Proceedings_City of Hot Springs December 16, 2019


Unofficial Minutes of the Regular Meeting of the
Common Council of the City Of Hot Springs
December 16, 2019
A regular meeting of the Common Council of the City of Hot Springs, South Dakota, was convened on December 16, 2019 at 7:00 p.m. at the Mueller Civic Center with Mayor George Kotti presiding
Members Present: David Burris, Ray Ecoffey, Bill Lukens, Bob Nelson, Ron Richards, Alison Ritterbush, Craig Romey and Caitlin Turner
Staff Present: City Administrator John Gregory, Finance Officer Misty Summers-Walton, MCC Staff Karl Bochert, and City Attorney Garland Goff
All actions recorded in these minutes were by unanimous vote unless otherwise stated.
Agenda: Moved by Nelson, seconded by Romey, to approve the agenda
Minutes: Moved by Romey, seconded by Turner, to approve the regular council meeting minutes from 12/2/19
Claims: Moved by Turner, seconded by Burris, to approve the bills in between of $290,132.43
Bills in Between: Dec 16, 2019: City of Hot Springs, $23,042.72, General Payroll; City of Hot Springs, $5,379.01, Golf Payroll; City of Hot Springs, $10,255.26, Water Payroll; City of Hot Springs, $6,763.14, Sewer Payroll; City of Hot Springs, $10,915.37, Evans Plunge Payroll; City of Hot Springs, $16,563.12, Payroll Tax Deductions; Wellmark BC/BS, $29,005.63, Premium; Dearborn National Life, $126.90, Premium; SDRS, $17,366.64, Retirement Reporting; SDRS Supplemental, $320.00, Happe, Wainman, Summers-Walton Retirement Reporting; Chamber of Commerce, $9,486.21, 80% LLD ; Black Hills Energy, $3,748.04, Utilities; Barnyard Veterinary, $467.25, Monthly Contract/Animal Boarding ACO; Fall River Sanitation, $14,296.78, Payments Collected; SD Dept of Revenue, $2,580.03, Sales Tax Reporting; Verizon Wireless, $584.87, Monthly Charges; Golden West, $1,955.56, Monthly Charges; ETS Merchant Credit Card Payments, $24.32, Golf Course Monthly Credit Card Processing Fee; Heartland Payment Systems, $317.00, Evans Plunge Monthly Credit Card Processing Fee; Heartland Payment Systems, $227.45, City/Water Monthly Credit Card Processing Fee; Theresa Maas, $350.00, City Hall Cleaning; Custer-Fall River Regional Waste Mgt, $65.63, Solid Waste Landfill Fees; US Bank, $116,042.50, EP Bond Semi-Annual Payment; DTI Trucks, $20,249.00, 1995 Intl Dump/Plow Truck - Streets Dept; TOTAL: $290,132.43
Mayor Kotti removed claim from SDML Workers Compensation of $46,863 (to be paid in 2020) Moved by Lukens, seconded by Nelson, to approve the amended current claims of $70,296.20
