REAL ESTATE TRANSFERS: 1st Half of August 2018


Below are the first half of August 2018 Real Estate Transfers for Fall River County. All addresses in South Dakota unless otherwise stated.

CD=contract for deed; WD=warranty deed; CO=court order; QCD=quit claim deed; SD=sheriff’s deed; PRDD=personal represent. deed of district; TTD=treasurer’s tax deed; OTJT=Order Terminating Joint Tenancy; AOTP=Affidavit and Order To Transfer Property; ATLE=Affidavit Terminating Life Estate; TDA=Transfer on Death Affidavit; SWD=Special Warranty Deed; TD=Trust Deed; P=Patent; ACD=Assignment of Contract for Deed; GD=Grant Deed; CDA=Contract for Deed Amendment; DLF=deed in lieu of foreclosure; FDD= Final Decree of Distribution; ED=Executor’s Deed; OTJTA= Order Terminating Joint Tenancy Amendment HD=Highway Deed.

Thomas V Simons, Edgemont to Michael S and Diana Johnson, Edgemont; Lot 6 Block 1 Campus Addn Edgemont. WD

Gwen Klein Trust/Robert S Klein Successor, Hot Springs to Robert S and Judith A Klein, Hot Springs; East Parcel of Re-Sub of Tract B & Tract D1A in NW4NW4 Sec 33 Twp 7 Rng 6 Less Pt of Lot A of Underwood Tract. TD

Stephanie M Anise 1999 Trust Agreement, Hot Springs to R Michael and Kathryn C Carruthers, Hot Springs; Lot 1 Less Parcels A, B & C of Lot 1 Tract B of SW4SE4 Sec 13 Twp 7 Rng 5. TD

Larry and Michelle Martian, Rapid City to SD Lake LLC, Buffalo Gap; W2S4NW4NW4 Sec 9 Rwp 9 Rng 6. CD

SD Lake LLC, Buffalo Gap to Larry and Michelle Martian, Rapid CIty; E2NE4SW4NW4 Sec 9 Twp 9 Rng 6. CD

Quality Real Estate Inc, Oral to Alfred S  Heiberg, Hot Springs; Lot 13A Clearwater Lake Estates in N2 Sec 16 Twp 8 Rng 6. WD

M Dale Ostyn, Nampa Idaho to Jeffrey A and Melissa L Brown, Glendale Cali; N2SE4NE4 Sec 3 Twp 8 Rng 5. WD

Jean L Sigafoos, Clancy Mont. to Michael L and Vickie L Leever, Bayard Neb; Lot 14 Replat Valley View in SW4SW4 Sec 19 Twp 7 Rng 6. WD

Wyoming Dakota Railroad Properties Inc, Minneapolis Minn. to Evergreen Ranching and Livestock LLC, Custer; S2NW4NW4 SW4NW4 NW4SW4 S2SW4 Sec 23 Twp 9 Rng 3 Excepting & Excluding Therefrom SD024-Lot 1 of WDRPI-SD024 Sub SD025-Lot 1 of WDRPI-SD025 Sub. WD

Evergreen Ranching and Livestock LLC, Custer to Tanner M Delannoy, Custer; S2NW4NW4 SW4NW4 NW4SW4 S2SW4 Sec 23 Twp 9 Rng 3 Excepting & Excluding Therefrom SD024-Lot 1 of WDRPI-SD024 Sub SD025-Lot 1 of WDRPI-SD025. QCD

John McMahon Estate/Thomas McMahon PR, Hermosa to Dillon Robert Whitcher and Amanda Jo Wulf, Buffalo Gap; S2SW4 SE4 Sec 32 SW4 S2NW4 W2E2 Sec 33 Twp 8 Rng 8 That Pt N2 Lying North of County Road Sec 4 Twp 9 Rng 8. PRDD

James L Klix Jr/Vicki L Tennant PR, Sterling Colo to Tracy Killmer, Hot Springs; Lots 1, 2 & 3 & W70’ Lots 9 & 10 Block 8 WU Germond’s Cold Brook Addn Hot Springs That Pt of Lots 4, 5, 6 & 7 Block 10 Cold Springs Addn Hot Springs Together with Vacated Alley Lying Between Lots 1, 2, 9, 10, WU Germond’s Cold Brook Addn ET AL. PRDD

Jana M Bolter, French Camp Cali to Marty Lee Bolter, Box Elder; Lots 10, 11 & 12 Bock 14 Catholican Hot Springs Addn Hot Springs Less H1 & Lot H2 of Lot 12. QCD

Phyllis V Rasinski, Hot Springs to Breanna Lende-Hanson, Hot Springs; Lot 12 Block 12 Springdale Addn Hot Springs. WD

Wade and Nancy Hart, Hot Springs to David A and Teresa Shogren, Hastings Minn; Lot 15 Eagle Valley Sub in SW4NW4 Sec 29 SE4NE4 Sec 30 Twp 7 Rng 6. WD

Willian D Hacker Estate/William A Hacker PR, Aberdeen to James D Rohde, Hot Springs; Lot 1 Lot 2 Block 9 Grandview Place Addn Hot Springs. PRDD

John A Wilson Estate/Gary Merkel PR, Hot Springs to Rodney J Fuss, Lakewood Colo; Lot 1 Block 15 Stewart’s Addn Hot Springs. PRDD

Robert H Blair, Fort Thompson to Kathi Bradshaw, Lakeside Cali; Lot 2 of Tract 1 Butler Park Addn Hot Springs. WD

Kirk and Joyce Jean Wilson, Martin to Kirk and Joyce Jean Wilson; Lot C of Lot 16B Angostura Highlands Sub in SW4SW4 Sec 35 Twp 8 Rng 6. QCD

Phil and Vicky Wetzel, Hot Springs to Philip Wetzel Jr, Hot Springs; Lot GC-70 Boulder Falls Addn Hot Springs. QCD

Robert L and Joan Ellinger, Hot Springs to Vollmuth Family Trust/Richard Vollmuth and Mary, Hot Springs; Lot GC-13 Boulder Falls Addn Hot Springs. WD

Barker Ranch LLC, Newcastle Wyo to Patrick  H Hollenbeck, Tammy J Hollenbeck, Michael; Dewey; N2NE4 SE4NE4 NW4 (Including Gov’t Lots 1 & 2) Less Rd Y BNSF RR Row Less Buss Tract & Ruth Tracts in Pt of Gov’t Lot 1 All of Gov’t Lot 2 Sec 31 W2NW4 SE4NW4 E2SW4 Sec 32 Twp 7 rng 2. WD

Deutsche Bank National Trust Company, Anaheim Cali to Ross W Dexter and Jennifer I Riggs, Hot Springs;  N2S2W2SW4SE4 S2N2W2SW4SE4 Together with Easement for Ingress & Egress Sec 34 Twp 8 Rng 6. SWD


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