Proceedings_Edgemont School District February 11, 2020


Edgemont School District 23-1
Febuary 11, 2020
The Edgemont School District 23-1 board of education met in regular session on Tuesday, February 11, 2020, at 7:00 p.m. in the Edgemont School Library. Chairman Darrow called the meeting to order with members Connie Gerard, Susan Humiston, Shane Miller and Justin Printz present.
Administration present: Amy Ferley, Superintendent, Brad Zachow, K-12 Principal and Diane Stevens, Business Manager were present.
The Board recited the Pledge of Allegiance.
Unless otherwise noted, all Board action was by unanimous decision.
Motion by Printz seconded by Gerard to approve the agenda as presented.
Motion by Humiston seconded by Gerard to approve the minutes of January 13, 2020.
Motion Printz seconded by Miller to go into executive session to discuss personnel at 7:02 p.m.
The board came out of executive session at 7:12 p.m.
The financial reports were reviewed.
Receipts And Cash Balances - January 2020:        
General Fund Receipts: Taxes $5,583.85; Interest $328.59; Admissions $378.00; Misc. Local Revenue $38.40; County Apportionment $1,198.38; State Aid $32,506.00; Sparsity $110,000.00; Other State Revenue $526.95; TVA-In Lieu of Taxes $455.31.
Balance 01/01/20 - $796,701.71. Total Receipts $151,015.48; January Claims $136,114.22; GL Adjustment $15,218.40; Balance 01/31/20- $796,384.57.
Capital Outlay Receipts: Taxes $3,183.62.
Balance 01/01/20 - $1,064,867.85. Total Receipts $3,183.62; January Claims $9,128.60; Balance 01/31/20 $1,058,922.87.
Special Education Receipts: Taxes $1,812.51.
Balance 01/01/20- $6,569.51; Total Receipts $1,812.51; January Claims $23,026.14; GL Adjustment $997.60; Balance 01/31/20 ($15,641.72).
Pension Fund Receipts: Taxes $4.39.
Balance 01/01/20- $183,160.90. Total Receipts $4.39; January Claims $.00; Balance 01/31/20 $183,15.29.
Food Service Receipts: Sales to Pupils $2,376.47. Sales to Adults $229.35; A la Carte Sales $1,878.91; Federal Reimbursement $2,427.30.
Balance 01/01/20 - ($5,572.61). Total Receipts $6,912.03; January Claims $6,998.66; Balance 01/31/20 ($5,659.24).
Motion by Printz seconded by Miller to approve payment of claims as presented.
February Claims:
General Fund: Elementary, Payroll, 36,348.83; High School, Payroll, 23,788.27; Title 1, Payroll, 4,854.90; Guidance Office, Payroll, 3,265.34; Library, Payroll, 1,635.28; Technology, Payroll, 4,191.33; Superintendent, Payroll, 7,035.83; Principal, Payroll, 8,597.89; Business Office, Payroll, 6,369.10; Maintenance, Payroll, 5,214.43; Bus Driver, Payroll, 149.61; Fresh Fruits & Vegetables, Payroll, 185.11; Boy’s Athletics, Payroll, 235.77; Girls Athletics, Payroll, 3,620.05; Co-Curricular Transportation, Payroll, 1,111.77; Co-Curricular, Payroll, 241.82; Amazon, Holders for Laptops,Motor,Floor Tape, 239.27; ASBSD, ASBSD Collective Bargaining Seminar, 150.00; Billbrey, Jana, Mileage paid to parents, 705.60; Black Hills Energy, January Electricity, 3,637.65; BHSU Music Department, Honors Band Participants, 140.00; Black Hills Teacher Fair, 02-26 Teacher Fair, 155.00; Brown, Terri, Mileage paid to Parents, 252.00; BW Gas & Convenience Retail LLC, Fuel For Vehicles & Food for Lunch, 511.91; Century Business Products, Inc., Shipping on Staples & Maintenance, 541.97; Cheyenne Sanitation, January Garbage Removal, 300.00; City of Edgemont, January Water/Sewer, 272.10; Climate Control, Training & Set up Alarm Notifications, 1,136.00; Educational Testing Service, ParaPro Assessment, 55.00; Fall River County Herald, Notice of Vacancy & Meeting Minutes, 213.86; Ferley, Amy, Reimburse for extra keys, 7.96; Golden West, January Telephone Service, 345.40; Hampton, A Ferley Room - Leadership Academy Rm, 105.50; Hauge, Vickie, Mileage paid to parents, 537.60; Heisler, Christina, Mileage paid to parents, 171.36; Heyn, Brittany, Mileage paid to parents, 208.32; Hi-D-Way Oil & Gas, Propane for heat, 3,100.46; Jarding, Mike, Mileage paid to parents, 174.72; Jaymar Business Forms, Inc., Tax Forms & Envelopes, 108.61; Joint, Michelle, Reimburse for Curtains & Shelving, 154.79; JW Pepper & Son, Inc., High School Music, 38.89; Koupal, Peggy, Mileage paid to parents, 193.20; Menard’s, 3 Pieces of Fascia Board, 32.97; Moran, Linda, Mileage paid to