Current Claims: Dec. 16, 2019: Ace Hardware, $630.44, 2 gorilla tape, trash bgs; Adams-Isc, $640.00, Cylinder Repair/Reseal (S32 Pl; Alsco, $98.87, Mops, Towels, Urinal Mats; American Red Cross, $38.00, Lifeguard Certification Renewal; Andersen Engineers, Inc., $2,100.00, Progress Pymt Plat To Vacate A; B. H. Technologies, Llc, $3,973.00, Oct & Nov Monthly Charges, Bar; Best Western Plus Ramkota, $282.00, 3 Nights Lodging, M. Close Sio; Bill’s Heating & Air Condition, $193.80, Check Out Hvac Heating, Replac; Bomgaars Supply, $247.65, 2 Windshield Washer, Fasteners; Century Business Products, $190.72, Nov 2019 Printer Contract; Cole Richards, $91.85, Boot Reimbursement; Core & Main Lp, $92.16, 6 Meter Coupl; Cwd, $353.61, Candy, Cheese Sauce, Chips, Co; Vamc, $532.00, Cwt Worker 48 Hr at $9.50/Hr; Dakotas Best Distributing, $27.90, Gourmet Liquorice; Dales Tire & Retreading, $1,150.28, 4 Tires S32; Dollar General -Regions 410526, $27.95, 1 Bx Trash Bgs, Swiffer Pads, Door Security Products, $240.00, Annual Burglar Alarm Monitorin; Evergreen Media, $765.00, 2019 Bh Parent 1/2 Pg V Ad; Fall River Auto, $1,100.52, 6 Diesel Anti-Gel; F. R. County Auditor, $1,349.47, Nov 2019 Hwy Fuel Usage; Fall River County Herald, $279.40, 4 Ad’s - Snow Removal Policy, Garland Lee Goff, $5,525.60, Oct, Nov 2019 Legal Svc Render; Golden West Tech, $70.69, Dec 2019 Telephony Care Contra; Hawkins, Inc, $1,225.70, Bulk Azone; Hills Edge Auto, $37.94, Diagnostic Not Idle, 4 Gaskets; Hills Toilet Service, $25.00, Dec Port-A-Pot Rental; Hillyard/Sioux Falls, $452.90, 4 Gal Super Shine-All Cleaner; Julianne Standen, $7.50, Repair Shirt/Add Button; Kzmx Radio, $40.00, 10 X .30 Sec Psa Thanksgiving H; Liberty Chrysler Center Llc, $1,154.00, Intake Manifold, Throttle Body; Lynns Dakotamart, $150.43, Gas/Snowblower; M. G. Oil Company, $3,044.30, Gas, Diesel; Marco Technologies Llc, $54.23, Printer Contract 11/25 - 12/24; Midcontinent Testing Laborator, $80.00, Nov 2019 Water Testing; Northwest Pipe, $207.48, 24 Ss Insert, 6 Adapters; Pacific Steel & Recycling, $288.82, 2 20’ Steel (Plow Edges); Pepsi, $90.00, 2 50# Co2 Canisters; Qualified Presort Service,Llc, $553.45, Nov Monthly Water Bill Postcar; Rapid City Journal, $662.02, Snow Removal Policy S/E 11/6/1; Rapid City Window & Glass, $11,735.99, Install Low Energy Operators 3; Rapid Delivery, $13.23, Delivery Charge Liberty Dodge ; Sd Dept. Of Environment & N.R., $215.00, Future Use Permit #512-2 Fee (; Safety Benefits, Inc, $150.00, Safety Conference Regis Fee, S; Sams Club, $158.66, 3 Chicken Salad, Lettuce, Broc; Servall, $158.72, Mats; Sigma-Aldrich Rtc, Inc, $71.71, 1 Qt Ph Testing; South Dakota One Call, $59.36, Nov 2019 Message Fees; Sturdevants Auto Parts, $633.87, Hydraulic Washers, Bolts, Hose; The Toro Company - Nsn, $155.00, Dec 2019 Irrigation It Support; World Fuel Services, $28,753.32, Avgas 8K Gal - 7000 Gal Hs Air; Yesco Outdoor Media, $116.66    1/2 Share Billboard 21807N, Sr; Total: $70,296.20
Council Update: Recreation Director Kathy Hren provided a recap of the 2019 summer & overall recreation program to the Council which included a spreadsheet she prepared displaying cost per participant figures and other revenue and expenditure information for the program. She thanked the many volunteers and collaborators for a successful year of recreation in our community.
