Proceedings_City of Hot Springs April 6, 2020


Unofficial Minutes of the Regular Meeting of the City Council
of the City of Hot Springs
April 6, 2020
A regular meeting of the City Council of the City of Hot Springs, South Dakota, was convened on April 6, 2020 at 7:00PM at the Mueller Civic Center with Mayor George Kotti presiding
Members Present: Ray Ecoffey, David Burris, Bill Lukens, Bob Nelson, Ron Richards, Alison Ritterbush, Craig Romey and Caitlin Turner
Staff Present: City Administrator John Gregory, Finance Officer Misty Summers-Walton, MCC Staff Karl Bochert, Media Coordinator Justin Gausman, Police Officer Joe Hayashi and City Attorney Garland Goff
All actions recorded in these minutes were by unanimous vote unless otherwise stated.
Agenda: Moved by Romey, seconded by Burris, to approve the agenda
Minutes: Moved by Ritterbush, seconded by Turner, to approve the minutes from the regular council meeting on 3/16/20, the minutes from the special council meeting on 3/26/20 and the minutes from the special council meeting on 4/1/20
Claims: Moved by Turner, seconded by Romey, to approve the bills in between of $91,106.14
Bills In Between: April 6, 2020: City of Hot Springs, $25,504.83,General Payroll; City of Hot Springs, $6,209.11, Golf Payroll; City of Hot Springs, $10,227.03, Water Payroll; City of Hot Springs, $6,709.19, Sewer Payroll; City of Hot Springs, $9,150.04, Evans Plunge Payroll; City of Hot Springs, $17,240.19, Payroll Federal Deposit Deductions; City of Hot Springs, $2,953.04, Council Payroll; City of Hot Springs, $545.59, Council Payroll Deduction; AFLAC, $972.14, Premium; Avesis , $142.62, Premium; Delta Dental, $1,113.84, Premium; Hot Springs Fire Department, $7,500.00, Allotment; Credit Collection Bureau, $378.52, Garnishment; Office of Child Support Enforcement, $1,698.00, Garnishment; Battle Mountain Humane Society, $650.00, Monthly Contract/Animal Boarding ACO; United Way,  $112.00, Quarterly Employee Contributions; TOTAL: $91,106.14
Moved by Nelson, seconded by Burris, to approve the current claims of $102,672.93
Current Claims April 6, 2020: A & B Welding, $12.00, New Torch; Ace Hardware, $1,572.42, Case 2 Cycle Oil; Adams-Isc, $351.50, Labor To Remove 1/2” From 1 En; Alsco, $72.66, Towels, Mops, Rags; American Red Cross, $300.00, 2020 Lts Facility Fee; B. H. Technologies, Llc, $4,244.00, 3 Hp Prodesk Computers W/ 16Gb; Beth Spitzer, $35.00, Keep Hot Springs Beautiful Ref; Black Hills & Badlands Tourism, $350.00, 2020 Bhvg Enhanced Listing; Black Hills Energy, $21,719.63, Monthly Charges; Black Hills Occupational, $30.00, Pre-Employment Testing; Black Hills Special Services, $730.00, Feb 2020 Janitorial; Bob Nelson, $42.00, Refund Amount Paid Sdml Dist 9; Bomgaars Supply, $686.26, Pex Elbow & Tubing; Brown’s Repair, $8.98, Primer Bulb; Builders Firstsource, $1,300.07, 36X72 Acrylic Sheet; Chamber Of Commerce, $7,582.54, Bid Magazine Mailing & Billboa; Cruz Bay Publishing Inc, $5,245.00, Yellowstone 1/2 Pg Add; Custer-Fall River Regional Wst, $147.74, March Tipping Fees; Cwd, $334.50, Napkins; Vamc, $560.50, Cwt Worker 8 Hrs at $9.50 Hr; Dollar General -Regions 410526, $101.25, Glass Cleaner, Swiffer Wet Jet; Ecolab Pest Elim, $75.84, Mar 2020 Pest Control; Econo Signs Llc, $107.85, Break Away Post Hardware X 20; Evergreen Media, $1,100.00, Bh Visitor 2020 Spring/Summer; Fall River Register Of Deeds, $6.00, Copies B.Morrow State Vets Hom
