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Appliance Outlet: Affordable New/Used Appliance Sales & Services. 713 N River Hot Springs, Call 745-6251.

Steal this House! Beautifully remodeled, cozy, charming, 1 bedroom, 1 bath, 201 4th Avenue. $26,800 OBO, cash, new loan. Call 307-459-4599.

Welcome home to outstanding improvements and value. Remodeled 3 bedroom, 2 bath, fireplace, workshop, privacy fence. Cash or a new loan. $72,900 OBO. Call 307-459-4599.

Thank you to the ambulance crew, friends who have prayed for me and the hospital visits of each of during my stay at Fall River Hospital.     - Marion Gray

Truck driver/heavy equipment operator, open until filled. Applications for full time employment are being accepted for a Truck Driver/Heavy Equipment Operator with the Fall River County Highway Department, in Hot Springs, South Dakota. This job requires that the applicant possess a Class “A” C.D.L. Applications for this position may be obtained at the following locations: The SD Department of Labor, The Fall River County Court House or at the Fall River County Highway Department office. For more information check out the Fall River County Web-Site ( ) or call us at 605-745-5137.

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EDGEMONT OFFICE: 410 2nd Avenue   Edgemont, SD 57735-0660 | 605.662.7201
HOT SPRINGS OFFICE: 334 S. Chicago St.  Hot Springs, SD 57747 | 605.745.3930
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