Invitation to Bid_City of Hot Springs

Section 00100
Invitation to Bid

Notice is hereby given, that FIRM sealed bids for the construction of BRO 8024(00)18-1, PCN 06VF will be received by the City of Hot Springs, Hot Springs, South Dakota at the office of City of Hot Springs, 303 North River Street, Hot Springs, South Dakota until  7:00 p.m., local time on April 20, 2020, and then publicly opened and read aloud.
The project consists of: Structure Replacement, Approach Grading, Curb & Gutter, Asphalt Pavement & Incidentals.
The complete set of Contract Documents, including drawings and specifications, is on file with the Owner at the City of Hot Springs Public Works Department and the office of Brosz Engineering, Inc., 3561 Whitewood Service Road, Sturgis, SD 57717. Digital Contract Documents are also available from QuestCDN and can be accessed from the Brosz Engineering website at under the “Bid Information” page. The cost for downloaded (electronic) plans is $20. The official Plan Holders list can be viewed for the project on the QuestCDN website. Only electronic plan holders downloaded via QuestCDN will receive addendum notifications. Contractors using any other means for obtaining plans and specifications must periodically check the QuestCDN website for any addenda.
In addition, the Drawings and Project Manual may also be examined at the following locations: Construction Industry Center
Each bid must contain a certified check, a Cashier’s check or Draft, for five percent (5%) of the amount of the bid; such check to be certified or issued by either a State or National Bank and payable to City of Hot Springs or in lieu thereof a Bid Bond for Ten percent (10%) of the amount of this bid, such bond to be issued by a Surety authorized to do business in the State of South Dakota and payable to City of Hot Springs as a guarantee that such bidder will enter into a contract with said City of Hot Springs, it’s Commission thereof in accordance with the terms of such letting and bid in case such bidder is awarded the contract. The Certified Check or other guarantee, or bid bond of the successful bidder will be returned to him forthwith upon the execution of the contract and surety hereafter provided for.
At the time the successful bidder enters into a contract for the construction of public improvement or the furnishing of any material or labor thereof, the Contractor will be required, before commencing such work, to furnish surety in an amount not less than the contract price, for the faithful performance of such contract, with additional obligation that such performance of such contractor will promptly pay all persons supplying him with labor or material in the prosecution of the work provided for in such contract. The Contractor shall also provide proof of liability insurance and workman’s compensation insurance, as per Article 5 of the General Conditions.
The City of Hot Springs reserves the right to reject any or all Bids and waive any defects therein.
Dated at City of Hot Springs, South Dakota 18th Day of March, 2020
John Gregory, City Manager
City of Hot Springs
Hot Springs, South Dakota
Published twice at the total approximate cost of $71.92
Published: March 26, April 2, 2020

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