Town of Oelrichs Proceedings - September 10, 2019


Unapproved Minutes of the Town of Oelrichs
Regular Meeting
September 10, 2019
The Regular Meeting of the Town of Oelrichs was called to order by Mayor Joseph Messinio at 7:00 a.m.
Allegiance to the flag was pledged.
Board Present: Joseph Messinio, Mike Carson, and Anita Cope.
Staff Present: Valarie Graf, Susan Hamilton, and Roy Merdanian III.
Staff Absent: Dale Ruhoff
Guests Present: Ali DeMersseman, Executive Director, Black Hills Council of Local Governments; Katie Merdanian; Pat and Vince Logue.
A. Cope made a motion to approve the agenda; seconded by M. Carson. Motion carried.
Motion was made by A. Cope, seconded by J. Messinio, to approve the minutes of the regular meeting on 8/13/2019. Motion carried.
Comments and Concerns:
• The Town of Oelrichs was presented with a check for $545 from the family of Darlene Tlustos. Per instructions from Darlene’s family, the memorial money may be spent at the town’s discretion. Discussion followed, making an unofficial list of possible items.
• J. Messinio was on the agenda for the Fall River County Commissioners (FRCC) August meeting regarding the tax-exempt status of church property located in Oelrichs. FRCC and their attorney will present the Oelrichs Board with written confirmation on the decision that was made, without involving the Town of Oelrichs.
• At the 09/09/2019 Oelrichs School Board meeting, the mayor asked for financial assistance with the buying of rock for street resurfacing. The School Board appropriated $1,680 to be utilized anywhere within the town limits. This amount will purchase approximately seven loads to be used from Highway 385 to Main Street and, if possible, on Maple between 6th/7th Streets. Mayor Messinio thanked them for their contribution and for their positive civic pride.
• Ali DeMesserman, Executive Director, West River Business Service Center, asked to attend this meeting to discuss the process of updating the Fall River County Hazard Mitigation Plan by the request of FEMA. The purpose of the plan, available grants, and the need for a current risk assessment was explained. The 2014 Plan was discussed and updated, then current needs were. Also, Ali shared that BHCED is willing to write the grants or assist with grants. This meeting was called to discuss the “big picture”, a second meeting with the City Board will be called to start solidifying a plan. There will be a public meeting regarding these plans on September 20 at 1:00 p.m. at the Emergency Management Building in Hot Springs, SD. A representative of BHCED is willing to come down to discuss these and other issues with the Board.
• Pat Logue wanted it on the record that she is not in favor of vacating town alley ways due to needed access by emergency vehicles. She was reassured that prior to any decision of this type, the person/persons requesting the closer will need to provide a plan and it needs to be approved by the Town Board.
• Katie Merdanian clarified the newspaper reference regarding tax exempt properties.
Pay Claims: A motion was made by M. Carson; seconded by A. Cope to approve to pay the following claims: Water: Roy Merdanian III, $372.71, August Wages; Dale Ruhoff, $46.12, August Wages; Anita Cope, $23.10, Postage to DENR.; Jim Ginsbach, $562.99, CC - French Drain; Wynia Construction, $320, 20’x15” Culvert; Dakota Supply Group, $1,351.24, Invoice Payments; Fall River Water User’s District, $4,441.44, Town Water Usage 8.1-31.19. General: Nelson’s Oil and Gas, $319.70, Propane – CC; James Ginsbach, $246.43, Road Base; Susan Hunt, $52.50, August Wages; Mike Schommer, $840, August Mowing; Fall River County Herald, $99.54, August Publishing.
Water Report: After SPN inspection, the tower is ready to be used. Roy has a copy of the procedure on how to disinfect the inside of the tower, if anyone is interested in looking at it. Delivery of new windows on the building are currently delaying construction; concrete floor is in. Quinn Construction will complete landscaping around building. August 26 turned on meter on Walnut between 4th and 5th Street, a new RV park is opening at that location. Discussion was held concerning the need to upgrade the City Ordinance regarding RV Parks within the city limits. Discussion regarding the increase in normal water usage again this month – construction and the water tower were cited. Roy reported that he went around and exercised some of the fire hydrants, found two bad and two need double checked; due to this, some residents experienced air in water line/out of water. Motion was made by A. Cope to accept water report, seconded by M. Carson; motion carried.
Public Works: The French Drain repair project has been started, ran out of rock; Project is still under budget, another load of rock will be ordered. The post with concrete on 8th and Main has been removed. Street signs have been repaired but have not yet repaired windblown signs. Motion was made by A. Cope to accept the Public Works report, M. Carson seconded. Motion carried.
Treasurer’s Report: General checking beginning balance $11,949.66; credits $2,896.00; debits $5,433.56, ending balance $9,412.40.
Water fund checking beginning balance $43,478.89 credits $12,474.50, debits $4,433.39, ending balance $51,520.00.
Maintenance checking beginning balance $14,011.14; credits $100.36; debits $0, ending balance $14,111.50.
Money Market savings beginning balance $27,776.90; credits $.71; debits $0, Ending Balance $27,777.61.
Water Fund savings beginning balance $11,530.52; credits $350.30; debits $.0, ending balance $11,880.82.
Water Deposit beginning balance $5,059.43; credits $.13; debits $0, ending balance $5,059.56.
Water Reserve beginning balance $8,666.88; credits $.23; debits $0, ending balance $8,667.11.
A. Cope moved to approve the treasurer’s report. M. Carson 2nd the motion. Report approved.
Town Clerk’s Report: Town mail and correspondence was shared. Oelrichs, South Dakota. Facebook has been established; updates are continuing. Motion was made by A. Cope, and seconded by M. Carson, to accept the Town Clerk’s Report. Motion carried.
Old Business:
• Town Water Project: Water tower is completed. Quinn Construction is scheduled to be completed by October 15, 2019.
• Ordinance Compliance: The next step of compliance will be addressed at the next Committee Meeting.
• Dedicated Laptop: Currently on hold. R. Merdanian III will provide Council with follow-up.
New Business:
• 2020 Budget: Town Clerk will be working on preparation of the draft 2020 Town of Oelrichs Budget.
• New vacuum and rug for Community Center: After discussion, a motion was made by J. Messinio, seconded by M. Carson, to purchase a regular canister bagless-type vacuum out of the Maintenance Fund. Motion carried. As far as new rugs, it was suggested that whenever they get bad to rent a carpet cleaner.
• French Drain: R. Merdanian explained how the French Drain project was being accomplished. Motion was made by J. Messinio, seconded by A. Cope, to purchase one more load of rock to successfully complete the French Drain project. Motion carried.
• Excavator: R. Medanian shared how extending the current rental agreement Accouter’s excavator would be beneficial for the Town regarding completion of French Drain project and moving rock. He also explained how this extension will go over budget. Motion was made by M. Carson that the Town extend the rent on the excavator up to $500, A. Cope seconded, and motion was carried.
• 2 percent Sales Tax: Dialog was shared regarding the pros and cons of assessing a 2 percent Sales Tax within the Town limits. This proposition was put on hold due to the need to find out how the process works.  
Motion was made by A. Cope, seconded by M. Carson, to adjourn this meeting at 9:15 p.m. Motion was carried.
Attested by:
Valarie J. Graf
Oelrichs Town Clerk
Published once at the total approximate cost of $92.61
Published: Oct. 3, 2019

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