Fall River Auto, $787.29, Transmission Filter, 12 Transm; F. R. County Auditor, $1,223.64, March Fuel Usage Aco; Fall River County Herald Star, $9.45, Jan 2020 Library Proceedings; Fall River Sanitation, $14,123.60, March 2020 Garbage/Recycle Pay; Faronics, $296.00, 5 Yr 10 Public Computer Securi; Fisher Beverage, $162.45, 9 Cs Beer; Glass Pro, $87.23, Front Door Glass (Blue Dump); Golden West Telecommunications, $1,919.81, Monthly Charges; Grainger, $50.12, 2 Solid State Relay; Great Western Tire Inc, $507.80, 4 New Tires (2019 Durango); Hillyard/Sioux Falls, $1,042.72, Super Shine-All, Restroom Clea; Ingram Library Services, $332.59, 18 Books; International Code Council, In, $135.00, 2020 Icc Membership - S. Sogge; Jessica Luther, $1,085.00, April 2020 Water Meter Reading; Kimball-Midwest, $284.94, 50 Clamps, 10 Paint Markers, 4; Knight Security Inc., $540.00, 1 Yr Alarm Monitoring 4/1/20 -; Light And Siren, $5,842.89, Pdu, 2 Partitions, Custom Cons; Lighting Maintenance,Contracts, $530.88, Monthly Lighting Maint. Svc; Lynns Dakotamart, $7.15, Buns, Hot Chocolate; M. G. Oil Company, $1,014.27, Gas/Diesel; Mammoth Site, $50.00, Refund For Temp Alcohol Licens; Marco Technologies Llc, $54.66, Monthly Copier Maintenance; Menards, $137.80, 20 1X3-8’ Cedar Lumber; Micromarketing Llc, $42.27, 2 Dvd; Northwest Pipe, $5,653.72, 10 Air & Vac Relief Valves; Pepsi, $642.95, Pop, Juice, Frap, Gatorade, Wa; Pheasantland Industries, $1,084.81, 16 Stop Signs, 22 Street/Cross; Plumbing Heating & A/C Service, $2,038.36, 3 New Toilets/Parts Installed.; Quality Brands Of The Black, $265.50, 10 24Pk Cans, 1 30Pk Cans,; Rapid Delivery, $27.91, Freight For Sweeper Parts; Sanitation Products, $497.37, Hydraulic Filters, A/C Filters; Servall, $64.80, Mats; Simon North Region Sd, $778.21, Share 3 Yards Concrete; Southern Hills Carpet, $3,624.23, 1385.80 Sq (41 Cartons) Luxury; Spot Wranglers, $175.00, Carpet Cleaning; Sturdevants Auto Parts, $1,062.65, 1/2” Dr Teardro; Temperature Technology, Inc., $246.12, Repair Wire On Pressure Transd; The Toro Company - Nsn, $155.00, March 2020 Irrigation It Suppo; Theresa Maas, $605.20, March 2020 Janitorial; Toter Wastequip, Llc, $8,002.21, 140 96Gal Trash Totes; Twilight First Aid & Safety, $19.94, Lens Wipes, Eye Wash; Verizonwireless, $582.65, Monthly Charges; Western Communications, $100.00, Radio Reprogram; William Lukens, $63.00, Refund Amount Paid Sdml Dist 9; Total: $102,672.93
Moved by Lukens, seconded by Turner, to approve the Wells Fargo Credit Card claims of $3,860.28
Wells Fargo Credit Card claims: April 6, 2020: Amazon - Gas leak detector, $32.99; Amazon - 2 - 16oz essential oils, 24pk mini cobalt bottles, 2 3M respirator, 2 rolls barricade tape, 2 rolls evidence tape, $195.30;Amazon - 10 books, $147.73; Amazon - truck tool box, $425.02; Office Depot - self ink stamp, $20.39; Office Depot - mini stamp set, $16.29; Office Depot - 1bx card stock, 24pk mechanical pencil, 12pk pens, $61.47; Office Depot -  lead pen refills, self ink stamp, $34.97; Office Depot - laminating pouches, $37.98; Office Depot - blank business cards, $33.99; Office Depot - blank business cards, $33.99; Office Depot - 1pkg rubber bands, $7.79; Office Depot - 2 counterfeit pens, $3.98; Office Depot - 2 counterfeit pens, $3.98; Office Depot - 1 counterfeit pen, $2.03; Office Depot - 4 pk ink cartr, 1cs copy paper, $210.55; Office Depot - lined post-it notes, 2 cs copy paper, $71.97; Office Depot - 1pk gel pens, 1pk mechanical pencils, $26.38; Office Depot - 100pkg invitation envelops, $19.98; Office Depot -  binder clips, correction tape, 2 bx legal folders, calculator tape, $72.45; Office Depot - 12pkg sharpies, $11.99; Amazon - 6 metal thermostat