Custer-Fall River Regional Waste Management District


Custer-Fall River Regional Waste Management District
November 14, 2019 - 7:00 p.m. MDT, Mueller Center
The Custer-Fall River Regional Waste Management District Board meeting was called to order at 7:04 p.m. on Thursday, November 14, 2019, at the Mueller Center, Hot Springs, SD by Vice Chairman Kizer.
Members Present: Terry Kizer-Vice Chairman, Buffalo Gap; Dee Andersen-Secretary/Treasurer, Pringle; Mike Linde, Custer County; Peg Ryan, Custer; Jerry Dibble, Edgemont; Joe Messinio, Oelrichs; Paul Nabholz, Fall River County, and Ron Richards, Hot Springs. Members Absent: Larry Livingston-Chairman, Fairburn.
All motions approved unanimously unless otherwise noted.
No conflicts of interests were noted.
Motion by Messinio, second by Richards to approve the November 14, 2019, agenda. Discussion included Nabholz suggesting adding “attendance” as an agenda item. Board members discussed if contactors, such as FMG or Barker Concrete, or other key persons, are not able to attend regularly scheduled meetings, rather than cancel meetings, written reports be submitted beforehand and shared during the meetings. Additionally, some Board members reaffirmed their preference to limit consensus emails on items between meetings.
Motion passed with Nabholz voting no.
Motion by Nabholz, second by Linde to approve the September 12, 2019, meeting minutes.
Motion by Messinio, second by Andersen to approve the Treasurer’s report.
Custer Fall River Regional Waste Management District Expenses by vendor summary, September 1 - October 31, 2019
Expenses Paid: Barker Concrete and Construction, $25,800.00; Black Hills Energy, $114.16; Butler Cat, $406,442.84; City of Edgemont, $158.60; DENR, $1,858.60; Fall River County Herald, $113.63; FMG, $7,088.31; Great Western Tire, $487.81; Hi-D-Way Oil and Gas, $4,390.69; Postmaster, $64.00; Rancher’s Feed and Supply, $1,395.97; SD State Treasurer, $2,596.85; Southern Hills Fire and Safety, $98.00; Starla Russell, $885.50; United States Treasury, $467.12; Verizon, $128.79; Subtotal: $452,090.87; Board Compensation & Mileage, $616.41; Total: $452,707.28
Outstanding Expenses and Transfers: Barker Concrete and Construction, $8,600.00; Black Hills Energy, $186.91; Board compensation & Mileage (est), $ 620.00; Butler Cat, $8,251.72; City of Edgemont, $79.30; Fall River County Herald, $25.00; FMG, $2,836.00; Hi-D-Way Oil and Gas, $1,584.61; Rancher’s Feed & Supply, $1,283.64; SD Public Assurance Alliance, $119.31; Starla Russell, $442.75; Verizon, $ 69.45; Total Bills: $24,098.69
Landfill Expenses: October YTD 2019 expenses total $727,627.71 compared to October YTD 2018 expenses of $352,901.15. The landfill has 6.37 percent decrease in operating expenses YTD 2019 than YTD 2018 (106.18 percent increase in overall expenses YTD 2019 than YTD 2018).
Includes Tire Shredding Grant Expenses $47,175.00 and 2019 Compactor Grant Purchase $397,190.00
Landfill Fees Collected/Deposits: October YTD 2019 fees/deposits total $460,368.36 compared to October YTD 2018 fees/deposits of $439,870.34. The landfill has 4.66% increase in fees collected/deposits YTD 2019 than YTD 2018.
Includes Tire Shredding Grant Reimbursement $52,102.88.