parents, 112.90; Nuts & Bolts Fabrics, Clean/Repair Sewing Machine, 42.00; Nyquist, Eva, Mileage paid to parents, 430.08; Printz, Melody, Mileage paid to parents, 215.04; Quill Corporation, Copy Paper, Kleenex, Print Toner, 1,224.83; Ranchers Feed & Supply, Inc., Maintenance & Science Supplies, 149.06; Reinhart Food Service, LLC, Food & Supplies for FFVP, 1,099.48; Reutter, Rebecca, Mileage paid to parents, 63.00; Rhodes, April, Mileage paid to parents, 268.80; Schaack, Paula, Mileage paid to parents, 94.08; School Administrators of SD, Principal - Leadership & Development, 125.00; Simmons, Savanna, Mileage paid to parents, 117.60; Stevens Automotive, 8 Gallons of Def for Buses, 105.44; Tonkin, Kari, Mileage paid to parents, 268.80; Trust & Agency Imprest Fund, Fuel for Bus #12`, 410.39; Trust & Agency Imprest Fund, RC Journal Subscription, 36.00; Trust & Agency Imprest Fund, Fuel for New Suburban, 32.91; Trust & Agency Imprest Fund, 02-01 Ref HSJVBB vs Hemingford, 125.36; Trust & Agency Imprest Fund, 02-01 Ref HSVBB vs Hemingford, 218.88; Trust & Agency Imprest Fund, 02-01 Ref HSVBB vs Hemingford, 218.88; Trust & Agency Imprest Fund, 02-01 Ref HSJVBB vs, 80.00; Trust & Agency Imprest Fund, 02-01 Ref HSVBB vs, 150.00; Trust & Agency Imprest Fund, Region Music Contest Entries, 223.50; Trust & Agency Imprest Fund, January Payroll Processing, 10.25; Vanway Trophy & Award, Inc., 1000 Point BB Plaque, 105.30; Wilson Electric, LLC, Electrical Repairs, 1,667.00; Wellmark, February Health Insurance, 15,218.40; Robb Holladay, Assembly on Vaping, 1,200.00; General Fund Total: 144,348.45
Capital Outlay: Golden West Technologies, Inc., Mitel MiVoice Business Phone System, 26,782.15; Golden West Technologies, Inc., Telephony Total Care - 5 yr. Agreement, 7,500.00; Junior Library Guild, 14 Library Books, 259.70; Menard’s, Wind Tunnel Vacuum, 149.00; Capital Outlay Fund Total: 34,690.85
Special Education: Special Education Teachers, Payroll, 20,604.27; Special Education Administration, Payroll, 2,679.16; Custer Regional Hospital, November OT, 1,256.20; Fall River Health Services, September 2019 PT, 336.00; Small Talk Speech Therapy, Inc., January 2020 Speech Therapy, 3,180.00; Wellmark, February 2020 Health Insurance, 997.60; Special Education Fund Total: 29,053.23
Food Service Fund: Food Service, Payroll, 4,129.52; BW Gas & Convenience Retail LLC, Food for Lunch, 25.46; Dean Foods, Milk, OJ, Buttermilk, 550.85; Quill Corporation, Sharpie Chisel Markers, 11.33; Reinhart Food Service, LLC, food for lunch, 3,879.82; Sonny’s Super Foods, Food For lunch, 24.59; Wilson Electric, LLC, Range Rewire Bid, 1,591.50; Food Service Fund Total: 10,213.07
Total to Checking: 218,305.60
Mrs. Butler reported on what was happening in the High School Science Classes.
Mrs. Stevens, Mrs. Ferley and Mr. Zachow gave their administrative reports.
The maintenance and transportation reports were reviewed.   
Mrs. Humiston gave the Black Hills Special Services report.
Motion by Miller seconded by Printz to hire Jessica Mihok as a custodian at $9.45/hr.
Motion by Humiston seconded by Gerard to pay Gary Darrow for his position as the Assistant Middle School Boys Basketball Coach at $1,110.60.
 Gerard – Aye, Humiston – Aye, Darrow – Abstain, Miller – Aye, Printz – Aye
Mrs. Butler and Mrs. Tonkin went over options for the new graduation requirements that are to begin with the Fall 2020.
Mrs. Ferley presented 3 drafts of the 2020-2021 school calendar for the board’s consideration.
Motion by Humiston seconded by Gerard to adopt the Resolution pertaining to the levy and use of Capital Outlay funds.
Mrs. Ferley presented each of the School Board Members with a certificate of appreciation for their years of service to the school district in conjunction with SD School Board Appreciation week.
Motion by Miller seconded by Printz to set a special meeting date for Wednesday, March 4, 2020 from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. for a School Board Training with ASBSD.
Motion by Gerard seconded by Miller to adjourn the meeting at 8:21 p.m.
Minutes Approved
Diane Stevens, Business Manager
Gary Darrow, Chairman
Published once at the total approximate cost of $100.17
Published: Feb. 20, 2020

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