Ordinance 2018-1

An Ordinance Establishing How Section Line Roads 
Are Depicted On Plats

WHEREAS, clear title and ownership of land is important for assessment and taxing purposes.

WHEREAS, the Fall River County Commission has been advised by local surveyors, the Register of Deed and the Director of Equalization of the issues related to the depiction of section line roads on plats.

All plats submitted to the Fall River County Commissioners shall comply with the following:

The landownership boundary on any plat bordering a section line will extend all the way to the section line regardless of the existence of a county or other road unless the owner does not hold title to said right of way.

First Reading: 2-27-18

Second Reading: 3-6-18

/s/Joe Falkenburg, Chairman

Fall River County Commission


/s/Sue Ganje, County Auditor

Fall River County

Published twice at the total approximate cost of $31.00

Published: Mar. 29, Aprl 5, 2018

Fall River County Herald

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