Bank Balances (as of October 31, 2019)
Operating Funds: First Interstate Bank: Checking (0perating Account), $57,867.77; Money Market (1.11% APY), $351,366.88; Total: $409,234.65
Black Hills Federal Credit Union: Money Market, $105,303.72; Savings, $60.41; Total $105,364.13
Dacotah Bank: CD #1 (1.00% APY; matures 1/17/2020),  $103,136.20; CD #2 (1.40% APY; matures 1/20/2021), $102,622.21; CD #3 (1.65% APY; matures 1/20/2022), $103,033.03; Total: $308,791.44
Total District Funds Available: $823,390.22
Financial Assurance Funds held by Resolution
or Set Aside for Closure and Post Closure
First Interstate Bank: CD #1 (1.00% APY; matures 2/18/2022 (36-mo); DENR), $112,348.38; CD #2 (1.25% APY; matures 3/10/2022 (5-yr); DENR), $112,767.19; Total: $225,115.57
Black Hills Federal Credit Union: CD (2.52% APY; matures 1/25/2025 (8-yr); DENR), $$173,196.75
Dacotah Bank: Gold Money Market, 69,934.34, Total Funds DENR: $468,246.66
2019 Projected Liability
Projected Accrued Liability, $492,670.00; Compactor Purchase (est. delivery date: October 2019), $397,190.00; Total 2019 Projected Accrued Liability, $889,860.00.
Information other than Financials: October YTD 2019 tonnage totals 6881.29 tons, compared to August YTD 2018 tonnage of 6849.82 tons. The landfill has accepted 31.47 tons more YTD 2019 than YTD 2018.
October YTD 2019 rubble totals 1400.50 tons, compared to August YTD 2018 rubble of 1655.69 tons. The landfill has accepted 255.19 tons less in rubble YTD 2019 than YTD 2018.
Motion by Messinio, second by Ryan for the Landfill to pay half of the monthly internet service expenses (current monthly fees are approximately $65.00) incurred by the Deputy Secretary/Treasurer. Payment by the District will be made directly to the internet provider.
Motion by Nabholz, second by Linde to ratify the purchase agreement of the 2019 Compactor in the amount of $397,190.00. The new equipment has been added to the Insurance Plan, and the old equipment (which was traded in as part of the purchase agreement) has been removed. Work is underway to gather and submit the documents to the State to meet the grant requirements for reimbursement of up to 20%, up to a maximum of $80,000.00.
Kerry Barker, Contract Manager, reported a fire currently at the rubble pit has been contained by the placement of three feet of coverage, which will allow the fire to burn out. All scrap metal has been removed with approximately $1,000 received for the salvage value. The District’s insurance representative was on-site at the Landfill on November 12, 2019, for a review. Barker reported the weight of the tires collected and shredded as part of the Tire Collection and Shredding Program has been verified at 189.99 tons, which is much lower than the original weight submitted by the contractor at 370 tons. Since the State was invoiced through the Grant Program at the contractor’s submitted weight, and payment received, a refund of the overage must be made to the State by the Landfill District. Additionally, since 85 percent of the contractor’s invoice (Standing Rock Sanitation) was already paid by the Landfill, the contractor will owe the Landfill District the amount they were overpaid. Motion by Dibble, second by Messinio to refund the State in the amount of $25,377.07. Motion by Anderson, second by Messinio to have Barker Concrete send an invoice in the amount $18,676.50 via certified mail to Standing Rock Sanitation. Motion by Linde, second by Nabholz to table payment of the Standing Rock Sanitation’s outstanding billing for Landfill Shredding Services in the amount of $3,875.00.
Jason Hinds from FMG provided the results of the cost/benefit analysis for any potential purchase of a grinder. It was recommended that Board members take a tour of the Rapid City Landfill to witness their grinder operations. FMG will provide available tour dates. No action was taken, and the item will be placed on the next meeting’s agenda. FMG withdrew their proposal for the C&D Site Perimeter Berm Work.
Motion by Nabholz, second by Linde to adopt the 2019 Budget figures for the 2020 Budget.
Deputy Secretary/Treasurer Starla Russell reported that Chairman Livingston spoke with a provider who performs required water testing for landfills. Proposals will be forthcoming for review and selection of a provider. Hinds will follow-up with providers for submission of requisite proposals for the Board’s consideration.
No Public Comment. The next meeting is scheduled January 9, 2020, at 7:00 p.m. in the Muller Center, Hot Springs, SD. Motion by Nabholz, second by Richards to adjourn. Meeting adjourned at 8:50 p.m.
Submitted by
Starla Russell
Deputy Secretary/Treasurer
Published once at the total approximate cost of $91.98
Published: Nov. 28, 2019

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