March Invoices_Oelrichs School District


Oelrichs School District
March 2020 Board Meeting: A&B Welding Amount: 293.40, Welding Supplies; Ace Hardware Amount: 17.98, Plumbing Locker Room; Ace Hardware Amount: (24.57), Returned Supplies; Ace Hardware Amount: 34.34, Repair Locker Room Plumbing; Ace Hardware Amount: 15.00, Pipe Cap; Shelf Brace; Ace Hardware Amount: 7.59, Painters Mate Tape; Airheart, Desirae Amount: 594.00, Parent Mileage Dec - Feb; All Seasons Screen Printing Amount: 990.00, Hand Game Award Shirts - Pow Wow; Amazon Amount: 327.92, Toilet Paper; Amazon Amount: 56.01, Planners; Amazon Amount: 30.98, Infrared Thermometer; Amazon Amount: 319.32, Abc Learn Floor Puzzle Promotes Hand-Eye, Match It - Counting Self Correct Number, Match It - Alphabet Capital & Lower Case, Numbers Bingo Game, Creative Animal Geo Block Pattern Puzzle, Jumbo Jigsaw Floor Puzzle, Barnyard Shaped Floor Puzzle, Learning Resource Abc Soup Sorters, Very Hungry Cat Count Floor Puzzle Game, Very Hungry Cat Spin & Seek Abc Game, Thinkfun Zingo 1-2-3 Number Bingo Game, 4 Magnet Building Tiles Stem Approved, Treasure Box Prizes, 2 Abacus Dev Beads Extension Act, 225 Magnet Letters & Numbers - Spelling, Timy Wood Abc Puzzle Board, Abc Slap Jack Card Game Case Letter Reco, Shipping, Prize Toys,; Amazon Amount: 203.88, Graduation Gowns; Tassels; Amazon Amount: 15.89, Graph Paper; Amazon Amount: 26.18, Reading Books For Lower Level Readers; Amazon Amount: 13.99, Alphabet Bingo - Letter Learning Game; Amazon Amount: 95.04, Classroom Supplies: Pad; Markers; Tape; Amazon Amount: 32.00, Supplies For Welding Class; Amazon Amount: 74.50, Detail Description, Air Fresh; Amazon Amount: 60.28, Female Hygiene Products; At&T Mobility Amount: 362.80, Cell Phones - Principal, Cell Phones - Transportation; Bentson, Lynette Amount: 1,705.62, Specialized Tutoring Jan; Bentson, Lynette Amount: 1,244.46, Prof Service - Tutoring Feb; Black Hills Electric Coop Amount 4697.74, Electricity; Black Hills Special Services Coop Amount 900, Psy Evaluations; Black Bear, Emmanuel Amount: 500.00, Cultural Consultant, Mileage 50.06; Black Hills Chemical Co., Amount: 394.89, Garbage Bags; Roll Towel; Bomgaars Amount: 174.84, Ice Melt; Door Mat Weight Room; Cash-Wa Distributing Amount: 5,527.61, Food Supplies: $3,635.38, Fresh Fruit & Veg: $235.15, Non Food Supplies: $275.49, Community Cultural Dinner: $916.44, Pow Wow Concession: $465.15; Century Business Products, Inc. Amount: 61.13, Copiers, Copy Machine Rental Amount: 612.08; Cheyenne Sanitation Amount: 373.46, Garbage; Crazy Horse School Amount: 548.00, Boys Region 7B Gate Receipt; Creative Kids Therapy Amount: 1,315.65, Ot - Consultant; Culligan Water Conditioning Amount: 309.50, Water And Softener Rent; Dean Dairy Holdings Llc Amount: 477.60, Milk; Eaglehawk, Jessica Amount: 500.00, Consultant; Enterprise Financial Services Llc Amount: 164.24; Fall River Auto Supply (Carquest) Amount: 206.91, Wire Roll Black And White, Antifreeze; Exh Fluid; Window Clean; Fall River County Herald Amount: 147.72, Inv 11581 Notice Of Audit, Inv 11731 Notice Of Vacancy (Board), Inv 11864 Proceedings Jan 13; Fleming, Shannon Amount: 8.51, Reimb: Supplies/ Tickets For Prevention; Flinn Scientific Inc Amount: 178.66, Supplies For Science Lab; Fmg Engineering Amount: 5,310.00, Prof Survey & Geotechnical Service; Golden West Technologies Amount: 3,498.25, Off Site Backup, Noc Services 25 Users, Onsite Flex Days, 14 Mng Next Gen 1 Server Monthly, Mng Next Gen 25 Work Stations Monthly; Golden West Telecommunications Amount: 362.46, Phone Line; Heinemann Amount: 467.50, Benchmark Assessment 2; Just For Kids Speech Therapy, Llc Amount: 3,300.00, Speech; Knutson, James Amount: 45.66, Reimburse For Score Book, Reimburse Meals 1/4/20; Lower Brule