Proceedings_Custer-Fall River Regional Waste Management District January 2, 2020


Custer-Fall River Regional Waste Management District
PO Box 11, Edgemont SD 57735
Minutes of January 2, 2020
The Custer-Fall River Regional Waste Management District Board meeting was called to order at 7:01 p.m. on Thursday, January 9, 2020, at the Mueller Center, Hot Springs, by Vice Chairman Kizer.
Members Present: Terry Kizer-Vice Chairman, Buffalo Gap; Mike Linde, Custer County; Peg Ryan, Custer; Jerry Dibble, Edgemont; Joe Messinio, Oelrichs; Paul Nabholz, Fall River County, and Ron Richards, Hot Springs; guest Dean Weekley, representing Fairburn in the absence of Larry Livingston. Members Absent: Larry Livingston-Chairman, Fairburn; and Dee Andersen-Secretary/Treasurer, Pringle.
All motions approved unanimously unless otherwise noted.
No conflicts of interests were noted.
Motion by Messinio, second by Richards to approve the January 9, 2020, agenda. Nabholz made a substitute motion to request two items be added: Bonus for attendance and potential replacement of Board Chairman, second by Kizer. Substitute motion passed and the two additional agenda items will be added to the end of the agenda.
Motion by Messinio, second by Linde to approve the November 14, 2019, meeting minutes.
A CD invested with Dacotah Bank matures on January 17, 2020. Current CD rates at the three financial institutions approved by the Board were discussed. Motion by Nabholz, second by Messinio to roll the CD over to a 60-month CD at Dacotah Bank at the 1.95% rate. Motion by Motion by Linde, second by Ryan to approve the Treasurer’s report.
Custer Fall River Regional Waste Management District
Expenses by Vendor Summary Nov. 1 through Dec. 31, 2019
Expenses Paid: Barker Concrete and Construction $17,743.10
Black Hills Energy, $619.65; Butler Cat, $1,245.32; City of Edgemont, $158.60; Fall River County Herald, $141.98; FMG, $2,836.00; SD DENR, $25,377.07; Golden West Telecom, $68.42; Hi-D-Way oil and gas, $3,226.97; Office Depot, $258.32; Rancher’s Feed and Supply, $3,781.32; cSD Dept of Revenue, $1,369.18; SD Public Assurance Alliance, $119.31; SD State Treasurer, $1,940.13; Starla Russell, $885.50; Verizon, $133.90; Subtotal: $59,904.77
Board Compensation & Mileage $ 519.45; Total: $ 60,424.22
Outstanding Expenses and Transfers: First Interstate Bank, $35.00; Black Hills Energy, $628.59; Board compensation & Mileage (est), $620.00; Fall River County Herald, $25.00; Hi-D-Way oil and gas, $1,626.00; Starla Russell, $442.75; USPS, $55.00; Goldenwest, $35.00; Total Bills: $3,467.34
Landfill Expenses: December YTD 2019 expenses total $788,051.93 compared to December YTD 2018 expenses of $406,571.16. The landfill has 3.86% decrease in operating expenses YTD 2019 than YTD 2018 (93.83% increase in overall expenses YTD 2019 than YTD 2018). Includes Tire Shredding Grant Expenses $47,175.00, the Tire Shredding Grant Repay to State of $25,377.07, and 2019 Compactor Grant Purchase $397,190.00
Landfill Fees Collected/Deposits: December YTD 2019 fees/deposits total $528,792.51 compared to December YTD 2018 fees/deposits of $530,865.14. The landfill has .39% decrease in fees collected/deposits YTD 2019 than YTD 2018. Includes Tire Shredding Grant Reimbursement $52,102.88.