Personnel: Moved by Ritterbush, seconded by Nelson, to approve personnel action (a); Brenda Cullen, promotion to Assistant Library Director $11.46/hr. effective 12/14/19
Committee Reports: Committee reports were provided by; Administrative and Finance: Chairman Bob Nelson, Vice Chair Caitlin Turner, Airport Advisory Committee: Bill Lukens, Custer/Fall River Regional Waste Management District: Ron Richards, Downtown Historic Preservation Commission: Craig Romey, Evans Plunge Advisory Committee: Alison Ritterbush, Parks, Recreation, Beautification and Cultural Development: Dave Burris, Planning and Zoning Commission: Alison Ritterbush, Public Safety: Bill Lukens, Public Works: Chairman Bob Nelson, Vice Chair Ray Ecoffey, Southern Hills Economic Development: Caitlin Turner, Southern Hills Golf Course Advisory Committee: George Kotti, Volunteer Fire Department: Ron Richards
Ordinance: Moved by Nelson, seconded by Ritterbush, to approve the second reading of Ordinance 1205-An Ordinance Renaming and Revising Title XI-Business Regulations, Chapter 113 Peddler’s, Solicitors, Transient Merchants and Mobile Food Vendors and Establishing Rules and Regulations for Mobile Food Vending/Vendors within the City. A roll call vote was taken with all members voting in favor
Resolution: Moved by Lukens, seconded by Turner, to approve resolution 2019-32 Contingency Transfer Resolution
Resolution No. 2019-32
Contingency Transfer Resolution
WHEREAS, The City of Hot Springs did approve a line for contingency transfers in the 2019 annual budget in accordance with SDCL 9-21-6.1; and,
WHEREAS, The City of Hot Springs finds it necessary to transfer from said contingency line;
NOW THEREFORE IT IS HEREBY RESOLVED by the Hot Springs Common Council, that the following amount(s) be transferred:
From: General Fund Contingency - 101-41150-42900: $23,400
To: Streets–101-43120-42510 (various vehicle repairs): $15,000
Airport–101-43500-42200 (fueling system updates): $1,200
Airport–101-43500-42100 (additional insurance req): $2,000
Airport–101-43500-43400 (car purch): $500
Airport–101-43500-43410 (software server update): $700
Library–101-45500-42520 (Heating system): $4,000
Dated: December 16, 2019
George Kotti, Mayor
Misty Summers-Walton, Finance Officer
New Business: Moved by Romey, seconded by Burris, to award the City Hall Cleaning contract for 2020 to Theresa Maas for $358 per month
Moved by Turner, seconded by Lukens, to award the City of Hot Springs animal boarding annual contract for 2020 to Battle Mountain Humane Society for $650 per month. Councilman Romey noted the proposal stated they can only accept a limited number of feral cats and he asked how many cats they can hold and what the City plans to do with any excess cats. Councilman Nelson indicated the request for proposals specifically requested a fixed monthly billing rate inclusive of all expenses, and also discussed the feral cat issue indicating that the City ACO visited with Battle Mountain and was not concerned with their ability to handle the number of cats he typically brings in. Councilman Burris mentioned that the two other respondents were Veterinarians and that Battle Mountain is not which likely impacted the rates being charged. Councilwoman Ritterbush discussed her research regarding a statement she heard that the police department was not comfortable with the location of Battle Mountain, it was determined this was an inaccurate statement as the police department and animal control have no such objections. She also reviewed costs of boarding for the last 3 years and questioned if fixed monthly billing would actually result in a savings. Councilman Lukens discussed the benefits of having a no-kill shelter responsible for City boarding services, and the expanded hours available at Battle Mountain to allow pet owners more time to claim their pet. Councilman Nelson discussed the comments he has heard regarding law enforcement being outside of city limits, he stated according to State Law the jurisdiction of officers extends 1 mile beyond City limits.
Moved by Nelson, seconded by Ritterbush, to approve Dean Kurtz Construction Wet Well Repairs Contract Change Order #1 in the amount of $139,206. The new contract amount including this change order is $285,006
Moved by Ritterbush, seconded by Turner, to approve Contract 2019-8 between the City of Hot Springs and Community Education of the Black Hills for the use of Evans Plunge Mineral Springs from January 2020 thru February 2020 for the purpose of offering Adult Swim Lessons and Parent and Me Swim Lessons at the facility
Moved by Lukens, seconded by Romey, to authorize the City Administrator, on behalf of the City, to enter into the agreement with Albertson Engineering, Inc. to provide an update to their previous structural assessment of the Wesch-Oak Bldg. at 717 N. River St. at a cost of $1,400
Moved by Turner, seconded by Burris, to authorize the Finance Officer to transfer 2019 subsidies budgeted from 212 (Additional Sales Tax) to 620 (Golf Course) in the amount of $85,000 and 621 (Evans Plunge) in the amount of $50,000, Romey opposed
