Military Honor Roll

Currently serving in the military from Edgemont:

Tony Andersen (Navy)-Son of Don and Lynda Andersen

Alan Benton (Air Nat’l Guard), son of Betty Benton of Edgemont and the late Wes Benton.

Chris Brown (Navy)-Son of Mark and Deanne Brown
Eric Brown (Army) son of Mark and Deanne Brown

Jackie Carlson (Air Force) Granddaughter of Bud Bell and the late JoAnn Bell.

Corbet Cadwell (Air Nat’l Guard) son of Nancy Cadwell and the late Curtis Cadwell.

Jordan Carff (Air Force) Grandson of Debrah Anderson

Ryan Coates (Air Force) Grandson of Jane Coates

Sharon Costantino (Army National Guard) Daughter of Sandra & Jeff Woodward

Heather Cotter (Air Force)-Granddaughter of Lois Stewart

Lesley Denny, (Army) Son of Janet Denny and the late Alvin Denny.
Anthony Denny (Army) Son of Les & Monica Denny and Grandson of Janet Denny and the late Alvin Denny

Josh Eckhoff (Army), Son of Stacy & Brian Eckhoff.

Zak Evans (Army) Son of Vernon Evans and the late Donna Evans.
Matthew Franck (Air Force), son of Anne Marie Hughes and grandson of Mary Anne Krumholz.

Brent Gordon (U. S. Navy) : Grandson of Ed & Ginny Coates; Great Grandson of Jane Coates.

Cody Grauel (Air Force) son of Amy Lee and Mike Grauel.

Jeffrey Hanson (Air Force)-Son of Lee Ann Hanson and Tim Hanson

Amanda Hatch (Army) Daughter of Benny Hatch and the late Shirley Hatch

Janelle Heidebrink Uiternyk (Air Force) - Daughter of Patty Schultz and the late Dennis Heidebrink

John Henderson (Army) -Son of Jane Ann Henderson and the late Dave Henderson

LeAnna Jarman (Navy Reserves) Daughter of Brett Jarman and Martha Jarman

Casey Kellogg (Navy)-Son of Don and Mary Kellogg

Shawn Kubo (Air Force) Son of Ellen Heafner.

Zeth Lackey (Air Force)-Grandson of Wanda Reutter and the late Ed Reutter.

Benjamin Lee (Air Force)-Son of Ron and Tam Lee

Robert Martinez (US Air Force)-Grandson of Pete and Inez Martinez

Mike McBride (Marines)- Son of John and Heidi McBride; grandson of Bev McBride and the late Dale McBride.

Randy Murphy(EHS alumni)

Sgt. Jamie Myers (Army) Son of Jim and Linda Myers

Cassandra Myrvik (Air National Guard) granddaughter of Dick and Pearl Myrvik.

Greg and Jala Neufield (Army)-Daughter of Randy and Karen Hedge

Miranda Nordman (Air Force) Daughter of Lisa Raby Nordman and Great Granddaughter of Helen Raby.

Matthew Porter (Air Force)-Son of Shane and Suzanne Porter

Miles Putnam (Army), Dakota Putnam (Marines) grandson of Beverly Putnam and the late Lloyd Putnam.

Hunter Reynolds (Air Force) Son of Pete and Michelle Reynolds

Aaron Roberts (Marines)-Grandson of the late Ina Miller

Jessica Schumacher (Army National Guard) -Daughter of Stephanie Clark and Terry Beard

Andy L Shaffer (Army) Son of the late Judy Shaffer

Capt. Michael Smolka, DO (Air Force) Grandson of Al Peterson

Chad Sundstrom (Air Force)-Son of Mike & Carol Sundstrom

Dennis Vossberg (Air Force)- Son of the late Jerry Vossberg and the late Bev Lair

Corrections or additions? Please call (662-7201) and help us out in keeping this updated. We want to include sons, daughters, grandsons and granddaughters of the Edgemont area.

The 11-6-2013 issue has a Special edition dedicated to the Veterans with a letter to the parents of Russell Heppner after his first plane ride in 1946 and a highlight of the Raby Family military service. 

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