guard, $193.80; Amazon - 2 pk sharpies, $13.34; Amazon - 2 pk label tape, warning labels, $71.96; Vista Print - 500 business cards, $20.00; Family Dollar - clorox wipes, handsoap, $11.50; Rushmore Holiday Inn - Jensen lodging 3/11/20 SD Airport Conference, $99.99; Swimsuit Outlet - 100 goggles, $333.60; Amazon - 16  change room curtains, food storage containers, 10pk vac filters, $477.73; American Floor Mats - 1 3x6 waterhog classic entrance mat, $120.69; Square Space-annual website hosting, $192.00; Facebook-ad MCC, $32.84; svc chrgs. Insurance and postage, $479.22; 500 shipping labels and 250 net stamp sheets, $342.39; TOTAL: $3,860.28
101 GENERAL FUND: $1,961.06
602 WATER FUND: $451.40
620 GOLF COURSE: $57.95
621 EVANS PLUNGE: $1,389.87
Public Hearing: Mayor Kotti opened the public hearing at 7:10 p.m. -A hearing on the application for a Use Permit on Review-James D Rohde owner, Melanie Adcock, tenant to operate a home preschool/daycare at 2142 Minnekahta Ave. in Hot Springs. Comments were heard from Melanie Adcock who stated she has worked in preschool/childcare for over 30 years, has an early childhood administration degree and plans to get certified through the State once use is permitted. Councilman Burris asked when she plans on opening, to which she responded as soon as approved, he asked how many families and she stated she has six families who need care right now, and has all the CDC guidelines for daycares that she plans to follow. Councilwoman Turner questioned the lack of fencing, Adcock stated the green mesh is the fence and is set up when the kids are outside and removed when they are not so parents could drop off and pick up from the back. Councilman Nelson asked if she has received any responses back from letters that were sent to her neighbors to which she responded no. Grant Lebar who is putting in an offer on the house next door shared his concern regarding the one way alley and stated that traffic in and out of the alley may be a bit congested. Councilman Burris stated that uses permitted on review allows for issues to be addressed as they come up. Councilman Ritterbush asked about licensing and also how a preschool would be open when technically schools are closed, Adcock said she basically runs the same as the school, but is allowed to continue preschool and daycare activities when they are closed and stated she has to get the use permit prior to state licensing. Valerie Henry expressed the need in the community for low income daycare and shared that she has been on waiting list for a year and half. No other public comments. Mayor Kotti closed the hearing at 7:20PM. Moved by Nelson, seconded by Romey, to approve the use permit on review
Personnel: Moved by Ritterbush, seconded by Turner, to approve personnel action (a-p); Austin Chaffin, Police Officer step increase to $21.50/hr. effective 4/3/20, Joshua Johnson, EPMS Aquatics Director, step increase $16.54/hr. effective 4/4/20, Tom Naasz, EPMS Building Maintenance, longevity increase to $18.61/hr. effective 4/25/20, Nikki Willard, SHGC Pro Shop Custodian, $11.15/hr. effective 4/1/20, Ron Foster, SHGC Pro Shop Golf Cart Maintenance & Driving Range Operator, $10.75/hr. effective 4/1/20, SHGC Pro Shop Clubhouse Attendants at $10.55/hr.; Karen Foster & Ellen Heafner, at $9.80/hr. Greg Foust effective 4/1/20, Lynette Reid at $9.55/hr. effective 4/3/20, Jeremiah Priem, SHGC Maintenance Technician, $11.70/hr. effective 4/1/20, SHGC Equipment Operator; Randy Meyer $10.30/hr. effective 3/30/20, Chris Houtman $9.55/hr. effective 4/1/20, Lane