Motion carried 7/0.
20.159 Walton made motion, Shaw seconded to approve policy Section L – Education Agency Relations on First Reading. Motion carried 7/0.
20.160 Walton made motion, Shaw seconded to approve policy Section K – Community Relations on Second Reading. Motion carried 7/0.
20.161 Administrator Remarks: Principal/SpEd Director Bilbrey updated the board on the Kindergarten Roundup this spring. Elem/MS Principal Baker updated the Board on the progress of students in iReady. Superintendent Coles updated the board on actions the district is taking regarding COVID19. Business Manager Fischer apprised the board that the food service contract of Thrive will not be renewed as Thrive is withdrawing from operations in the Midwest.
20.162 Governing Board Remarks: President Preuss stated that the superintendent interviews will be conducted this Wednesday, March 11, 2020 and that there was a survey being disseminated by the board to staff members to seek their input on characteristics.
20.163 Walton made motion, Shaw seconded to enter into Executive Session per SDCL 1-25-2(3) to discuss Negotiations at 6:41 pm. Motion carried 7/0.
President Preuss declared out of Executive Session at 7:15 p.m.
20.164 Adjournment
Motion by Bell, seconded by Wilson to adjourn. Motion carried 7/0 7:16 p.m.
Dennis Fischer, Business Manager
Robert Preuss School Board President
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Published: April 30, 2020

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