Edgemont Area Alumni Association Met

By Aaron Eberle
Edgemont’s Alumni Association met on March 8 in the school library at 2 p.m.
President Jane Ann Henderson called the meeting to order and stated that there is $5,234.53. She asked that the board approve some bills. Henderson had expenses in postage and office supplies in the amount of $128.13. Sue Hendricks also submitted a bill for $21.18. These were approved.
Hendricks had checked into the ordering of t-shirts. Purchasing the shirts was approved, as well as selling them for $12.
Mick Beard reported that he is still waiting to get with Sue about a program for that night. Beard is hopeful that they can do it after more registrations come in.
It was suggested that Anne Cassens give her presentation on the Moguls that she gave at the historical society meeting earlier this year.
Henderson and Mick reported that the newsletters have been sent. Kathleen Beebe would like to include a few other people in the newsletters that may have left in grade school years. Henderson has extras and was willing to supply Beebe with these.
Henderson reported that they are starting to get registrations back. A few have been returned to them due to death. Those updates will be made.
Beebe also submitted a list of addresses that she has found.
Beebe wondered if old teachers should be included and sent a newsletter. Henderson thinks maybe they would need a special invite. If Beebe was willing to get with Deanne Brown and compile a list and possibly get addresses, this could be a possibility.
Miles Englebert gave a short talk and slide show presentation on his senior project which was fixing the crow’s nest on the football field.
The cost of Englebert’s project was $543. Gary Darrow was going to approach the school board to see if they could chip in some monies for Engelbert’s project. Englebert has also asked the booster club for a donation.
The Alumni Association asked Englebert to get back to them once he had heard from the other groups to see what they were willing to pay. The Alumni Association would pay the balance of this project.
Henderson would also like to purchased more badges. Henderson said that Bev Gahman had supplied them with some, but will need more.
The next meeting will be on April 19 at the school library at 2 p.m.


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