Henck, SHGC Horticulturist, $10.50/hr. effective 4/1/20, SHGC Laborers at $9.80/hr.; Wyatt Kreilaus & Caleb Maciejewski, at $9.55/hr., Caden Shanklin effective 4/1/20, Streets Class I Maintenance; Cody Parsons $9.80/hr., Alan Reynolds $9.55/hr. effective 4/1/20, Malisa Niles, Library Clerk, $10.45/hr. effective 4/1/20, Sahvana Hayne, EPMS Front Desk, $9.55/hr. effective 2/9/20, EMPS Custodian; $10.65/hr. Herb Hoffman, $10.40/hr.; David Brandt & Ronny Sinclair, effective 4/1/20, EPMS Lifeguards; at $10.70/hr. Okoye Zimiga-Holloway, at $10.45/hr. Lacie Grapentine, Tyler Morrow, Kathy Hren at $10.20/hr. Shyann Stewart and at $9.95/hr. Adam Consoer & Michael Wainman effective 4/1/20, EPMS Front Desk; at $10.30/hr., Jacqueline Henck & SaDell Neuhardt at $9.80/hr. Sahvana Hayne & Dana Schwarz effective 4/1/20
Committee Reports: Committee reports were heard by; Administrative and Finance: Chairman Bob Nelson, Vice Chair Caitlin Turner- next mtg. 4/8 1 p.m. at MCC or Zoom Airport Advisory Committee: Bill Lukens- did not meet but exchanged information by email regarding number of flight operations, fuel sales, June 6th Family Fly In, and Airport Managers retirement in August, next meeting 4/30 8 a.m. at Airport. Custer/Fall River Regional Waste Management District: Ron Richards- no mtg. Downtown Historic Preservation Commission: Craig Romey- no mtg. Evans Plunge Advisory Committee: Alison Ritterbush-cancelled mtg, next meeting will be in May Parks, Recreation, Beautification and Cultural Development: Dave Burris-basketball court modifications, destruction done during fiber optics installation, next mtg on 5/6 1 p.m. at MCC. Planning and Zoning Commission: Alison Ritterbush-next mtg. will be 4/15 6pm using Zoom. Public Safety: Bill Lukens-SRO-notified that 2021 school district budget includes $40k for the officer which would cover approximately 60 percent of the cost, if approved, the additional 40 percent will be requested in the 2021 PD budget, mental health commitment process discussed awaiting a signed agreement between attorney and professionals, thanked American Legion for donating of 8 portable gas detectors, school zone flashing light on University and the caution light discussed, no change recommended, next mtg. 4/15 1 p.m. at MCC Public Works: Chairman Bob Nelson, Vice Chair Ray Ecoffey- waiving late fees and disconnects on city utility bills, Fresno Ave. millings will be added to spring maintenance projects, discussed Garden St and need to widen corner near dip bridge, vacating of streets and alleys in the 26th St. water distribution improvement project area will be on next council agenda, adding a light at the end of 6th St., City requesting rock material from State Home to be used in flood channel, resident asked for clean rock on Sulphur Springs and exposed sewer line, brush pile maintenance still being discussed, Wesch Oak Bldg. continuing discussion, suspended sidewalk, KHSB pods aka bump outs should they be filled with concrete or dirt, fence on the State Home boundary will be installed by City crews, next mtg. 4/14 1 p.m. at MCC Southern Hills Economic Development: Caitlin Turner-no meeting scheduled Southern Hills Golf Course Advisory Committee: George Kotti-course is open, special rules and process being implemented to protect players and employees, will watch on a day to day basis to monitor situation. New business item f Click Big Deals, on agenda being recommended to decline. Volunteer Fire Department: Ron Richards-next mtg. 4/14 7 p.m. at HSVFD. The public is welcome to attend committee meetings.
