Fall Sports Awards Showed Academic Achievements

By Aron Edmondson
On November 9, at the Fall Sports Awards, Lane Ostenson, awarded children for Perfect Attendance, Honor Roll, and Dean’s List for the first quarter of the school year.
Perfect Attendance recipients were:
Grades Kindergarten through fifth grade:
Anastie Allen, Anton Allen, Landon Chance, Keaton Darrow, Colter Gerard, Cade Grill, James Hall, Kaden Hall, Mackenzie Hollenbeck, Katelyn Lauritsen, Amber Levey, Sebation Morse, Sierra Morse, Bridget Neville, Fallon Ostenson, JJ Ostenson, Peyton Ostenson, Faith Robertson, Tucker Ross, Calvin Tonkin, Kyran Urban, Tavian Urban, Treyan Urban, Chevy Zimiga, Justin Zimiga, Nevaeh Zimiga
Grades Sixth through eighth:
Sarah Barker, Kaitlin Gerard, Elli Hollenbeck, Kiersten Lynn, Jenna Ostenson, Morgan Peterson, Chandler Romey, Tres Schaak, Kara Smith, Lizzy Tidball, Logan VanEaton
Grades nine through twelve:
Corey Andrie, Rhett Beard, Kaleb Darrow, Clay Englebert, Chance Grill, Lacette Klein, Zach Lane, Kimberly Moeltgen, Emily Moore, Dalton Reutter, Austin Shook, Sam Pulley, Lathen Stevens, Abby Tidball, Jessica Tubbs, Nate Tubbs, Dylan Urban, Avery VanEaton
Honor Roll (3.0-3.49 GPA) recipients were:
Grades sixth through eighth:
John Berg, Jordan Clark, Mason Cortney, Kolton Darrow, Christopher Houk, Cadence Hyatt, Chance Jolley Harsh, Nikkianna Levey, Connor Lund, Kali Schmidt, Caleb Simons, Logan VanEaton, Sheldon West
Grades ninth through twelvth:
Clay Englebert, Katie Lane, Zachary Lane, Joella Moore, Wade Printz, Samantha Pulley, Dalton Reutter, Trevor Stokes, Tehl Tanner, Nathaniel Tubbs, Dylan Urban, Avery VanEaton
Deans List (3.5-4.0 GPA) recipients were:
Grades sixth through eighth:
Sarah Barker, Kaitlin Gerard, Taylor Grill, Elli Hollenbeck, Hunter Hollenbeck, Kiersten Lynn, Dillon Nyquist, Jenna Ostenson, Morgan Peterson, Tres Schaack, Elizabeth Tidball
Grades ninth through twelvth:
Janet Culbertson, Kaleb Darrow, Chance Grill, Kimberley Moeltgen, Emily Moore, Maddie Peterson, Callie Prinz, Lathen Stevens, Abigail Tidball, Jessica Tubbs
Diana Grill, assistant coach for Junior High Girls Volleyball, handed out the awards for their outstanding leadership skills as well as the following awards.
Most Improved: Taylor Grill and Kiersten Lynn
Offeneive MVP: Sierra Battles and Sarah Barker
Setter Awards: Morgan Peterson and Abbigayle Pulley
Defensive MVP: Kali Schmidt and Kiersten Lynn
Sportsmanship: Cadance Hyatt and Carly Stokes
Next up was Coach Nate Cortney with the Junior High Football team. All got participation awards.
Varsity Cheerleader’s coach, Rhonda Chance was next. Chance handed out a number of items to include letters for Ashley Mack, Tierra Hamaker, Joella Moore and Emily Moore. Coach Chance also made mention that this year marked the return of the Mogul Man, portrayed by Dee Ball.
Varsity Volleyball showed that we had a very well rounded team with no one player carrying the team.
Letter winners: Janet Culbertson, Ashley Mack, Avery VanEaton, Maddie Peterson, Abby Tidball, Jenna Ostenson, and Lizzy Tidball
Attack Leader: Abby Tidball with 365 attacks with 129 kills
Serve Leader: Jenna Ostenson 275 serves, with 27 aces
Defensive Leader: Maddie Peterson with 134 digs
Setting Leader: Avery VanEaton 782 sets with 197 assists
Most Improved: Janet Culbertson
MVP: Avery VanEaton
Mogul Award: Avery VanEaton
Coach Susan Ostenson had this to say about the team, “Our Junior Varsity ended the season with a 6-8 record and were led by freshmen Abby Tidball and Maddie Peterson and eighth grader Jenna Ostenson who played last year. With another year of experience and playing together, our teamwork and success has the opportunity to continue to grow. We are excited to see what the future will hold for this group of girls!”
“Our girls worked hard this year and achieved accomplishments to be proud of this season: third place in the Panhandle Conference Tournament and the Academic Achievement Award from the South Dakota High School Activities Association.”
The team then presented both coaches with signed and framed pictures of the team for their appreciation.
Assisted by Assistant Coaches Randy Stevens, Matt Soiland, and Nate Cortney, Coach Dave Cortney began the Varsity Football awards by presenting T-shirts and sweat shirts to the boys that sold the most “Three Winners” discount cards. The funds raised went to the Edgemont School hosting a football camp that was held earlier in the year.

Cortney then proceeded on by calling the rest of the football team down to start giving the rest of the awards to the boys. Jacob Mack, JD Berg, and Brennen Hanes received participation awards. Kaleb Darrow, Chance Grill, Jared Refior, and Dalton Reutter received letters with football pins.
Tehl Tanner received a football pin. Ronald Rathke, Rhett Beard, Clay Englebert, Christopher and Ryan Simons, Dennis Moore and Zachary Lane received letterman bars.
All Conference recipients were Malaky Refior, Jacob Johnson, Dustin Curl and Lathen Stevens and were also awarded letterman bars. Dustin and Lathen earned captain pins.
Honorable mention went to Ryan Simons and Jared Refior. Manager Dylan Urban received a letter with a manager’s pin.
Lathen Stevens was recognized as the MVP, received the Mogul Award, and made the All State team, for special teams, to be played early next summer.
Dustin and Lathen were awarded team footballs for being the two senior players.
Katie Lane, the other team manager and senior, was treated as one of the team and was singled out by Coach Cortney for her participation and assistance as one of the team managers. Lane was awarded a certificate and letterman’s bar and will also receiving a special award to be given at a later date.
Coach Cortney ended the awards presentation by paying off a debt to the team by giving each member a coupon for ice cream at PJ’s for them scoring a touchdown at one of the games.

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