Notice of Public Hearing_CIty of Hot Springs

Notice of Public Hearing

Proposed Amendment to the Zoning Ordinance
Pud #1-Mammoth Site
Notice is hereby given that the Hot Springs City Council will hold the following public hearing on Monday, March 16th at 7:10 p.m. at the Mueller Civic Center, 801 S. 6th St. Hot Springs, SD, Hot Springs, South Dakota, 57747 during the regular meeting to consider the following:
An amendment to Chapter 155 Zoning Code, creating a Planned Unit Development numbered §155.032 (F)(1) Titled PUD #1 Mammoth Site Development to the current list of City of Hot Springs Zoning Districts, amending the zoning map of the City of Hot Springs by rezoning;
Lot 14 less the W. 15’ of the N. 35’, all of lots 15 thru 32 and lots 60 thru 77, and the vacated alley adjacent to lots 20 thru 24 and lots 60 thru 64, and the vacated portion of Evanston Ave. adjacent to lots 62 thru 77, all in block 15 of Stewart’s second addition to the Town, now City of Hot Springs, and lots 1 thru 8, 9C, 10, 11, the balance of lot 12, 13C thru 23C of Block 1, and the vacated portion of Evanston Ave. adjacent to lots 2 thru 6 of block 1 of Anderson’s Mountain View Addition to the City of Hot Springs, Fall River County, South Dakota
The purpose of the PUD is to form a campus which can include; classroom, dormitory, exhibits/research, food service or current operations. Plans for the PUD #1-Mammoth Site are available in the office of the Development Coordinator for public inspection at City Hall, 303 N. River St., during regular business hours.
Following the public hearing the City Council may refuse or adopt proposed ordinance with or without amendment.
Scott Sogge, Development Coordinator
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Published: March 5, 2020

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