Day School Amount: 600.00, All Nations Football Fee; Menards Amount: 55.88, Disinfectant Spray And Cleaner; Menards Amount: 62.92, Supplies: Toilet Seat; Kerosene; Meyer, Karen Amount: 1,125.00, Feb 11 And 20; New Underwood School Amount: 334.00, Girls Region 7B Gate Receipts; Omni Cheer Amount 226.33, Cheer Uniforms; Osmotherly, Dave Amount: 300.00, Snow Removal; Pacific Steel & Recyclng Amount: 403.87, Welding Supplies; Patrons Coop Amount: 2,937.99, Diesel; Peterson, Darla Amount: 375.95, Reimburse Concession; Peterson, Darla Amount: 14.88, Pd In Feb; Peterson, Darla Amount: 71.64, Nursing Supplies - Female Hygiene; Power House Amount: 368.65, Electric Clutch Snowblower; Rapid Fire Protection, Inc Amount: 408.16, Alarm Service Work; Red Stone Strategic Solutions Amount: 8,308.75, Red Stone Strategic Solutions Amount: 2,750.00, Title I: Sheri Coleman, Title I: Sheri Coleman, Title I: Sheri Coleman; R&J First Stop Amount: 345, Full Service 2 Buses + Parts; Sd Dept. Of Ed. - Child & Adult Nutrition Amount: 401.00,  Process Fee For Commodity; Sd Interscholastic Athletic Amount: 180.00,  Administrators Association Conference Registration Sdiaaa; Servall Towel & Linen Amount: 452.52, Towels/Mats/Mops; Skills usa Inc. Amount: 65.00, Skills Usa Prof Membership; Tsouhlarakis, George Amount 225, Drum Group Sponsor; Us Postal Service Amount: 110.00, 2 Rolls Stamps; Venenga, Elizabeth Amount: 4,000.00, Title I: School Improvement; High School Improvement - Coaching; Total: 60,751.62
Imprest: Armstrong, Kenny 193.04, Official Hsbbb V 80.00, Official Hsbbb Jv 45.00, Mileage 68.04; Bear Robe, Shirley 250.00, Registration For Comm Cultural Function 250.00; Blacksmith, Julie 50.00, Gbb Book Official; Blacksmith, Julie 75.00, Hs Gbb Book 25.00, Hs Bbb Book 25.00, Ms Book 25.00; Blacksmith, Julie 50.00, Hs Book X2 50.00; Brewer, Vince 125.00, Hsbbb Official V 80.00, Hsbbb Jv Official 45.00; Dixon, Carter 160.00, Hsgbb Official 80.00, Hsbbb Official 80.00; Dreaming Bear, Angel 80.00, Cultural Activity - Chef 80.00; Eagle Hawk, Chris 300.00, Cultural Activity - Announcer 300.00; Janis, Romey 160.00, Hsbbb Official 80.00; Hsgbb Official 80.00; Kelly, Marlon 400.00, Cultural Activity - Event Judge 400.00; Kills Small, Krista 75.00, Official - Clock X 2 50.00, Official Shot Clock 25.00; Kills Small, Krista 125.00, Hs Clock X2 50.00, Hs Shot Clock X 2 50.00, Ms Clock 25.00; Kills Small, Krista 75.00, Hs Shot Clockx1 25.00, Hs Clock Bbb X2 50.00; Red Feather, Deborah 100.00, Cultural Activity - Chef 100.00; Shot With Arrow, Milo 203.12, Hsbbb Official V 80.00, HsBbb Official Jv 45.00, Mileage 78.12; Star Comes Out, Delly 75.00, Bb Announcer X 3 75.00; Tobacco, Mary 195.28, Hsbbb Official 80.00, Hsgbb Official 80.00, Mileage 35.28; Tobacco, Mary 125.00, Hsbbb Official V 80.00, Hsbbb Official Jv 45.00; Town Of Oelrichs 416.50, Water 416.50; Tsouhlarakis, George 500.00, Cultural Activity - Drum Group 500.00; Wendland 57.72, Ms Official 30.00, Mileage 27.72; Yellowboy, Tyler 300.00, Cultural Activity - Arena Director 300.00; Total: 4,090.66
Credit Cards: Adobe Systems Amount: $15.66, Adobe Pro Sub; Dairy Queen Amount: $24.90, Food For Players; Dairy Queen Amount: $42.74, Travel Bb; Discount Fuel Amount: $48.69, Bb Travel; Dollar Tree Stores Inc. Amount: $11.82, Reimburse From Booster For Winter Dance; Mcdonalds Amount: $98.24, Bb Travel Chadron; Sams Club Amount: $583.67, Booster Pay For Food For Winter Dance, Reimburse For Concession, Reimburse For Concession; Taco Bell Amount: $31.24, Bb Food; Wal-Mart Community Amount: $272.54, Cough Drops/Crackers, Phone Protectors, Head Lice Supplies; Total: $1,129.50
Published once at the total approximate cost of $85.56
Published: March 19, 2020

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