Bank Balances (as of December 31, 2019)
Operating Funds: First Interstate Bank: Checking (0perating Account, $65,867.70; Money Market (1.11% APY), $351,529.10; Total: $417,396.80;
Black Hills Federal Credit Union: Money Market, $105,440.10; Savings, $60.45; Total $105,500.55
Dacotah Bank: CD #1 (1.00% APY; matures 1/17/2020),  $103,136.20; CD #2 (1.40% APY; matures 1/20/2021), $102,622.21; CD #3 (1.65% APY; matures 1/20/2022), $103,033.03; Total: $308,791.44
Total District Funds Available: $831,688.79
Financial Assurance Funds held by Resolution
or Set Aside for Closure and Post Closure
First Interstate Bank: CD #1 (1.00% APY; matures 2/18/2022 (36-mo); DENR), $112,348.38; CD #2 (1.25% APY; matures 3/10/2022 (5-yr); DENR), $112,767.19; Total: $225,115.57
Black Hills Federal Credit Union: CD (2.52% APY; matures 1/25/2025 (8-yr); DENR), $173,196.75
Dacotah Bank: Gold Money Market (.55% APY), $69,872.76, Total Funds DENR: $468,185.08
2020 Projected Liability
Projected Accrued Liability, $492,670.00
Information other than Financials: December YTD 2019 tonnage totals 7972.52 tons, compared to December YTD 2018 tonnage of 7902.04 tons. The landfill has accepted 70.48 tons more YTD 2019 than YTD 2018.
December YTD 2019 rubble totals 1525.87 tons, compared to December YTD 2018 rubble of 1895.44 tons. The landfill has accepted 369.57 tons less in rubble YTD 2019 than YTD 2018.
Patrick Kranzler, representing Contract Manager Kerry Barker, reported operations are running smoothly at the Landfill, and the rubble pit fire reported at the last meeting has been extinguished.
Jason Hinds and Alex Fisher from FMG reported that the Quarterly GW Sampling will be occurring the week of January 6-10, 1020. The annual fill progression report was also presented for discussion. Annual budget items relating to FMG services was discussed, as well as future planning for partial final closure for Phase II area and impacted future financials. Motion by Dibble, second by Messinio to approve the annual fill progression report, which FMG will forward to SD DENR. If approved by DENR, the Projected Accrued Liability in the 2020 budget will be amended.
FMG also provided additional information on the cost/benefit analysis for a waste grinder, estimating an additional annual budget line item $60,000, with potential cost savings realized several years into the future. No further action was taken.
Three proposals were received and discussed for the annual water testing report required by the State. The Board discussed the value FMG brings to their current water collection and analysis for this annual water testing report, which is $200 higher than the next lowest cost proposal. Motion by Nabholz, second by Messinio to accept the FMG proposal pending compliance with any State requirement to accept only the lowest cost proposal submitted. In compliance with all SD State all requirements for bids/proposals, the Board discussed accepting the FMG proposal at the slightly higher rate of $200 based upon the high quality of work currently performed by FMG and the ease of the transfer of information currently in their possession. The report is due to the State in March 2020, and will be completed and forwarded by FMG by the deadline.
The Board discussed the idea of implementing a bonus for certain critical attendees, such as the engineering representative, contract manger and deputy secretary/treasurer, attending all scheduled meetings for the year to ensure business is conducted timely and efficiently, and to minimize rescheduling. Board members will continue considering ideas for discussion at the next Board meeting.
A replacement for Fairburn representative and Board Chairman, Larry Livingston, may need to occur as he may have resigned from the Fairburn council, as demonstrated by the attendance of Fairburn representative Dean Weekley. Vice Chairman Kizer and Deputy Secretary/Treasurer Russell will confirm with Mr. Livingston and the Fairburn Council the status of his official capacity on the Fairburn Council for discussion and applicable action at the next Board meeting.
No Public Comment. The next meeting is scheduled March 12, 2020, at 7:00 p.m. in the Muller Center, Hot Springs, SD. Motion by Dibble, second by Nabholz to adjourn. Meeting adjourned at 8:26pm
Submitted by
Starla Russell, Deputy Secretary/Treasurer
Published once at the total approximate cost of $86.94
Published: Jan. 23, 2020

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