Ordinances: Moved by Ritterbush, seconded by Turner, to approve the second reading of Ordinance 1210 revising Title XV Land Usage Chapter 155 Zoning Code to revise §155.03 (map), §155.032 (F)(1) Titled PUD #1 Mammoth Site, §155.070 (board of adjustment) a roll call vote was taken with all members voting in favor
Ordinance 1210
WHEREAS, the City of Hot Springs, pursuant to SDCL 9-19-3 may amend and revise ordinances as may be necessary; and
WHEREAS, the City of Hot Springs has previously adopted ordinances regulating zoning within the City; and
WHEREAS, the City of Hot Springs has identified the need to modify the existing ordinance to amend the zoning map, revise board of adjustment definition and add PUD #1-Mammoth Site to the Zoning Code
THEREFORE BE IT ORDAINED BY THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF HOT SPRINGS, that Title XV Land Usage, Chapter 155 Zoning Code §155.003, §155.032(F)(1) & §155.070 be revised and amended as follows:
Chapter 155 Zoning Code.
(A) Establishment of zoning districts.
(1) For the purpose of promoting the public health, safety, morals, convenience and the general welfare of the community of the city, it is hereby divided into districts of 14 different types, each being such number, shape, kind and area, and such common unity of purpose, and adaptability of use, that are deemed most suitable to carry out the purpose of this chapter.
(2) Type of Districts:
a) RA - Residential A (§ 155.020);
(b) RB - Residential B (§ 155.021);
(c) MR - Mountain Residential (§ 155.022);
(d) GC - General Commercial (§ 155.023);
(e) MXD-I - Mixed Use District-I (§ 155.024);
(f) HS - Highway Service (§ 155.025);
(g) GI - General Industrial (§ 155.026);
(h) GD - Greenway District (§ 155.027);
(i) NU - No Use District (§ 155.028);
(j) MGC - Golf Course (§ 155.029);
(k) GCRA - Golf Course Residential A (§ 155.030);
 (l) GCC - Golf Course Commercial (§ 155.031);
(m) PUD - Planned Unit Development (§ 155.032); and
(n) AZ – Airport Zone (§ 155.033).
(B) Zoning map. The location and boundaries of the zoning districts established by this chapter are denoted and defined as shown in the map entitled “Zoning Map of the City of Hot Springs, South Dakota-dated 2015,” and certified by the Zoning Administrator. The said map together with everything shown thereon with all amendments adopted thereto, is hereby incorporated into this chapter as fully set forth and described herein. The zoning map shall be kept and maintained by the Building Official and shall be available for inspection and examination by members of the public at all reasonable times as any other public record.
(F) Planned Unit Development Districts shall be enumerated.
(A) This Planned Unit Development is intended to provide flexibility from conventional zoning and encourage more creative, high-quality educational design with special consideration given to projects which fit with the Educational and Research Mission of The Mammoth Site of Hot Springs and its future growth as a learning center. The Mammoth Site PUD incorporates multi-room housing (dormitories) and commercial buildings (classrooms). The Mammoth Site is currently being replotted into a 9.5+ Acre Educational and Research Zone, combining the 50 plus individual lots into one tract that presently make up the Mammoth Site Campus. The newly formed PUD will be formed between Highway 18 By-Pass and Detroit Ave., with 19th Street and Mammoth Street (a non-existent street) closing out the boundaries.
