Proceedings_Hot Springs School District December 9, 2020


Board Of Education of the Hot Springs District No. 23-2
President Bob Preuss called the Regular Board Meeting of the Hot Springs School Board to order at 5:31 p.m. on Monday, December 9, 2019 at the Administrative Conference Room with the following members present: Zac Bell, Ryan Walz, Niki Shaw, Petra Wilson, Frances Stokes, and Mark Walton. Members Absent: none. Others present: Superintendent Coles, Business Manager Fischer, Principal/SPED Director Bilbrey, Principal Baker, Principal Weiss, Payroll/Personnel Bilbruck, and community members.
All actions recorded in these minutes were by unanimous vote unless otherwise stated.
20.85 Approval of Agenda - Motion by Walton, seconded by Shaw to approve the agenda as amended. Motion carried 7/0.
20.86 Public Participation – Members of the public affected by the change in the Wind Cave Bus Route expressed concern regarding the change not to travel up Hot Brook road; Fall River County Herald editor Brett Nachtigall announced that his newspaper had purchased the Hot Springs Star newspaper and will be combining the two into the Fall River County Herald Star, which is the district’s legal newspaper; Cheryl Lathrop made a presentation to the Board on the issue of drug use that she would like to present to the high school students.
20.87 No Conflicts Disclosure
20.88 Student Presentations – Student teacher Philip Duncan thanked the Board and district for the opportunity to complete his student teaching assignment in the district. The HS Student Council updated the board on their first semester activities and plans for second semester.
20.89 No BHSSC Report
20.90 Committee Reports – Tech Committee: Walz reported on the meeting to discuss technology and needs, software, online learning opportunities, classroom technology plans; Bldg/Grounds/Transportation: Walton updated Board on current status of new propane tank. Plans have been approved by the State Fire Marshall and the district has been receiving quotes to connect the electrical needs. The Safety Committee met with the advisory committee to continue discussions on the safety plans for the district.
20.91 Consent Agenda - Motion by Stokes to approve consent agenda, second by Walz. Motion passed 7/0.
Approved minutes of the regular November 11, 2019 meeting. Approved unaudited financial reports from November 2019: Beginning Balance Plus Receipts Less Disbursements Ending Balance
General Fund 853,086.01 820,167.68 444,845.38 1,247,387.54
Capital Outlay 1,244,241.30 388,687.54 54,199.58 1,574,603.66
Special Education Fund 135,939.51 538,501.41 108,354.32 256,437.96
Impact Aid Fund 533,168.60 0.00 0.00 533,168.60
Bond Redemption Fund 1,419,679.14 1,562.92 0.00 1,421,242.06
Approved the December 2019 claims for payment; Approved the Personal Action Report for December 2019.
20.92 Walton made motion, Shaw seconded to approve the alteration of the Wind Cave Bus Route. Discussion surrounding safety, road condition, impact on families on Hot Brook Road ensued. Motion carried 7/0.
20.93 Wilson made motion, Shaw seconded to approve a $15 flat rate for bus drivers and activity drivers effective December 11, 2019 also to grandfather in any drivers that are already making the amount above $15. Motion carried 7/0.
20.94 Enter Executive Session. Motion by Bell, seconded by Wilson to go into executive session at 6:35 pm in order to discuss negotiations and personnel as allowed through School District Policy BDC and SDCL 1-25-2. Motion carried 7/0.
20.95 Exit Executive Session. Motion by Shaw, seconded by Wilson to exit executive session at 7:55 pm.
20.96 Walton made motion, Bell seconded to approve the Certified Agreement. Motion carried 7/0.
20.97 Shaw made motion, Walton seconded to approve the Classified Agreement. Motion carried 7/0.
20.98 Walton made motion, Shaw seconded to approve adding fleet manager supervisor salary to the superintendent contract in the amount of $2,500 for a term of December through year end. Discussion followed. Motion carried 4/3 with Bell, Wilson, and Walz voting against.
20.99 Walton made motion, Stokes seconded to approve a contract with Dakota Education Consulting to conduct a superintendent search for the district. Discussion. Motion withdrawn by Walton. Motion to table the item until after a face to face meeting with DEC. Amended motion carried 7/0.
20.100 Walton made motion, Shaw seconded to approve policy Section I - Instruction on First Reading. Motion carried 7/0.
20.101 Shaw made motion, Bell seconded to approve policy Section H - Negotiations on Second Reading. Motion carried 7/0.
20.102 Administrator Remarks - Principal/SpEd Director Bilbrey explained to the board the Child Protection Team (CPT) and the donation just received by the organization. Elem/MS Principal Baker updated the Board on DARE graduation. HS Principal Weiss updated the board on meeting with seniors and the number currently no on pace to graduate. Superintendent Coles updated the Board on Governor Noam’s budget speech and its possible effect on the 2020-21 school budget.
20.103 Adjournment - Motion by Bell, seconded by Shaw to adjourn. Motion carried 7/0 8:16 p.m.
Dennis Fischer, Business Manager
Robert Preuss School Board President
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Published: Jan. 23, 2020

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