Moved by Burris, seconded by Turner, to approve 2020 COLA increase of .30¢/hr. for all full-time employees effective 1/1/20
Moved by Burris, seconded by Nelson, to approve 2020 hourly rate increase of .20¢/hr. for all Part-Time/Seasonal employees effective 1/1/20, the amount is equal to the amount of the required state minimum wage increase
Moved by Turner, seconded by Ritterbush, to approve a plat of Hills Inn Tract, Block 1, Trimmer’s Addition to the Town, Now City of Hot Springs, Fall River County, South Dakota (formerly lot 1 and lot 2)
Moved by Nelson, seconded by Turner, to approve a plat of Trenbeath Tract of Back Nine Addition to the City of Hot Springs, Fall River County, South Dakota (formerly lot B9-17 and Lot B9-18)
Moved by Lukens, seconded by Ritterbush, to approve the YESCO Outdoor Advertising Agreement for shared EPMS/SHGC billboard on highway 79 described as 21807N.1. This is a 2 year agreement with fixed monthly payments of $107.69
Moved by Turner, seconded by Burris, to accept the donation of the 7 lifepac C2 defibrillators (AED) from the Helmsley Charitable Trust to be used by our police department valued at $15,400
Moved by Ritterbush, seconded by Burris, to authorize the Mayor to sign the revised Intergovernmental Contract with the South Dakota Public Assurance Alliance (SDPAA) on behalf of the City
Moved by Turner, seconded by Burris, to approve travel request from Police Department Administrative Assistant Darcie Engel to attend The Winning Mind for Women Unleased training in Pierre SD on 1/15/20
Finance Officer Report: Tonight’s approved subsidies for EPMS & SHGC were less than the budgeted/projected amounts of $25,315 & $28,430 respectively, each enterprise should be commended for their efforts to maximize revenue collection and control expenditures throughout the year. Discussed the discontinuation of the Hot Springs Star and the subsequent publication of the 12/2 and 12/16 council meeting proceedings in the new Fall River County Herald/Star, which will be formally designated as the official legal newspaper of the City at the next meeting. Discussed the purchase of the 1995 International Dump Truck by the Maintenance department for $20,249. Finance Office is preparing to wrap up 2019 financials and will spend the majority of the first quarter of 2020 preparing the necessary financial statements and annual report, the 2019 audit will begin once complete. Thanked the Mayor, Council and Citizens for allowing me the opportunity to work for the City of Hot Springs for another year. Wished all a Merry Christmas and a very safe and Happy New Year.
City Administrator Report: Provided an update on the current SD-DOT Hwy 18/385 planning discussions, including: street lighting, storm drainage, construction detour routes and the $2.8 MM suspended sidewalk funding. Presented an overview of SHEDCO small, and non-profit business grants workshop. Provided an update on PLS mining lease proceedings and grazing RFP considerations being discussed for the HS Airport. Reported on activities of our Streets and Maintenance; Utilities and Parks & Recreation Departments. Began the discussion with DENR and USCS concerning the protection of our City’s water resources. Presented an update of the on-going investigations regarding the Wesch-Oak building. Expressed excitement about the Evans Plunge commitment and focus on our local community and the various improvements planned for 2020. Congratulated Bomgaars on their grand-opening events; and the Chamber of Commerce for their promotion of local business and seasonal community activities. Thanked the members of the City Council, Mayor, City Employees and the Public for their warm reception of their new, City Administrator and wished all a joyous and safe Holiday Season.
Mayor Report: Mayor Kotti noted that an important priority for the coming year is to insure the VA campus in Hot Springs remains a viable option of health care for rural and near-by Native American veterans. We are hopeful that the Secretary of the VA will visit Hot Springs in the spring. The city has set a priority to protect our Hot Brook water source from potential harmful development and will work with SD/DENR to establish a protective zone surrounding the watershed area in the coming year. The mayor noted that 2019 has been a productive year for Hot Springs. Our library, airport and golf course garnered awards during the year and Evans Plunge continues as a major community attraction. The mayor thanked the city staff, department heads, and employees for producing positive results throughout the year along with noting the substantial time and effort the Council has expended to move the city forward. The mayor noted that the word “no” is a strong word that can deter progress and encouraged the city to strive to find ways to remain positive as we work together to resolve issues in the coming year.
Being no further business to come before the Council, moved by Turner, seconded by Ritterbush, to adjourn at 8:50 p.m.
George Kotti, Mayor
Misty Summers-Walton, Finance Officer
Published once at the total approximate cost of $176.40
Published: Dec. 26, 2019

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