City of Edgemont Proceedings_November 5, 2019


City of Edgemont Common Council
Regular Meeting
November 5, 2019
Call To Order – Roll Call: Mayor Jerry Dibble called the regular meeting of the Edgemont Common Council to order at 7:00 p.m. on November 5, 2019, at Edgemont City Hall. Present were Council members, Roger Horton, Kimberly McDade, Carla Schepler, John Sturgis and Robert Worden. Jason Shook was absent.  
The Pledge of Allegiance was stated.
Conflict Of Interest For Council Members: No conflicts were heard.
Approval Of Agenda: Carla Schepler made a motion to approve the November 5, 2019 agenda. Motion seconded by John Sturgis. Motion passed with unanimous vote.
Approval Of Minutes: Carla Schepler made a motion to approve the October 15, 2019 minutes. Motion was seconded by Roger Horton. Motion passed with unanimous vote.
Committee Reports:
Law Enforcement – Thomas McMillan
Public Works – Joe Koller
Mayor – Mayor Dibble
Public Comment: Barbara Hausman wanted to discuss her concern about a STOP sign across Highway 18 by Dollar General.
Approval Of Claims: Carla Schepler made a motion to approve the November 5, 2019 claims totaling $59,246.01. Motion seconded by Robert Worden. Motion carried with unanimous roll call vote.
Oct 16-Nov 4, 2019 Salaries: Mayor 400.00, Council 330.00, Administration 1674.28, Fire Dept 12.39, Streets 1703.78, Airport 12.38, Park 126.02, Library 1017.84, Water 2548.45, Sewer 786.08, Garbage 506.64. Total Salaries: $9117.86.
Oct 16-Nov 4, 2019 Expenditures: Aflac 650.02 pharmaceutical allowance, eBay 7.83 supplies, USPS 155.05 postage, Boot Barn 444.98 boot allowance, CRAH 49.00 vet, City of Edgemont 654.72 payroll liabilities, Core & Main 3900.34, C-FR Landfill 411.44 fall cleanup, Golden West 692.74 telephones, GW Tech 77.50 firewall, Hawkins 553.25, Hi-D-Way 607.94 propane/repairs, Lance Russell Law Office 1038.62 attorney, Rancher’s Feed 1090.83 supplies, Metering & Technology Solutions 1023.67 supplies, Regional Health 68.41 pharmaceutical allowance, Sander Sanitation 4920.48 garbage, Steven’s Auto 686.40 supplies, SYNCB/Amazon 2746.77 supplies, US Bank 5697.63 debt retirement, Verizon 106.92 cell phones, WRT 3824.33 professional fees, SDRS 1861.72 retirement, EFTPS 4497.22 payroll liabilities, IUOE Local 49 3462.00 insurance, ePath 513.54 sales tax, Kyle Kaiser 219.32 pharmaceutical/travel. Total expenditures: $50,128.15.
Old Business
Larry Harter – Cactus Hills Proposal: Larry Harter dicussed a proposal to purchase and start a business in the Cactus Hills building. He is just in the planning stages and would like to come back to Council with an offer to purchase the building when he has more information to present.
New Business
Planning & Zoning Committee: Discussion was held about being able to just have the Council be the Planning & Zoning Board. The Mayor will be discussing this idea with Lance Russell and will inform the Council with the information.
Executive Session Per Sdcl 1-25-2 (1 & 3) Personnel/Litigation: Carla Schepler made a motion to enter into Executive Session at 7:50 p.m. Motion was seconded by Kimberly McDade. Motion passed with unanimous vote.
Returned to Regular Meeting at 8:27 p.m.
No action was taken.
Adjournment: Robert Worden made a motion to adjourn at 8:28 p.m. Motion was seconded by Carla Schepler. Motion carried with unanimous vote.
The next regular City Council meeting will be held November 19, 2019 at 7:00 p.m.
Minutes Unapproved
/s/Jerry Dibble
Jerry Dibble, Mayor
/s/Karen S Cain
Karen S Cain, Finance Officer
Published once at the total approximate cost of $49.14
Published: Nov. 14, 2019

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