Intent. In the interest of promoting the general welfare of The Mammoth Site and the City of Hot Springs, the image and character of The Mammoth Site are of vital importance, as is making sure the surrounding residential neighbor’s home values are protected. It is recognized that our campus should be visually attractive. The quality of building construction is essential to the preservation and enhancement of building and property values, prevention of the physical deterioration of buildings, and promotion of the image of The Mammoth Site and City of Hot Springs and the general welfare of its employees and students.
(B) Uses permitted. The following uses shall be permitted in the PUD #1 Mammoth Site
Can include:
1. Classroom;
2. Dormitory;
3. Exhibits/Research;
4. Foodservice;
5. Current operations;
6. Parking lots;
7. Temporary buildings for uses incidental to construction work, which structures shall be immediately adjacent to said construction work and which buildings shall be removed upon completion or abandonment of the construction work;
8. Transportation and utility easements, alleys, cart paths, pedestrian and transportation paths, and rights-of-way;
9. On the same premises, and in connection with permitted principal uses and structures, other uses and structures which are customarily accessory and clearly identical to permitted or permissible uses and structures;
10.  Dwelling units in multi-storied structures.
(C) Uses permitted on review. Uses similar in character to those enumerated above, which in the opinion of the governing body will not be detrimental to the district may be permitted on review by the governing body per provisions contained in §155.073.
(D) Manufactured buildings shall be permitted in this district.
1. Mobile Homes shall be allowed as dwellings when placed in accordance with local code requirements per §151.05
(E) Area Regulations. The following requirements shall apply to all uses permitted in this district.
1. Front yard 10’
2. Side yard 10’
3. Rear yard 10’
4. Two-story or more structure/side yard setback 12’
5. Maximum lot coverage. Primary and accessory buildings shall cover not more than 50% of the property area.
(F) Height regulations. No building or structure shall exceed five stories or 60 feet in height except as provided in §155.047.
(G) Off-street parking requirements, general. There shall be provided at any time any building or structure is erected or enlarged or increased in capacity, off-street parking space for automobiles in accordance with the following requirements.
1. Off-street parking shall be either on the same lot or within 200 feet of the campus. They are measured from the nearest point of the building to the nearest point of the street parking lot, without crossing any major thoroughfare.
a. In cases of shared off-street parking, the Zoning Administrator may grant an exception when the applicant can show no negative impact on the surrounding neighborhood.
2. Off-street parking space shall consist of:
a. A parking lot, driveway, garage or combination thereof and shall be located on the lot they are intended to serve; and
b. Adequate provisions for the off-street parking of any RV, camper, trailer, boat, or other seasonal recreation vehicles.
3. Any area once designated as required off-street parking shall not be changed to any other use unless and until equal facilities are provided elsewhere.
4.  Off-street parking existing on the effective date of this chapter in connection with the operation of the existing campus shall not be reduced to an amount less than hereinafter required for a similar new building or use.
5. Two or more buildings or uses may collectively provide the required off-street parking, in which case the required number of parking spaces shall be not less than the sum of the requirements for several individual uses computed separately.
6. The required off-street parking shall be for occupants, employees, visitors, and patrons and shall be limited in use to motor vehicles. The storage of merchandise, motor vehicles for sale, or the repair of vehicles on such parking areas is prohibited.
(B) Board of Adjustment.
(1) The governing body, except as otherwise provided in SDCL § 11-4-13, shall provide for the appointment of a Board of Adjustment, hereinafter referred to as the “Board.” The Board shall consist of five members, each residents of the City of Hot Springs. The members and alternates shall be appointed by the Mayor and approved by the City Council. Each member is appointed for a term of three years and removable for cause by the governing body upon written charges and after public hearing. Vacancies shall be filled for the unexpired term only.
Severability. The provisions of this ordinance are severable. If any provision of this ordinance or the application thereof to any person or circumstance is held to be invalid, such invalidity shall not affect other provisions or applications of this ordinance which can be given effect without the invalid provision or application.
Effective Date. This Ordinance will become effective 20 days following publication, which will occur after the ordinance receives second and final reading by the City Council and is signed by the Mayor.
Dated this 6th day of April 2020.
