Proceedings_City of Hot Springs February 20, 2020


Unofficial Minutes of the Regular Meeting of the
Common Council of the City Of Hot Springs
February 20, 2020-rescheduled
A regular meeting of the Common Council of the City of Hot Springs, South Dakota, was convened on February 20, 2020 at 7:00 p.m. at the Mueller Civic Center with Mayor George Kotti presiding
Members Present: Ray Ecoffey, Bill Lukens, Bob Nelson, Ron Richards, Alison Ritterbush, Craig Romey and Caitlin Turner
Members Absent: David Burris
Staff Present: Finance Officer Misty Summers-Walton, MCC Staff Karl Bochert, and City Attorney Garland Goff
All actions recorded in these minutes were by unanimous vote unless otherwise stated.
Agenda: Mayor Kotti requested to add executive session under SDCL§1-25-2(1) Personnel to the agenda, moved by Lukens, seconded by Ritterbush, to approve the amended agenda
Minutes: Moved by Romey, seconded by Turner, to approve the regular council meeting minutes from 2/3/20
Claims: Moved by Turner, seconded by Nelson, to approve the bills in between of $159,277.01
Bills in Between: Feb. 18, 2020: City of Hot Springs, $22,812.32, General Payroll; City of Hot Springs, $5,429.11, Golf Payroll; City of Hot Springs, $10,176.82, Water Payroll; City of Hot Springs, $6,694.88, Sewer Payroll; City of Hot Springs, $11,753.90, Evans Plunge Payroll; City of Hot Springs, $16,963.10, Payroll Deductions; Wellmark BC/BS, $28,212.52, Premium; Dearborn National Life, $126.90, Premium; SDRS, $26,044.42, Retirement Reporting; SDRS Supplemental, $480.00, Happe, Wainman, Summers-Walton Retirement Reporting; Chamer of Commerce, $7,610.73, 80% LLD; Fall River Sanitation, $14,214.61, Payments Collected; SD Dept of Revenue,  $5,671.80, Sales Tax Reporting; Golden West, $1,920.69, Monthly Charges; ETS, $24.13, Golf Course Monthly Credit Card Processing Fee; Heartland Payment Systems, $558.77, Evans Plunge Monthly Credit Card Processing Fee; Heartland Payment Systems, $534.18, City/Water Monthly Credit Card Processing Fee; Custer-Fall River Regional Waste Mgt, $48.13, Solid Waste Landfill Fees, Annual Permit; Total: $159,277.01
Moved by Nelson, seconded by Ritterbush, to approve the current claims of $172,469.55; Moved by Lukens, seconded by Romey, to approve the 2019 accounts payable total of $75.84
Current Claims and Accounts Payable: Feb. 20, 2020: A & B Welding, $182.04, 4 Cutting Tips, Mig Wire; Ace Hardware, $928.04, Gas Can, Fasteners, Hasp, Padl; Alsco, $72.66, Towels, Mops, Urinal Mats; American Public Works Assoc., $350.00, 2020 Membership Dues; Blakes Trailer Sales & Repair, $110.00, 2 Leaf Springs, 4 U-Bolts; Bomgaars Supply, $543.91, Dolly; Builders Firstsource, $284.33, Washers; Century Business Products, $373.24, Jan 2020 Printer Contract; Cwd, $808.76, T-Paper; Vamc, $1,372.75, Cwt Worker 21 Hr at $9.50/Hr; Dales Tire & Retreading, $2,537.84, 8 Tires; Denny Menholt Chevrolet, $29,056.00, 2020 Chev 2500 4Wd K3500 Vin#1; Dollar General -Regions 410526, $62.00, 12 6Pk P-Towels, 2 Markers; Ecolab Pest Elim, $75.84, Dec 2019 Pest Control; Fall River Auto, $474.75, King Pin Set, Vacuum Tubing, G; F. R. County Auditor, $1,300.85, Jan 2020 Hwy Fuel Usage; Fall River County Herald Star, $740.80, Armchair Quarterback Challenge; Gall’s Llc, $310.45, Earphone Piece, 3 Pr Boots; Grainger, $66.26, 4 Tube Oil, 2 Oil Wicks; Herrmann Global Inc, $5,400.00, Visit Usa Parks -Branded Itene; Hills Toilet Service, $25.00, Feb Port-A-Pot Rental; Hillyard/Sioux Falls, $815.00, 18” Dual Motor Vacuum; Ketel Thorstenson Llp, $1,316.13, Audit Work Progress Billing &; Kimball-Midwest, $209.28, 8 Bx Industrial P-Towels; Lakota Contracting Inc, $66.90, Belt, Radio Holder; Lighting Maintenance,Contracts, $530.88, Monthly Light Maint Svc Contra; Marco Technologies Llc, $38.79, 1/25/20 - 2/24/20 Printer Cont; Menards, $397.00, Washing Machine; Midcontinent Testing Laborator, $80.00, Jan 2020 Water Testing; Midwest Turf & Irrigation, $129.56, 3 Lowcut Bedknife; Northwest Pipe, $137.50, 50 Ss Inserts; Plumbing Heating & A/C Service, $183.60, Water Heater & Softner Reset,; Qualified Presort Service, Llc, $550.61, Jan 2020 Water Bill Postcards; Rapid Delivery, $13.23, Delivery Charge For W13 Light; Sd