Hot Springs School District Proceedings_October 14, 2019


The Board Of Education Of The Hot Springs District No. 23-2
President Bob Preuss called the Regular Board Meeting of the Hot Springs School Board to order at 5:30 p.m. on Monday, October 14, 2019 at the Administrative Conference Room with the following members present: Zac Bell, Ryan Walz, Niki Shaw, Petra Wilson, Frances Stokes, and Mark Walton. Members Absent: None. Others present: Superintendent Coles, Business Manager Fischer, Principal/SPED Director Bilbrey, Principal Baker, Principal Weiss, Payroll/Personnel Bilbruck, and community members.
All actions recorded in these minutes were by unanimous vote unless otherwise stated
20.51 Approval of Agenda - Motion by Walz, seconded by Shaw to approve the agenda as presented. Motion carried 7/0.
20.52 No Public Participation
20.53 No Conflicts Disclosure
20.54 Student Presentations - 5th Grade teacher Koreen Hammel and four of her students demonstrated to the board their computer programming skills they had learned in class. The students used to solve a variety of problems and activities.
20.55 No BHSSC Report
20.56 Committee Reports: Several board committees updated their recent meeting including 1) Transportation Committee updating the board on installation of the new propane tank. Member Walton stated that Grimm Pumps will be working on connecting the tank to the system and there is a chance that the bulkhead would have to be moved; 2) Negotiations Committee - President Preuss mentioned the committee had been working on administration salary negotiations; 3) Shared Resources - Member Bell apprised the board that they had reviewed all the current agreements and goals, updating all the contacts of various members; 4) Safety Committee - discussed staff that had completed the online ALICE training and their work toward getting an SRO in the future; 5) Legislative Committee - Member Shaw updated the board on a variety of topics that ASBSD had been working on in preparation of the upcoming legislative session including 2-year averaging of Accountability, a mandatory attendance age of 17, inflation factors on funding, state funded preschool, E-rate services, and homeschool students taking the state standardized test.
20.57 Consent Agenda: Motion by Stokes to approve consent agenda, second by Walz. Motion passed 7/0.
Approved minutes of the regular September 9, 2019 meeting. Approved unaudited financial reports from October 2019: General Fund Beginning Balance: 700,136.61, Plus Receipts 489,846.43, Less Disbursements 105,720.78, Ending Balance: 1,084,262.26. Capital Outlay Beginning Balance: 1,466,126.83, Plus Receipts 9,594.84, Less Disbursements 153,898.19, Ending Balance: 1,321,823.48. Special Education Fund Beginning Balance: 242,411.56, Plus Receipts 18,079.81, Less Disbursements 20,994.97, Ending Balance: 239,496.40. Impact Aid Fund Beginning Balance: 533,168.60, Plus Receipts 0.00, Less disbursements 0.00 Ending Balance: 533,168.60. Bond Redemption Fund Beginning Balance: 1,413,525.45, Plus Receipts 2,238.89, Ending Balance: 1,415,764.34. Approved the September 2019 claims for payment; Approved the Personal Action Report for September 2019: Certified Resignations: Pamela Siders - Elem; Certified Employment/Transfer: None; Classified Employment: Marlena Amende - Sped Para, Abigail Johnson - Para, Nicole Willard - Custodian, Jessica Hancock - Para; Classified Resignations: Stacey Stueven - Para, Michiyo Romey - Para; Classified Transfers: Sarah Ringstad - Para-Level 3 Autism; Extra Duty Employment: None; Administrative Employment – None; Administrative Resignations – None.
20.58 Executive Session: Motion by Bell, seconded by Wilson to go into executive session at 6:02 p.m. in order to discuss negotiations as allowed through School District Policy BDC and SDCL 1-25-2. Motion carried 7/0. Out at 7:36 p.m.
8. New Business
20.59 Recognition of South Dakota Education Association as Bargaining Agent for Hot Springs Classified Employees: Motion to approve the South Dakota Education Association as Bargaining Agent for Hot Springs Classified Employees by Bell, seconded by Walton. During discussion, Attorney Ginsbach advised board legally they should recognize SDEA as bargaining unit for classified. Classified employee Albert Siders spoke on behalf of classified employees that were not in favor of this proceeding. Motion carried 6/1.
20.60 Administrative Negotiations: Wilson made motion, Shaw seconded to approve administrative negotiations as presented by the negotiations committee providing $3,000 salary increases for principals and a shift of $3,000 from superintendent travel to superintendent salary. Motion carried 5/2.
20.61 Approval Annual Report: Walz made motion, Shaw seconded to approve the annual report. Motion carried 7/0.
20.62 Approve Audit Proposal: Bell motioned to approve Wohlenberg Ritzman & Co. three year proposal as the district’s auditor. Walz seconded. Motion carried 7/0.
20.63 Propane Authorization: Walz made motion to approve propane authorization for superintendent and business manager to select low bids as solicited. Bell seconded. During discussion, motion was amended by Bell, seconded by Walz to solicit bids for smaller propane tanks on campus and to authorize superintendent and business manager to solicit and select low quotes on large, 18,000 gallon tank as needed when it becomes operational. Amended motion carried 7/0
20.64 Surplus Items: Motion by Wilson, second by Shaw to approve surplus items. Items included purple 1999 Dodge Caravan, 2004 white Chevrolet Impala, and John Deere D170 tractor and attachments. Motion carried 7/0.
20.65 Policies for First Reading and Second Reading: No Action necessary as no changes recommended.
20.66 Administrator Remarks: Principal/SpEd Director Bilbrey explained to the board the process that students are identified for Special Education services and the interventions that were attempted with students before referral was made. Elem/MS Principal Baker apprised the board of several activities of students including songwriter Phil Baker visiting the elementary, 3rd grade students doing a walking tour of the town, good attendance at Parent/Teacher conferences, the 5th grade DART program, and the middle school being trained on the iReady software. HS Principal Weiss updated the board on student council working on the Veterans Day program, the high school having 28 students attend “scrubs camp” at Fall River Hospital, reviewing the past six years of ACT, attendance, and graduation data. Superintendent Coles advised the board that the district will be advertising for an additional teacher for the elementary and updated the board on the procedures in place for imclement weather.
20.67 Adjournment: Motion by Walton, seconded by Walz to adjourn. Motion carried 7/0 8:37 p.m.
Dennis Fischer,  Business Manager
Robert Preuss School Board President
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Published: Nov 21, 2019

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