George Kotti, Mayor
Misty Summers-Walton, Finance Officer
First Reading: 3/16/2020
Second Reading: 4/6/2020
Published: 4/16/2020
Effective: 5/6/2020
Moved by Turner, seconded by Burris, to approve the second reading of Ordinance 1212: An Emergency Ordinance to address a public health crisis by implementing certain measures which have been deemed necessary to slow the community spread of coronavirus (COVID-19) a roll call vote was taken with all members voting in favor
Moved by Lukens, seconded by Nelson, to approve first reading of Ordinance 1211: An Ordinance amending the Fine and Bond Schedule for the City of Hot Springs Comments were heard by Councilman Romey and Lukens. A roll call vote was taken; Ecoffey, Burris, Lukens, Nelson, Richards, Ritterbush and Turner in favor, Romey opposed
Resolution: Moved by Nelson, seconded by Romey, to approve Resolution 2020-12: A resolution to add and change lanes of travel on 16th St. north of University Ave at the High School
Resolution No. 2020-12
WHEREAS, the Chair of the Public Safety Committee received a public comment via the Police Department regarding the safety of this intersection; and
WHEREAS, these concerns were investigated by the Chief of Police, finding it reasonable to mitigate the safety concern with the reconfiguration of lanes, markers and signs at the intersection; and
WHEREAS; this resolution is in response to City Ordinance Title VII Traffic Code, Chapter 70 Traffic Regulations §70.06 (A)(1) and (E).    
NOW THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, by the City Council of the City of Hot Springs, South Dakota, to reconfigure SIXTEENTH (16th) STREET north of the intersection of UNIVERSITY AVENUE to accommodate two south bound lanes. The right lane being for RIGHT TURN ONLY on to west bound UNIVERSITY AVENUE; the center lane being STRAIGHT OR LEFT TURN to south bound 16th Street or east bound UNIVERSITY AVENUE respectively.  The eastern most lane will remain northbound, however no parking will be allowed from the corner of UNIVERSITY AVENUE to the second driveway and will be designated as such by yellow markings on the existing curb.
Approved this 6th day of April, 2020
George Kotti, Mayor
Misty Summers-Walton, Finance Officer
Discussion ONLY- Resolution 2020-13: The first resolution amending Ordinance 1212, as part of the City of Hot Springs, South Dakota response to the COVID-19 coronavirus. Comments were heard by Councilman Lukens, Nelson and Romey and Councilwoman Ritterbush. No action was taken
New Business: Moved by Ritterbush, seconded by Burris, to authorize the Finance Office to waive late fee penalties to City utility bills unpaid by the due date and to also discontinue terminating services by disconnection on unpaid bills, effective for a minimum of 90 days unless rescinded sooner by future action of the Council
Moved by Nelson, seconded by Burris, to authorize the Police Department to apply for the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), State Homeland Security Program (SHSP) grant. Application will be submitted with a request to purchase a Dodge Durango, grant award would be 100% reimbursement. The City would be responsible for outfitting the vehicle at an approximate cost of $10,000, potentially a 2021 expense
Moved by Turner, seconded by Lukens, to authorize the Finance Office to refund 2-$100 2020 Second Hand License fees due to the recent change in the city ordinance and licensing requirements (Ord. 1209) Romey abstained
Moved by Ritterbush, seconded by Romey, to rescind the 3/16/20 Council approval of the QT Pod Model M4000 Self-Serve Fueling Terminal for the HS Airport
Moved by Nelson, seconded by Burris, to authorize the Brosz Engineering invitation to bid BRO 8024(00)18-1, PCN 06VF Jennings Ave. Bridge: Structure Replacement, Approach Grading, Curb & Gutter, Asphalt Pavement & Incidentals
Moved by Turner, seconded by Ritterbush, to authorize Southern Hills Golf Course Superintendent Jason Happe to enter into the trade contract with Click Big Deals allowing for the sale of 40 vouchers good for 18 holes of play in exchange for $12,000 in advertising. Comments were heard by Mayor Kotti and Councilman Nelson. Ecoffey, Burris, Lukens, Nelson, Richards, Ritterbush, Romey and Turner all opposed, motion failed