Dept. Of Revenue, $21.20, Title & License Fee 2020 Chev; South Dakota Municipal League, $2,766.98, 2020 Membership Dues; Sd Public Assurance Alliance, $109,862.30, 2020 Renewal Premium; Sams Club, $11.98, Applesauce Pouches; Servall, $82.91, Mats; Simon North Region Sd, $84.91, Limestone Gravel; Simunek Electric Inc, $76.50, Svc Call Tennis Court Lights; Sonnys, $14.81, 2 Pk Applesauce, Buns, Candy; Sturdevants Auto Parts, $1,311.56, 4 Spark Plugs; Toter Wastequip, Llc, $8,002.21, 140 96Gal Garbage Carts & Frei; Wilson Electric Llc, $658.34, 2 Led Lights Install Men’s Res; Yesco Outdoor Media, $107.69, 1/2 Share Billboard 21807N Sr7; Total: $172,545.39
Communications from the Public: Beth Spitzer-President of Keep Hot Springs Beautiful spoke to the Council about an article written in the 1/30/20 edition of the Herald Star about her organization and the Christmas Lights which was full of inaccurate information and also about the upcoming Highway Project and the vision that Keep Hot Springs Beautiful has for this project and our town, she asked Council if they want to work together with KHSB to establish a beautiful Hot Springs for future generation? Mayor Kotti invited her to the Public Works committee meetings to discuss the project and insisted that all planning with the DOT be done through the City, Councilman Nelson reviewed an email from the DOT engineer and asked if she was satisfied with the responses given to her questions asked. Beth indicated that her group still has concerns regarding the plans, Mayor Kotti suggested these discussions be done during the appropriate committee meeting and not during the City Council meeting.
Personnel: Moved by Ritterbush, seconded by Richards, to approve personnel action (a-c); Stacie Roberson, Library Clerk, $10.15/hr. effective 2/3/20, Kenna Aldrich, EPMS Lifeguard, last day effective 2/7/20, Morgan Rhew, EPMS Lifeguard, last day effective 2/24/20
Committee Reports: Committee reports were heard by; Administrative and Finance: Chairman Bob Nelson, Vice Chair Caitlin Turner, the committee recommends a change to City Ordinances Title XI Business Regulations §112.01 & 112.02 removing second hand stores from licensing requirements, purchasing a replacement for the airport fueling system, not waiving park reservation fees for 2 requested waivers, and moving forward with EPMS bond refunding/refinancing. Airport Advisory Committee: Bill Lukens next mtg. Friday 2/27 at 8 a.m. at the Airport,
Custer/Fall River Regional Waste Management District: Ron Richards next mtg. Thursday 3/12 at 7 p.m. at MCC
Downtown Historic Preservation Commission: Craig Romey next mtg. Wednesday 3/4 at 5PM at the Library, Evans Plunge Advisory Committee: Alison Ritterbush, estimates for updates to hot tubs being prepared by Tom, closure scheduled 3/2-3/15, 130 year anniversary this year, potential non-profit friends of EPMS group, discussing potential youth/student rate for memberships. Parks, Recreation, Beautification and Cultural Development: Dave Burris-absent no update. Planning and Zoning Commission: Alison Ritterbush-1st PUD (planned unit development) is on its way to the council for approval. Public Safety: Bill Lukens, discussing and offered for school board consideration a 40/60 City/School split for funding of an SRO (School Resource Officer) recommended revisions to the City Ordinance Title IX General Regulations §93.06 Fireworks and §93.08 Storing Gun or Blasting Powder, request to change S 16th St north of University to a three lane with two southbound lanes designated as right turn only and straight or left turn only. Public Works: Chairman Bob Nelson, Vice Chair Ray Ecoffey, reviewing City Ordinance Title VII Traffic Code §70.08(B)(2) to identify a length of time to support enforcement of chapter by PD, brush pile hours and state licensing requirements, construction improvements at the WW treatment plant. Southern Hills Economic Development: Caitlin Turner-no meeting scheduled currently, Southern Hills Golf Course Advisory Committee: George Kotti-no update course closed. Volunteer Fire Department: Ron Richards, next mtg. Tuesday 3/10 at 7 p.m. at the HS Volunteer Fire Dept. The public is welcome to attend committee meetings.