Finance Officer Report: Discussed the financial reports through the end of March, we have not yet experienced the significant downturns in revenue expected since many of our revenues are about 30 days behind. Shared the plans of the City and the Finance Office in ongoing monitoring of situation as well as steps the finance office has already taken in an attempt to slow spending to essential needs only at this time and the furlough of some part-time staff members. Discussed the extraordinary importance of leadership at this time. Identified closures at EPMS, Library, PD, City Hall, and the MCC to the public and also discussed the current suspension of all Summer Recreation activities. Discussed the importance of continuing to meet and discuss the business of the City and the potential to use Zoom for virtual meetings. Discussed the Families First Coronavirus Relief Act (FFCRA) and the Coronavirus Aid Relief and Economic Security Act (CARES) that provides for emergency paid sick leave and emergency family and medical leave expansion. Reviewed submitted nominating petitions; Bob Nelson, Mayor, Ward 1 Larry Pratt, Ward 2 William Lukens, Ward 3 Johnny R Huddleston (2yr) and Wes Grimes (1yr) and Ward 4 Debra A. Johnston and Caitlin Turner (2yr), we will have an election for the Ward 4-2yr position and will need to appoint for the Ward 4-1yr spot. Reviewed progress on 2019 Annual report and announced City offices will be closed 4/10 & 4/13.
City Administrator Report: Provided a summary of each City Department’s innovative activities in response to the Coronavirus CDC & SD-DOH restrictions, hygiene guidance and City Ordinance #1212 provisions. Most of our Departments have developed plans to efficiently utilize their full-time personnel, minimize non-essential spending and continue some level of community services. Announced that our MERF facility which is maintained by our City Street/Maintenance Dept. had passed the annual inspection by DENR, including: recycled oil containment, scrap metal storage, brush pile & yard waste management, and animal burial activities. Provided an update of recent DOT discussions and critical time-lines associated with the Suspended Sidewalk “commitment” by the City Council with emphasis placed on the SD-DOT $2.8MM Funding Agreements (x2) and the ISG Services Proposal & Cost Opinion. Presented the Brosz Engineering Bid Letting schedule for the Jennings Bridge replacement and highlighted seasonal considerations that should be addressed at the time of bid opening, which is scheduled for the April 20th City Council meeting. Provided a progress update on the multi-Departmental repairs performed on the MCC geothermal heating system and the current operational restrictions of the system. The installation of a new “heat exchanger grid” will need to be considered to achieve consistent, long-term system function and efficiency. Reminded the Public that as of today, the SHGC is still open with some reasonable restrictions and guidelines; and that they are ready for golfers to make the rounds.
Mayor Report: Thanked the citizens and businesses of Hot Springs for compliance concerning the provisions of the resolution to lessen the COVID-19 curve. Random checks by the police have confirmed the community is taking the CDC guidelines seriously. The mayor emphasized that we must continue our vigilance as the projected peak of infection is now projected in early June. Also, the mayor signed a letter circulated by the SD Municipal League encouraging the governor to declare a public health emergency to assist in communities in legislating actions to protect against the Coronavirus. The mayor tasked the city administrator and finance officer to look at city facilities that have closed down and how the city can effectively manage staff to insure that those that are furloughed can obtain the benefits offered by various relief programs. The Council was reminded that the $2.8M offer from SD/DOD for the suspended sidewalk would be on the Council agenda at the next meeting. The mayor would attempt to do a presentation on the suspended sidewalk to the community on social media in order to quell false rumors and explain the underlying reasons for this important addition to the Highway 18/385 construction project. The mayor announced that he would be seeking the District 30, SD Senate seat in the upcoming election.
Being no further business to come before the Council, moved by Nelson, seconded by Richards, to adjourn at 8:35 p.m.
George Kotti, Mayor
Misty Summers-Walton, Finance Officer
Published once at the total approximate cost of $357.21
Published: April 16, 2020

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