Resolution: Moved by Romey, seconded by Richards, to approve resolution 2020-8: A resolution to surplus City property-1981 Ruger AC556
Resolution 2020-8
A Resolution to Surplus City Property
BE IT RESOLVED by the City Council of the City of Hot Springs, South Dakota: to surplus the following City property;
POLICE DEPARTMENT: 1981 Ruger AC556    
WHEREAS, the City Council of the City of Hot Springs finds that said property is no longer useable or suitable for the any purpose for the City; and finds that said property  should be made surplus and sold in as-is condition. The potential future sale of this item will be restricted to an individual or company with the applicable federal firearm license.
NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED by the City Council of the City of Hot Springs, South Dakota, that the above described property be declared surplus.
Dated this 20th day of February 2020
George Kotti, Mayor
Misty Summers-Walton, Finance Officer
New Business: Discussion only - Councilmember Ritterbush provided an update on the Hult Holmes construction project, the project is moving forward and it was decided that the City Administrator would be the one point of contact for Hult Homes on behalf of the City going forward
Discussion only - The discussion surrounding a potential Dog Park at Umiker Park was postponed due to the absence of Councilman Burris
Discussion only - The discussion surrounding the potential donation of funds raised at EPMS Puppy Plunge to go to dog park development group was postponed due to the absence of Councilman Burris
Moved by Nelson, seconded by Romey, to table the discussion to set/change the hours for the brush pile dump at the city maintenance facility and send the issue back to the Public Works committee for further review
Moved by Lukens, seconded by Turner, to approve Dean Kurtz Construction Wet Well Repairs Contract Change Order #2 in the amount of $23,038 for the replacement of the underground piping outside the building leading from the clarifiers into the wet well and #3 a subtraction in the amount of $653 which is the net amount remaining when replacement fittings of $2,117 were added and a credit of $2,770 was applied due to the deletion of secondary clarifier piping. The new contract amount including these change orders is $307,391
Moved by Turner, seconded by Richards, to appoint K.C. Carruthers and Debra Walgren Johnston to the Historic Preservation Commission for 3 year terms from 2020-2022
Moved by Ritterbush, seconded by Nelson, to approve travel/training request from Finance Officer Misty Summers-Walton to attend the Black Hills Area Finance Officers Association meeting in Spearfish on 3/3/20
Moved by Turner, seconded by Ritterbush, to approve travel/training request from Chief Close to attend the SD Police Chiefs & Sheriffs Association spring conference in Deadwood on 4/21/20 to 4/23/20
Moved by Lukens, seconded by Turner, to approve travel/training request from the Water Dept, Shaun Hylle, Tadd Harder, Gordon Wempen, and Pete Miles for certification training and testing in Rapid City 1/28/20 to 1/30/20
Finance Officer Report: Discussed the article in this week’s edition of the Herald Star relating to the upcoming election and encouraged interested individuals to consider serving their community in this rewarding way, discussed Legislative Cracker Barrel scheduled for 2/22 from 2-4 p.m. at the Stay USA-will prepare and post notice of quorum, reminded council of deadline to RSVP for SDML District 9 meeting in New Underwood on 4/1, discussed the upgrading of workstations throughout the City to Window 10 operating systems, Insurance renewals for Wellmark BC/BS, Avesis, Delta Dental and AFLAC are coming up in May, which is also our open enrollment period, these renewals will be reviewed at the next Admin/Finance meeting, provided updates on annual reporting and financial statement preparations, completed annual SAM (systems for award management) renewal required to apply for and receive federal funds for the City and completed the Annual Survey of Local Government Finance. Reviewing new requirements of the FMCSA (federal motor carrier’s safety administration) related to CDL drivers and the new drug and alcohol clearinghouse annual query and reporting procedures.
Mayor Report: Thanked those who carried out the brush pile burn plan to include Councilmen Nelson, Lukens and Burris along with SD Wild Land Fire who provided the information for the most favorable forecast to dissipate the smoke. The City Maintenance crews also monitored the burn throughout, resulting in minimal impact on the community. Emotions are still raw for those who suffered loss during the recent River Street fire. Both Governor Noem and Representative Dusty Johnson phoned the Mayor to express their concern and offer support to the Hot Springs community. The residents of the City were encouraged to continue to support the impacted families and employees with their thoughts and prayers. The Mayor noted that fire is a refining force, just as it is used to purify gold, so too, as the community looks toward the future, we will find a better downtown as we rebuild from this devastating fire.
Executive Session: Moved by Turner, seconded by Ritterbush, to go into executive session under SDCL 1-25-2 (1) Personnel at 8:35 p.m., Mayor Kotti, City Attorney Goff, and Councilmembers Ecoffey, Lukens, Nelson, Richards, Ritterbush, Romey and Turner attended executive session. At 8:48 p.m., all present exited the executive session and the meeting resumed.
Being no further business to come before the Council, moved by Romey, seconded by Ritterbush, to adjourn at 8:49 p.m.
George Kotti, Mayor
Misty Summers-Walton, Finance Officer
Published once at the total approximate cost of $156.87
Published: March 5, 2020

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